“Isn’t Who We Are”

Why are there Canadians willing to deny the Residential School system was a genocide perpetrated against Indigenous people of Canada? Maybe the top politicians saying this Isn’t Who We Are, and the paid radio ads have an impact on the Denialist psyche?

Hundreds of Kids Found Dead In Unmarked Graves

Canada is a normal settler-colonial country with a dark history of genocide against Indigenous peoples

The Minister doesn’t seem aware, or in charge since this is his tweet upon the discovery of the graves:

Maybe stop fighting survivors of these Residential Schools in court, Liberals?

Plague Update: Callous Government

Dr. Kyle, as he’s known on Twitter, wrote the Moose Jaw Independent paper. The COVID-19 Variants of Concern in the Moose Jaw area are shockingly bad, and the school division wants to open schools on Monday. They absolutely must not.

Plague Update: Hockey Canary

The WHL is carrying on in Regina, as the UK variant COVID rages.

Plague Update: Moe Says We Can Do This

Scott Moe says he thinks Saskatchewan can do this. What is this? It’s BS. He thinks we’ll buy his BS. And he’s probably right that at least half of the people will.

Look at his consistent catch phrase:

The only time Saskatchewan flattened the curve was with a lockdown and school closures in March 2020. Since May the economy has been open, and schools opened in September and the curve hasn’t been flat since.

There have been no completely effective reduction measures taken since April, and hundreds have died as a result. Yet Moe says this time, we can do this, we can avoid more infectious COVID-19 from spreading, by continuing the policies that FAILED the last year, while avoiding the policies that worked. He’s an idiot, or is a monster hoping his supporters are willing to forgive him as he tries the stupidest policies that have failed the world over. Hundreds more will die if political leaders don’t correct his maladjusted course.

Plague Update: Saskatchewan Takes Infection Lead With “Personal Responsibility”

If you hear someone talking about “personal responsibility” to get us out of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re gaslighting you. There’s no reasonable expectation that individuals acting responsibly can end the plague. The only thing that has worked around the world is national/provincial/state coordination from the top down.

A completely useless opinion from a business leader in Saskatchewan

Some people can’t figure out why Saskatchewan’s leading the worst responses, and instead has praise for the hapless doctor overruled by his political masters of destruction.

2 follower, anonymous troll “Bo Peep”, with a Trudeau-Hitler avatar, writes:

“Bo Peep @BoPeep87785248 · Just one of many examples of Shahab’s and @premierscottmoe health lockdown. 28 covid deaths trumps hundreds of mental health-related deaths in clown world.”

Moe already bet on compliance, and is now doubling down, with our lives in the ante. He’s gambling away some of our lives. Dozens have already died, with dozens more set to perish from political leaders not leading, and offloading their responsibility onto “personal responsibility” they know cannot work. Moe is lying, he said this Spring that a high viral reproductive number would be a major consideration for restrictions, but it has never been the case since.

Meanwhile, this man could have been Premier starting in October:

I’m sure the SK Party media will hold the Premier accountable for his failure. Wait, maybe not.

980 CJME @CJMENews· “COVID-19 dominates, disrupts, in trying year for Premier Scott Moe” [emphasis added by me]

Oh, it was trying, for him? He’s the real victim here? No, he’s the one who ran for reelection and confessed to doing more crimes 25 years ago. He’s now indirectly killed more people in Saskatchewan than any convicted serial killer in Canada. Closing schools in the Spring followed WHO guidelines, and helped save us from a significant first wave. That he’d want to undo even that small win shows just how depraved he is.

Cory’s 20th Blogiversary Cake With FBI Icing

Notable author and blogger Cory Doctorow got a call from the FBI for his blog anniversary.

Please read how he handled the encounter. It’s in stark contrast to the wrong way exhibited by the #Qultists who are also being questioned by the FBI.


Unlike Cory who didn’t do crimes, the Trump fanatics have hilarious indictments online of their Capitol Riot misadventures.

Trump Tries Coup, Fails, Gets Twitter Ban Finally

It took almost 2 days following the attack on the US Capital by GOP terrorists, but Twitter banned the ring leader Trump from their platform, after first only giving a 12 hour suspension.

Bonus concern:


Pelosi doesn’t have the gumption.

She’s been bluster only, for years.

USA Debates Its Existence

Trump’s lies about wind power, and solar, and natural gas are over the top.

In a debate where the candidate had to point out that people need to be able to breathe to be successful, there isn’t much hope for America when the pro-suffocation candidate still has a shot.

In Trump’s opinion, the country was on top of the world in January. And the plague is the only thing that went wrong, and he says it was China’s fault. Even though Trump praised Xi for handling the virus early in the year.

AOC, Fauci, Bernie Sanders, all will likely have strong responses to the litany of Trump’s lies tonight, having all been named by the Republican candidate. Lincoln would have wanted his turn at the poor pitiful Trump pinata too.