Plague Update: No Moe Bragging Rights

Apparently the only reason no one in Saskatchewan died of COVID-19 the last couple weeks, was computer error, not reality. Of course Premier Moe was bragging only yesterday about his great numbers compared to Quebec with their public health measures he removed or refused to use here.

Plague Update: Hide The Model

Plague Update: Moevid

Plague Premier Moe has COVID-19. He spent the last few days improperly using a substandard mask in public crowds, wiping his bare nose, and coughing.

This is fine…

Plague Update: Sports Canary

CBC reported this morning there are 5 fewer NHL teams, yet the league is trying to soldier on instead of responding to the writing on the wall.

Last year when pro sports shut down arenas and later didn’t allow fans in, there were games without outbreaks, despite no vaccines. Now we have a vaccine designed for a different generation of COVID-19, but no effective public health measures to handle the highly transmissible Omicron variant.

If pro sports are allowed to send the very public message that people are to keep calm and carry on in the face of their health system collapsing, we can deserve what we get from doing the obviously wrong thing.

UPDATE: The NHL has “paused” the season over the holidays.

Plague Update: The Omicron Wave – No Lessons Learned

Remember in the late 1980s when more of the world learned that carbon pollution was causing Global Warming and we had short decades left to make a difference that would change the face of the earth? We took that knowledge, fiddled around the edges, and now we’re looking down the barrel of a calthrate gun (or other means to destruction). We’re going to do the same with COVID-19. Despite having vaccine knowledge, and knowing what public health measures work, and which prolong the crisis, we get more half-measures that extend the [economic and health] suffering and death.

“”[…] you need both vaccines and reduced contact rates right to dampen the effect of this virus,” she said.

Tam said that last recommendation โ€” staying away from other people โ€” will help protect Canada’s hospitals from being inundated with patients.

“I think we’ve learned over time, if we don’t act fast then you begin to lose the ability to manage things,” she said.”

Put another way, in an insightful opinion piece:

“As the World Health Organization’s Dr. Michael Ryan said about COVID responses in March 2020, near the very beginning of this horrible affair, “You must be the first mover โ€ฆ If you need to be right before you move โ€“ you will never win.” Four waves into this pandemic, too many decision makers still have not learned this lesson and struggle to understand the exponential harm of inaction. The jurisdictions that have experienced the most harm are the ones that have waited too long to act.

Wall of inspiration

The rise and rise of petrofascism

Saskatchewan is more than a Petrostate, it’s governed by Petrofascists.

Surviving C21

By Julian Cribb*

A new world superpower is arising. One that is unelected, borderless, controls most governments and, increasingly, employs the familiar tools of repression and deception to attain its goals.

In Australia, the US and Britain, young people calling for urgent climate action are being arrested and gaoled. Harsh new laws are being passed to prohibit free expression of opinion about climate and fossil fuels on the internet.

At COP26, the largest single delegation was from the fossil fuels sector with 508 representatives, compared to 165 from the USA, 312 from Russia, 279 from Canada, 134 from India and 60 from China. Petrodelegates outnumbered the largest country delegation, Brazil with 479, rubbing home the message that fossil fuels are not just a โ€˜countryโ€™ โ€“ they are a superpower. 1.

The political muscle of the petro sector (coal-oil-gas-petrochemicals) is flexed publicly almost every day. Politicians from a dozen countries andโ€ฆ

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Sidewalk Tax? You Must Jest?

Yes, the is a jest, it’s poking fun at the Saskatchewan Governmenet in a way that might pique your interest if you’re just an average driver going about your day. They’re running radio ads, and there’s less than a week remaining in the campaign where they’ll refund the EV tax for Saskatchewan drivers who’ve registered an EV. It’s a bit of a fund raiser for the Sask Environmental Society, and Lung Association of Sask also.

And is the EV tax fair? No, it’s completely unfair. It’s a stab at EV owners who are doing more about the climate crisis than the entire Government of Saskatchewan, which is owned in part by the fossil fuel industry. The math shows the government is collecting a lot more in payments from EV owners than ICE car drivers. Even so, it’s still a better idea to get an EV than a gas-burning car or truck, and saves you money in the long run.

Media Making Moe Not A Monster

Oh, I guess not, instead the focus is on making Saskatchewan a nation within a nation. I guess Mandryk was wrong.