The Biggest Political News of the Day

Congrats to Jagmeet Singh and his wife.

Oh, and there’s an expected election call for Sept. 20th.

And on the other side of the planet in Afghanistan, echoing the end of the Vietnam War:

Sask Party Breaks Federal Election Law

The despicable election attack ads the SaskParty Saskatchewan Government ran to help the federal Conservative Party circumvent federal election spending limits, were not legal. Further, the SaskParty is partly funded by oil and gas companies, money that cannot legally be accepted by the Conservative Party as it would be considered a form of criminal corruption. In their effort to exploit a loophole to send that money to other SaskParty donors like Rawlco Radio, to buy attack ads, the SaskParty screwed up and broke the law. Their response was to say it was really hard to figure out the 3rd party election ad spending rules.

Trump Tries Coup, Fails, Gets Twitter Ban Finally

It took almost 2 days following the attack on the US Capital by GOP terrorists, but Twitter banned the ring leader Trump from their platform, after first only giving a 12 hour suspension.

Bonus concern:


Pelosi doesn’t have the gumption.

She’s been bluster only, for years.

Plague Update: Sask Government Refusing To Slow Pandemic Down

Could the problem be that the majority of Sask voters put their trust into a man who has shown reckless disregard for life on multiple occasions finally resulting in a tragic death?

USA Debates Its Existence

Trump’s lies about wind power, and solar, and natural gas are over the top.

In a debate where the candidate had to point out that people need to be able to breathe to be successful, there isn’t much hope for America when the pro-suffocation candidate still has a shot.

In Trump’s opinion, the country was on top of the world in January. And the plague is the only thing that went wrong, and he says it was China’s fault. Even though Trump praised Xi for handling the virus early in the year.

AOC, Fauci, Bernie Sanders, all will likely have strong responses to the litany of Trump’s lies tonight, having all been named by the Republican candidate. Lincoln would have wanted his turn at the poor pitiful Trump pinata too.


Plague Update: More Infections and Elections

The news around the world has been more awful than usual, with the President of the USA purportedly getting over his COVID-19 infection, while on dexamethasone (a powerful, potentially mind altering steroid) threatening to kiss guys in the crowd of his maskless rally.

The UK is announcing plans, and at the same time saying they won’t work.

And here in Saskatchewan there’s an election underway, both for the provincial and municipal governments. I have some hope that Regina might elect a few new Councillors, but there’s a religious homophobe running who shamed the Public School Board recently, and no clear, strong alternative to the present right wing mayor. Jim Elliott is running, and would make a good mayor for the years ahead, but Regina’s voters are largely too out of touch with our planetary ecological breakdown to realize that.

But the provincial election is a corrupt dumpster fire. The media continues their effort to shut out the Greens and any other party. And no wonder. Look who pays them:

Big media outside of Saskatchewan is required to get great coverage of what’s going wrong here.

8 years, but who’s counting?

SaskParty Replaces Candidate

After a SaskParty candidate was revealed to be an anti-science Q-cult fascist, so Moe removed him to reduce embarrassment to the party. The replacement is a home builder association CEO.

“The rising cost of housing is more important than solving climate change for most canadians (sic).”

Saskatchewan is a world leader in air pollution per capita, and we don’t need yet another MLA who doesn’t want to do a darn thing. She actually resists changes that could help, if they aren’t driven by “the market”.

“Mandating energy efficiency at accelerated rates will only setback innovation while making housing more expensive. I see the word “mandate” far too often in this report.”

Doesn’t seem like she’s yet a total Sask Party drone though. She has even praised Trudeau in the past.

And has spoken up about anti-women Conservatives too:

The Green Party of Sask is running Jan Norris, and the NDP is running Matt Love.

Duck Donald, He’s a Fascist

Trump is a terribly despicable person. One might say deplorable. And he surrounds himself with terrible people, and is supported by terrible people. While embarrassing his country with a disgraceful debate appearance, he refused to condemn a racist hate organization, instead telling them to stand by and go to the polls to “watch” people. What he’s doing is an election crime, something his supporters know and are acting on well before election day:

Trump has had his Postmaster General order the destruction of actual mail sorting equipment, in a year when mail-in votes are expected to be mainstream due to the pandemic. The pandemic that got out of hand because the President downplayed how serious it was despite knowing it was very serious. Why can’t conspiracy cranks latch onto that coincidence, instead of blaming the Sun?

And this was all written before we knew he’s COVID positive, and was gallivanting around the country without even a mask on. He exposed Biden and Wallace to the plague. A lot of his close advisors and staff are testing positive for the plague tonight even, like Conway, and his campaign manager. No, not the one who got tackled by police a few days ago for weapons charges.

There is a public health disaster if Trump survives. Let me explain. He’s spent months telling people that the virus is no problem if one takes an ineffective drug intended for Lupus. If he pulls through, and odds are he will, then his mindless supporters will think they’re even more invincible. He’ll likely get a patriotism sympathy bump in the polls, which could put him over the top in November.

One shouldn’t make the mistake of feeling sorry for the big, fascist baby. As Naomi Klein put it, his illness is a crime scene, not an accident. His negligence has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Previously only automakers could claim that sort of death toll on Americans, now the President is an honourary automaker, from his hospital [death?] bed.