More Debates, Not Fewer Debaters

The unethical fools at the Broadcast Consortium will probably gladly keep Elizabeth May away from the debates this year too.
Especially amusing is the Conservative spokes-tool saying more participants would make it a gong show. Mulcair wanting a debate focused on women, while angling to keep the only female leader out of the room, is special too.

What’s wrong with the Star and Robert Benzie to write an article about debate controversy and not even mention the Consortium considering blocking the Green Party again because they got away with it last election?

Why would it be up to the Conservatives to decide how many televised debates there are? Clearly, the Broadcast Consortium isn’t actually in charge here. It’s known that Layton and Harper conspired to keep May from debating previously.

ConCalls: May was never contacted about #elxnfraud complaint in #RoboCon

“If the Commissioner of Canada Elections is prepared to ignore the findings of two judges, I think that will speak very poorly of the powers of investigations we have in this country to explore electoral fraud.”

Côté has not yet responded to May’s complaint.

It’s absolutely unacceptable that Elections Canada failed to contact the leader of a national political party after they made a formal complaint in 2011 alleging election fraud took place on a wide scale.

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Meanwhile the convicted Pierre Poutine, Michael Sona, is seeking to appeal his conviction.

Oil Putting Food on Families

Pardon the Bushism. The CPC’s spin regarding the oil crowding out grain shipments by rail must be inspired by Dubya.

Elizabeth May provides some sanity on the issue.

“The current rail cars used for shipping hazardous materials are not safe. Both the US and Canadian Railway Safety Boards have ruled that the DOT111 cars are unsafe, needing upgrading and replacement.”

The insanity is underneath, from Joan Crockatt.

March 6, 2014
For Immediate Release

Oil and gas putting food on the table for Canadian families

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Greens: Conservatives Ordered Illegal Destruction of Canadian Records

A worrying subset of the Canadian population seems content settling for a Conservative Party that willingly destroys Canadian heritage and property. How can Canadians peacefully stop the looting and burning of our cultural and scientific records?

Although the Department of Fisheries and Oceans states that the purpose of its Library Consolidation Initiative is to create greater public access to information online through ‘digitization,’ it is unclear what, if any, digitization has taken place to date. A secret departmental document obtained by Postmedia refers to ‘culling materials’ as ‘the main activities’ of the consolidation initiative, showing that digitization and greater public access to material were not the rationale for the consolidation.

The Harper Government doesn’t respond to legally required requests for information from reporters even. It’s a secretive regime.

Greens Catch Harper in a New $100M+ Lie

The Canadian government is spending our tax money on Enbridge’s impossibly risky scheme that will ruin BC’s coast.

“Documents obtained from Environment Canada and the Department of Fisheries and Oceans reveal that at a time when core science is being cut across the Government of Canada, tax dollars are being spent to do Enbridge’s homework for them,” said Andrew Weaver.

The Federal Government is moving forward over the next two years with a $100 million plus, ‘Complementary Measures Project’ (now called ‘World Class’) to research and model the complex waterways in the Kitimat and Hecate Straights region. In essence this is a federal government subsidy to the Northern Gateway Project, as they are unable to satisfy basic safety, environmental and regulatory requirements. In fact documents from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans identified that: “Behaviour models specific to dilbit spills do not exist, and existing commercial models for conventional oil do not allow parameter specific modifications.”

On the federal level contrary to what Stephen Harper has said about awaiting the evidence and panel results, the Government of Canada has been pushing ahead with spending over $100 million to support what should be industry based research. This comes at a time of major cuts to science funding for climate change, marine contaminants and ELA.

In fact, documents show that the Government of Canada has been spending taxpayer’s money to support this project, going as far as to name the DFO’s work “the Northern Gateway Project”.

The CPC is the oil industry’s political wing, plain and simple.

Rathgeber Out of the Strong, Stable, National, Majority, Conservative Government

Who could forget Harper’s “strong, stable” majority comment during his victory speech in 2011 after his party swept to surprise power on a wave of election fraud supporting his party? Two years later, the Cons have lost disgraced Minister Penashue to a campaign overspending (and illegal contribution) crime for which he resigned (has not be charged yet), and was defeated in a recent by-election. Del Mastro, Fantino, Glover, Van Loan, Bezan, have also fallen under scrutiny since May 2, 2011 for serious campaign violations (and an admission from Van Loan’s campaign compliance agreement with Elections Canada). Senator Brazeau was fired from caucus. The Ray Boughen campaign is being highlighted by the Senator Wallin phony expense claim scandal. Senator Duffy is out of the Con Party for taking $90,000 from the disgraced PMO Chief of Staff Nigel Wright who just coincidentally happened to control A SECRET CPC SLUSH FUND!

DeLorey was asked: Is there any reason those funds could not have been used in the Duffy-Wright deal?

He replied: “No funds were used for that.”

MacDougall in the PMO was asked: Were any of these funds in any way connected to the Wright-Duffy deal?

He replied: “I can give you a clear, ‘No.’ The funds used were Mr. Wright’s personal funds.”

I trust those two guys as much as Stephen Harper likes Brent Rathgeber.

A Conservative Party spokesman [Fred DeLorey, director of communications] is now admitting that his party did recently make calls to Saskatchewan residents about electoral redistribution, after initially denying the party had anything to do with the calls.

UPDATE NEXT DAY: CPC now denies the fund even exists!

That popping sound you heard last night was Tony “Open Government” Clement’s head exploding from embarrassment.

Will Peter MacKay be the next to break off from the Conservative coalition? No, probably not. (Interesting note: The CPC is the only Canadian political party with the word “coalition” in its constitution. If you don’t know why, Peter MacKay could tell you.)

How “stable” is your majority feeling now, eh Harper?


Greenpeace Canada response to CEAP ads.

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End Point

If we pass the point of no return, we will have runaway global warming and the end point is human extinction. I don’t think people quite get that yet.

I know many who don’t take the issue of civilization’s survivability very seriously. Most of my peers have grown up hearing that climate change is happening, and we need to do something about it, but we assumed the older generations were doing something. Turns out, the problem is much worse today than in 1990, and we’ve spent the majority of our lives hearing that it’s been worked on. The efforts to reduce air pollution, have run up against real world efforts to work against progress, leaving large ground lost. Obstinate, short-sighted conservatives call science a “liberal billionaire crusade”, a “gimmick“, as if civilization has an innate, God-given right to exist no matter the destructive, damning policies it opts to enact on the real world at breakneck speed.

The “Denial Machine” churns away, fueling not only air pollution, but actively damaging bi-partisan political efforts to reduce preventable pollution. Every dollar invested into gasoline, a Walmart or Dollar store trinket, or an automobile is another quiet vote for the death of civilization. This is not a right wing vs. left wing issue at its core. It’s a struggle for survival, and the right wing has chosen the side of the struggle whose end point is human extinction. Why would they do this? They choose ignorance, so they don’t feel so bad about doing what they ought to know they shouldn’t be doing. How could they? Life trends toward death, so deadly policies are innately easier to enact and defend politically. It’s a cake walk when your supporters clamp their hands over their ears, and shut their eyes as a political instinct.

It takes no creativity to die,
No resistance to shrug and to sigh,
It’s the status-quo,
And don’t you know?
Civilization’s evening draws nigh.

Three weeks ago, as the Senate scandal was breaking, the planet passed 400 parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere, [May] says.

“We relate better to issues we can understand. Which means we will get very excited about things that are fundamentally trivial and miss that we are sleepwalking towards the edge of cliff,” she says.
Her eyes are moistening with tears, but she holds back.

“I have obligations.”

Don’t we all have an obligation to preserve a future for life after ours? Too many don’t think or act like they care. Shouldn’t they care?

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