Plague Update: Moe’s Killing People

“Minister Merriman, like Premier Moe, seems incapable of either hindsight or foresight.

Our government must understand that a combination of strategies is required, rather than relying on vaccination alone.”

Moe has acted slowing, telling us he’s monitoring the crisis that’s limiting healthcare.

Cut What?

Why does Bernie need to compromise, and not the warmongers who blew billions on a failed war in Afghanistan?

Speaking of Afghanistan though, why did America fail? It was never intended to win.

Plague Update: Saskatchewan Abandoned by Sask Party

It’s almost like we have a caretaker government who doesn’t care to take care of us.

Plague Update: Oh No, Not Again

The election in Canada is on Monday, and the Conservatives are annoyed that HarperCon Kenney is trying to stop his province’s healthcare system from burning down completely by then.

And Saskatchewan’s numbers per capita are worse while Moe and Merriman and Duncan do nothing to Flatten the Curve or try to get us to #CovidZero.

Friendly Fire

Or war crime?

Plague Update: Was Hoping Not To Do More Of These

Moe’s ending of restrictions and having the Roughriders hold super-spreader events has put the province into a pickle.

School hasn’t even re-opened yet, and the numbers are already approaching the terrible ones after school open last year, and Delta variant is more contagious. Parents who care about their kids are angry and terrified by the SaskParty government.

The Biggest Political News of the Day

Congrats to Jagmeet Singh and his wife.

Oh, and there’s an expected election call for Sept. 20th.

And on the other side of the planet in Afghanistan, echoing the end of the Vietnam War:

Plague Update: Fourth Wave

When I hear “Fourth Wave”, I’d rather be talking about feminism. Instead, the fourth COVID-19 wave is hitting Saskatchewan, and smart people are bracing, while fatigued and other people are resigned to let the latest wave led by the Delta variant just wash over them instead. Many are depending on their water wings, with a couple shots in the arm from a cornucopia of vaccines designed for a different, but very similar virus strain of SARS-CoV2.

Kids 11 and under, more than 15% of Saskatchewan’s total population, aren’t yet eligible for vaccination. The testing of the vaccines on that age group continues. Will they be safe enough to use to protect kids, or will we have to buckle down and get to COVIDzero, or herd immunity by nearing 90% vaccine coverage for the rest of us? #MathIsHard, because 100% – 15.x% is less than 90% by a fair bit. Looks like we’re going to need to step up our game, and step away from the well attended, maskless, unvaccinated football games.

How Do You Talk About The Actual End of the World?

With poetry

You can write

About the end

Just as with the Copernican revolution, or the establishment of modern democratic states, or the idea of equality between men and women, the stories of landmark moments and decisive victories can overshadow the slower pace of cultural adaptation. On fundamental issues of belief, human societies may require a century or more to truly change.

That’s a particular problem when disasters approach in a matter of decades — in a sense, the timeline is both too slow and too quick for our cultures to handle.

“The problem with climate change is the scale,” Magnason said.

“A leader of a nation has never talked about the surface of the ocean or how he is melting glaciers [before]. Moses parted the Red Sea and we remember that still. But that was just for a day or two! … Elements that humans thought were a symbol of eternity … these extreme forces that we believed were beyond us, now we see we’re damaging that.”

It’s a difficult day, as more people realize just how little time we have to reduce pollution. How can we stop our society from hitting the ice berg, when we’ve been scraping it for over a century already? It could be another century before we’ve got our bearings about where we’re at just now. Good thing we’ll have preserved shareholder value in the fossil fuel industry for another few years, that will make so much sense if people get to look back on what we accomplished.

A solution has to start with people who accept there is a problem being in charge of implementing solutions. Right now we have maniacs and morons in charge in some places like Saskatchewan, the UK, and nearly any political jurisdiction, who’ll happily claim they aren’t climate crisis Deniers because they’ve pollution reduction strategies squarely aimed at 2050. Here’s a clue geniuses, #MathIsHard because 2021 plus 5.5 years is 2026. Have a plan that is on its way to working by 2025, or…





Saskatchewan Legislature, Premier’s balcony