Saskatoon Hate

2 Catholic school administrators did damage to their city’s reputation by discouraging teachers and then parents from allowing their kids to attend a welcoming and inclusive space at a corporate sponsored event in their city. Homophobes and transphobes have been siding with the traditionally homophobic and hate-mongering church school system, even after the Pope told Catholics to soften their stance against homosexuality in recent months.


And an unrelated story from Saskatoon: A cement truck driver struck and killed a mother in front of her children. MSM screwed up their articles about it by not even mentioning that there was a driver of the truck involved, let alone what charges were laid if any.

SaskParty Opposes Low Cost, Healthy Transportation

I had no respect for the SaskPotty before this, and it sure as hell isn’t getting any now. They’re toxic and are actively opposing zero emission vehicles now.

Moose Jaw Reunion

I was in Moose Jaw for a family reunion on Sunday. My Dad was in hospital fighting off another infection, while his immunity is compromised by chemo. The rest of the Kleins who could make it were in Wakamow Valley Park. Some other family had taken over the pavilion we’d booked, but we easily found a nearby suitable site by the iron bridge.

I’d brought my Sondors ebike along, and after some others in my family had a spin, I took it around the southern part of Moose Jaw.
Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

News Summary

Goodbye Rob Ford. You left a mark on Canada’s reputation, and now you’re free to go swim with the sharks in the sky.

Here’s my favourite Ford video, which sums up his career and life:


More important than the death of a former Toronto Mayor, is the ongoing destruction of our climate. But since the annihilation of civilization will happen in several months or decades, the “news” will focus on a terrible bombing that harmed people in the continent of Europe, and the expected passing of a reviled politician, man, and recent cancer sufferer.

Alberta P3 News #skpoli

Here’s some news hot out of Alberta. Only one of them is satirical.

The other satirical bit is that Saskatchewan’s Sask Party recently announced they’d be saving taxpayers millions of dollars by starting a P3 Bike Share like Stettler had. No wait, they said they were going to build P3 schools, after the Alberta model, to build schools faster.

T-Rex Doesn’t Taste Like Bacon

I couldn’t keep a straight face over this one. The T-Rex Burger is offensive, but the Baconator isn’t?

“She said the fast-food restaurant “strives to deliver a positive dining experience for our customers. Our goal is to provide options to our customers so they can make options that meet their needs.”

Reddit ruins the fun, unintentionally.


Meanwhile, what could go wrong with having passengers’ phones designed to communicate via radio signals to a bag with radio communication emanating from it. That won’t freak airlines right out. (Kaboom) They shouldn’t be losing bags in the first place, since there’s a policy that bags do not go onto planes if the passenger hasn’t joined the flight their bag is on.



I for one welcome our Flying Cyclist Overlords, and look forward to serving in their bicycle mines.

Bike Derangement Syndrome at Wall Street Journal

If you’re suffering from low blood pressure, I have the treatment:
WSJ hack interviews an editorial board nutcase Dorothy who says among other things:
“Look, I represent the majority of citizens.”

She’s “appalled” that bike sharing has happened in NYC.

“Best neighbourhoods are begrimed by these blazing blue CitiBank bikes.”

“It is shocking to walk around the city, to see how much of this they have sneaked under the radar, in the interest of the environment.”

“The most important danger in the city is not the yellow cabs, it is the bicyclists…”, opined Dorothy.
Nicole Gelinas wrote that for 4 years, said the WSJ hack, “no pedestrians have died underneath a bike in New York, but 597 have been hit [sic; “killed” said Gelinas] by cars and trucks.”

“The bike lobby is an all powerful enterprise,” without a hint of satire.

“New York is not London, or Paris,” says the interviewer hack. “Or Amsterdam!” pipes up Dorothy. Well actually…

bike distance

I hope I don’t ever get as crazy as poor Dorothy when I turn a million years old and become an orange dinosaur too.

Bikes, along with closing Times Square to cars, have “ungridlocked” New York. Dorothy sees bikes everywhere as the sign of a “totalitarian” regime. It’s unfortunate that she’s an editor of one of America’s largest newspapers, but helps explain why America has to struggle to pull itself out of the 20th century.

Hat tip to Sean Shaw