Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Moe Problem

What the dickens is wrong with Saskatchewan’s prominent political Moe family? It was less than 3 months ago that his truck was impounded in British Columbia where his son drove it so badly. Decades before then, Scott Moe killed Joanne Balog with his truck by not stopping it at a stop sign. Moe says he regrets one day, that day. I guess he doesn’t regret the other 2 days he was driving drunk, even though he might consider them among his “lot of mistakes”.

“Moe calls situation around impounded truck a ‘personal matter'”
leaderpost com/news/saskatchewan/moe-again-calls-situation-around-impounded-truck-a-personal-matter

“Premier Scott Moe said this was a time he was called to support family and friends”

How does he support his family:

He pardons them from minor traffic violations that mimic his own violation that cost a life.

Plague Update: Doug Ford Broke Quarantine Law

Liberals might be happy to learn that OPC leader Doug Ford has been privately prosecuted with breaking federal quarantine law. Trial is pending.

They may be less excited to learn that Justin Trudeau should face similar prosecution for breaking the same law in the same manner. Another who should be charged gave this excuse for their breaking of the public safety measure: “He also noted that the press conference was not a public setting.” Imagine that a ‘private’ press conference.

One of the law profs behind the prosecution of Ford has made waved on Twitter previously.

I think it would be easy to find other Premiers like Moe who’ve broken the quarantine law too. Wasn’t Moe just gallivanting around Europe and the Middle East?

Plague Update: Shahab Predicts COVID Will Wane by March 2022

The depravity of Shahab and Moe is really laid bare, as Canada enters the 2nd Omicron wave in no small part to the removal of public health measures. They shamefully led the way with reducing public health.

2 months later, the reality that Omicron isn’t going away soon is sinking in.

A month back:

Meanwhile the Speaker has COVID and spread it around at a SUMA dinner with urban municipal lawmakers from all over Saskatchewan:

A Great Day For Canada

About fricken time the Liberals and NDP came to an agreement to stop the never-ending short election cycle. This should have happened last year. Now let’s get some movement on electoral reform, the #ClimateCrisis, and reconciliation, among many other files the parties can agree on. The Greens are also likely to support many bills.

Moe has already responded with petulant ignorance and mischaracterization of what’s happening.

And it’s not that Conservatives don’t understand, many do. It’s that they just don’t care, and have calculated they’ll get more mileage from misinforming voters.

My eyes would like a word with the Liberals and NDP who don’t think they should include sight as an aspect of covered public health.

Plague Update: Moe’s Dropping Numbers

Hmm. So Moe was against blockades when done by Indigenous people.

What Moe said about the origin of the convoy was a lie too. It was orgnaized by far right hate groups as an insurrection, and they sucked anti-waxxers in for extra goons and cover. Moe gives them cover.

Some of Moe’s numbers are actually going down.

Plague Update: Moe’s Precedent For Spreading Misinformation

It’s extremely NOT unprecedented for the feckless Premier of Saskatchewan to spread anti-science mumbo jumbo. He’s called the fossil fuel industry “sustainable“.


Plague Convoy Gets Support From Premier and O’Toole

Canada’s capital is occupied by white supremacist, anti-vax protesters who’ve urinated on the National War Memorial, stood on the Unknown Soldier’s tomb, flown Nazi and Confederate flags, and even desecrated a statue of Terry Fox.

Yesterday, the Premier of Saskatchewan released a letter supporting these protesters, and his message went viral on Twitter being ‘liked’ more than 11,000 times by last night.

Dear Premier Moe:
Your letter on January 29th in support of anti-vaccination protesters was a contradiction to your messaging from the past year saying vaccination is our way out of pandemic public health measures.
I have a low opinion of your leadership, but you continually fail to surmount even my low expectations.

You should resign in disgrace, as the organizers of the so-called Freedom convoy included white supremacists, and upon their arrival in Ottawa they attacked front-line workers, defaced monuments to veterans and Canadian heroes, all while protesting the vaccine you once publicly supported.

John Klein
Regina, SK

Plague Update: Worst Among Us

I practically couldn’t believe this, except I know BoJo is not a fine bloke.

Man too stupid to realize he brainstormed how to commit suicide on live TV, with the intention to instead calm the public down, has additional ideas regarding how to handle a more contagious virus:

And on the subject of brain-dead idiots in charge of governments, Premier Moe went on the radio with Saskatchewan’s Shock Joke, err Jock, to wax poetic about the days when restaurants didn’t have screening for irresponsible plague rats like himself.

Every other time Moe reopened Saskatchewan it was an unqualified success, so why wouldn’t the next time be as awesome?

Oh, right, the thousands* of dead people.


*Mortality during the pandemic has been about 4000 people more than the standard death rate.

What does it take for newspaper columnists, who don’t write for the Prairie Dog Mag, to speak frankly about the Sask Government deciding to let more people die? We don’t find out, in the next link:

Plague Update: No Moe Bragging Rights

Apparently the only reason no one in Saskatchewan died of COVID-19 the last couple weeks, was computer error, not reality. Of course Premier Moe was bragging only yesterday about his great numbers compared to Quebec with their public health measures he removed or refused to use here.

Plague Update: Hide The Model