Concalls: Duffy Trial Revelations

The Duffy Trial has been a bit of an expose on how the Harper Cons’ PMO operated. It’s not pretty.

The comments made about Sona and Finely are nothing to sneeze at either.

With Sona destined to sit in jail, and Finely in a grave, it all seems a little bit of an academic discussion now, except the Con’s supporters are now clamouring for a referendum to salvage (savage?) our electoral system.

For #elxn42 I endorse Trudeau, but not the Liberals. #MoreGlobeEndorsements

This will come as quite a shock to many, since I’m a long time Green voter, but I’m endorsing Trudeau for PM, but think his party needs to start advising him better immediately after the election. This endorsement surprises even me, because I didn’t wake up knowing I was going to make it, I just got a giggle in my head when I thought of doing it, and it seemed like a good joke to make.

At least I’m free to make my endorsement as I see fit, no matter how ill advised.

Who Gets The Hill – #UofR #elxn42 panel on Thursday

It was a real dog’s breakfast at this one, where everything from polls to strategic voting discussed frankly by 3 political experts from Regina. Actually it wasn’t a complete mess, it was a well organized event, but the dog’s breakfast thing will make sense if you watch it all.

Yes Men and SHD release film about Conservative Police State Problems

Comedy Team To Release 1 hour film about Conservatives, Surveillance and Climate change

From Executive Producers The Yes Men and Mark Achbar (The Corporation, Manufacturing Consent)
The political comedy pranksters at are releasing a one hour film on YouTube, October 14th, 2015. The film focuses on the expansion of state surveillance in an era of climate change and offers a timely look at Canada’s history of racism and Islamophobia. The comedic documentary features Canadian surveillance targets Cindy Blackstock, Obert Madondo and Mohammad Mahjoub.

The film also features never before seen footage of the artists’ numerous interactions with CSE officials and a behind the scenes look at how the pranksters have repeatedly breached the Prime Minister’s personal security. Director Sean Devlin is a Filipino-Canadian comedian and filmmaker who was recently arrested at one of the Prime Minister’s campaign events (Read about it in The Globe and Mail). In recent weeks the group also caused a stir with a parody Conservative site that the government intervened with (Read about it in The National Post).

Special media preview can be seen for next 12 hours[]

Media Contact:
Sean Devlin (Director/Comedian) –
*Cindy Blackstock and Obert Madondo can also be reached for interview.


“The viral phenomenon that captured the digital zeitgeist during the 2011 election… is back with a vengeance.”
—Huffington Post

“Winning the viral video war with a stealth campaign that’s been spreading like prairie wildfire.”
—Globe & Mail

“Viral comedy site with the unprintable name turns to political activism”
—Globe & Mail

“Wreaking havoc on the Conservative party’s image.”
—Post Media

“Merry band of Vancouver pranksters relaunch ShitHarperDid with new focus on real activism”
—Vancouver Sun

Lying and Hiding PM Hides Again

Besides dodging the federal leaders debate, Harper isn’t giving interviews to national media. Going down beyond an already ridiculous 5 question limit to a 0 question limit is absurd. What is the breaking point for Conservative voters, where they put democracy ahead of their other motivations?

Is the PM simply preparing for the day after the election, when if he loses his seat Jim Prentice-style, he won’t be relevant for national TV interviews any more anyway?

Contemplating the Jays and Democracy

Right now we’re determining who the best baseball team is in the AL East, over 5 games played over more than 5 days. The winner will go on to play 7 more games to determine the best in the AL. Then 7 more games to decide who is the World Series champ for the next year.

To determine our government for the next 5 years, we’ll vote on October 19th, and the winner if they get ~250+ more votes than the other parties in select locations of the country, are eligible to control 100% of the power for the next 5 years.

How can we require an insignificant game watched by millions, to require multiple nights of struggling in separate decisions, to determine the best, but a Canadian election in our democracy only requires one day of voting less frequently than the world holds the Summer Olympics?

“How, for example, can two solid polling professionals like Frank Graves and Nik Nanos — both stars in the business — come up with polar-opposite results while sampling during the same time period? At one point, Nanos had the Liberals five points up on the Conservatives nationally; Graves had it the other way around.

Just this week, Graves had the Tories taking the lead in Quebec over the niqab issue, while Lorne Bozinoff of Forum Research had the Liberals ahead in the same province followed by the NDP, with the Conservatives third. For good measure, Bozinoff also predicted that the niqab wouldn’t figure prominently in most respondents’ voting choices.
Conservative candidate ‘personally offended’ by workplace niqab ban

Bottom line? They all can’t be right.”

And why should the poll result from 1 night every 4-5 years mean more than the poll results from the other 2 months of campaigning or the polls from 4 other years?