Plague Update: SK Gov Asks People To Watch NFL In Restaurants

Feb. 7, 2021 – emailed the Premier and my MLA.

Dear Premier Moe:

It’s no secret that your weak response to the pandemic has given us Canada’s most shameful second wave. Manitoba realized they were on track to be Canada’s disaster epicentre, and used an effective lockdown to return to just poor numbers. By avoiding an effective lockdown, like you managed in March and April 2020, you’re killing dozens, if not hundreds of people. You’re endangering our agricultural sector, our wild game, and the possibility that a vaccine will lead us out of this global emergency.

Here are MB stats:

If you’re not willing to protect the lives and livelihoods of the people you’re elected to govern, you should resign and let someone more capable in your party do it.

John Klein

CC Douglas Park MLA


Meanwhile in this crazy province where the Premier has already had to quarantine from exposure to the virus in a restaurant setting:

Even if I watched #NFL (I don’t), and even if there wasn’t an NFL team playing with a racist name (there is), I’d boycott it for how they forced players to play a game during a pandemic. Every level of it is disgusting and inhumane.

And to the civil servant(s) enabling the Premier’s deranged propaganda:

It’s criminally irresponsible to encourage people to dine in restaurants during the 2nd wave of a pandemic. You’re actively harming people by legitimizing bonkers behaviour. I hope you can live with yourself later. Get help if not.

Plague Update: Moe Says We Can Do This

Scott Moe says he thinks Saskatchewan can do this. What is this? It’s BS. He thinks we’ll buy his BS. And he’s probably right that at lesst half of the people will.

Look at his consistent catch phrase:

The only time Saskatchewan flattened the curve was with a lockdown and school closures in March 2020. Since May the economy has been open, and schools opened in September and the curve hasn’t been flat since.

There have been no completely effective reduction measures taken since April, and hundreds have died as a result. Yet Moe says this time, we can do this, we can avoid more infectious COVID-19 from spreading, by continuing the policies that FAILED the last year, while avoiding the policies that worked. He’s an idiot, or is a monster hoping his supporters are willing to forgive him as he tries the stupidest policies that have failed the world over. Hundreds more will die if political leaders don’t correct his maladjusted course.

Stonks Game Stops At This Stop

Hedge funds that bet against Game Stop are crying foul as they lose a fortune, because the crowd noticed their weakness and exploited it. Sounds very Wall Street. Is it against the rules? How could it be in a market that has too few rules. The difference now is that the crowd has the power instead of the billionaires, so it can’t be fair, right?

Hedge funds basically borrowed money to buy stocks for Game Stop that shouldn’t even have been available for sale (136%??), and a crowd of investors very publicly noted this situation, explained publicly what they were going to do, and the hedge funds didn’t immediately back down and take a small loss, and so lost the entire amount. As a result of not being able to cover their loss, they were forced to buy the stock they bet against, pushing the price up even further. A short squeeze happened with Tesla in the past year too, part of the reason for its stock price meteoric rise.

Billionaire CEO defends Redditors; CNBC host sounds like a whiner sad that his team made a bad bluff and got called.

Can’t tell if joking… @theserfstv · “lol Gamestop just became an S&P top 500” If true and it qualifies, that would require it be included in the S&P list of the top 500 stocks, like Tesla, pushing its price up further.

@IGN · “Amidst ongoing GameStop stock fluctuations, WallStreetBets has been banned from Discord for allowing “hateful and discriminatory content after repeated warnings,” and has gone private on Reddit.”

@JuddLegum · “Funny no one mentions that the primary “victim” of the GameStop trading, Gabe Plotkin, worked for SAC until the firm pled guilty to insider trading in 2013 and paid $1.8B in fines to the SEC and this week, Plotkin got a 2.75B bailout from his old boss, Steve Cohen, SAC’s founder.”

Memes are flowing:

“You said crypto was too volatile? Mmhmm… (Woman tipping hand)

Wall Street: Crypto is volatile.
GameStop: Hold my Beer (mug)”

“GameStop, AMC, Tootsie Roll, BlackBerry: there’s a theme here and it’s elder millennial nostalgia.”

“Hold the line, “They can take our subreddit, but they can never take our $GME”

– Actually they can take it, and will probably try. These folks need to learn about Bitcoin, badly.


#Petrostate of the Province

I’ve friends who think Council is going too hard, too quickly. I think they’re not going hard or fast enough. They’re fighting the worst scourge on the face of the Earth short of ignorance and apathy:


Building pipelines to replace tired old pipes is not a sound investment. The old pipes lasted for 50 years. Can you honestly envision people driving gas burning cars in 2070?

Taking oil money to pay for community projects that the government should fund, is a self sustaining problem. People will come to associate oil companies with the source of community infrastructure, instead of the provincially owned resource wealth that actually makes it possible.

How Flawed A Leg

If the Sask Party split off a few MLAs to form a secondary Con party, they could fill the Official Opposition role also. This might put the NDP at an even greater disadvantage, since the questions would mostly go to a phony opposition leader’s fake party. This is part of the harm from electing too many of a single party. 51% Attacks become a common worry (a Bitcoin concept).

(Wrote this in August last year, and decided to hit publish now to show just how awful our present day system is at reflecting what people actually want government to do for them.)

Plague Update: Plague Of Pipelines

With Biden apparently poised to pause KXL into oblivion, Saskatchewan’s hapless Premier Moe lashes out at Trudeau.

The meme, a modified Kenney cartoon, was available prior to Moe’s latest predictable bleating.

I was only 12 minutes off from guessing when he’d repeat his baseless attack on Ottawa for his own failure to plan and diversify the Saskatchewan economy.

#CPCRacists Attempt To Slink From The Republican Stink

The CPC leader insists that his party isn’t courting the far right, after a disastrous month for the Republicans as they lost control of the Senate by losing 2 runoff elections in Georgia (in part by running horribly corrupt candidates), then by encouraging a mob to storm the Capitol in a riot that got the outgoing President impeached for a record breaking second time! Twitter and Facebook banned the Orange Twitler, and suspended tens of thousands of Q-conspiracy cultist (#Qultists) accounts while Apple, Alphabet/Google, and Amazon kicked the Republican backed Parler off their services for helping to foment the insurrection.

It’s since come to light that some Congresspeople helped the insurrectionists, but again Twitter leads the government with formal discipline for those Republican fanatics accused of high crimes. Of course Twitter has acted too slowly to contain this fascist, delusional mess of contorted American patriotism.

Meanwhile in Canada, in September, the CPC’s chief buffoon was saying his “Canada First” slogan meant we could expect the same kind of strategy that Trump offered American Republicans.

Followed up this January with some serious backpedalling, I’m talking serious braking if he was on a bike with pedal-brakes. He wants to distance his dumpster-fire xenophobic party running in tandem with vile Rebel Media, and #POStmedia, from the Republican fascist meltdown south of the border. Problem is, non-racist CPC MPs are hard to find.

MP Bergen in a Trump hat

For 9 years I’ve held the position that the Conservative Party of Canada should be deregistered for repeated Elections Act violations. It operates like a criminal enterprise. Some Conservative will come along read this and think, so do the Liberals. Not to the same degree the Liberals haven’t, and the difference could be they don’t take their cues from the Republican Party like the CPC does. Are we just going to start calling them the “Notorious CPC”?

Republicanism? Conservatism?


BONUS: American journalists explain to comedian Colbert what they saw at the Capitol Riot.

Plague Update: Saskatchewan Takes Infection Lead With “Personal Responsibility”

If you hear someone talking about “personal responsibility” to get us out of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re gaslighting you. There’s no reasonable expectation that individuals acting responsibly can end the plague. The only thing that has worked around the world is national/provincial/state coordination from the top down.

A completely useless opinion from a business leader in Saskatchewan

Some people can’t figure out why Saskatchewan’s leading the worst responses, and instead has praise for the hapless doctor overruled by his political masters of destruction.

2 follower, anonymous troll “Bo Peep”, with a Trudeau-Hitler avatar, writes:

“Bo Peep @BoPeep87785248 · Just one of many examples of Shahab’s and @premierscottmoe health lockdown. 28 covid deaths trumps hundreds of mental health-related deaths in clown world.”

Moe already bet on compliance, and is now doubling down, with our lives in the ante. He’s gambling away some of our lives. Dozens have already died, with dozens more set to perish from political leaders not leading, and offloading their responsibility onto “personal responsibility” they know cannot work. Moe is lying, he said this Spring that a high viral reproductive number would be a major consideration for restrictions, but it has never been the case since.

Meanwhile, this man could have been Premier starting in October:

I’m sure the SK Party media will hold the Premier accountable for his failure. Wait, maybe not.

980 CJME @CJMENews· “COVID-19 dominates, disrupts, in trying year for Premier Scott Moe” [emphasis added by me]

Oh, it was trying, for him? He’s the real victim here? No, he’s the one who ran for reelection and confessed to doing more crimes 25 years ago. He’s now indirectly killed more people in Saskatchewan than any convicted serial killer in Canada. Closing schools in the Spring followed WHO guidelines, and helped save us from a significant first wave. That he’d want to undo even that small win shows just how depraved he is.

Cory’s 20th Blogiversary Cake With FBI Icing

Notable author and blogger Cory Doctorow got a call from the FBI for his blog anniversary.

Please read how he handled the encounter. It’s in stark contrast to the wrong way exhibited by the #Qultists who are also being questioned by the FBI.


Unlike Cory who didn’t do crimes, the Trump fanatics have hilarious indictments online of their Capitol Riot misadventures.