Charles In Charge

Well, it finally happened. The Queen of Canada died, at 96 years old. She passed a couple days ago at her Scotland estate, and I still haven’t heard a cause of death, but I doubt the COVID bout she had earlier this year helped her any. Prince Charles gets promoted to King Charles III, and is now the King of Canada. That looks so weird to write, like it’s the 1950s again.

David Milgaard Dies

A man who helped define the Canadian justice system as deeply flawed, has died at age 69. David was sent to jail for a murder that he didn’t commit. The real killer later went to jail for other killings, and was proven the killer with the advancement of DNA evidence decades after the killing. David got out, and reportedly spent his time as a free man assisting others who’d been wrongly convicted of crimes.

Plague Update: Worst Among Us

I practically couldn’t believe this, except I know BoJo is not a fine bloke.

Man too stupid to realize he brainstormed how to commit suicide on live TV, with the intention to instead calm the public down, has additional ideas regarding how to handle a more contagious virus:

And on the subject of brain-dead idiots in charge of governments, Premier Moe went on the radio with Saskatchewan’s Shock Joke, err Jock, to wax poetic about the days when restaurants didn’t have screening for irresponsible plague rats like himself.

Every other time Moe reopened Saskatchewan it was an unqualified success, so why wouldn’t the next time be as awesome?

Oh, right, the thousands* of dead people.


*Mortality during the pandemic has been about 4000 people more than the standard death rate.

What does it take for newspaper columnists, who don’t write for the Prairie Dog Mag, to speak frankly about the Sask Government deciding to let more people die? We don’t find out, in the next link:

Plague Update: No Moe Bragging Rights

Apparently the only reason no one in Saskatchewan died of COVID-19 the last couple weeks, was computer error, not reality. Of course Premier Moe was bragging only yesterday about his great numbers compared to Quebec with their public health measures he removed or refused to use here.

Thanksgiving Sadness

My Mum passed away in the early morning of Thanksgiving this year. She’s being missed by all who cared for her, and nearly everyone who met her cared for her because she was a lovely person.

I didn’t know what to put on my blog about this. I’ve been braced for this time for most of a decade, with her first getting very sick almost 8 years ago. She wasn’t expected to survive, but the surgery and chemo then worked, and she outlived my Dad who got cancer after her, but died first. They joked that they were racing to see who would first. Mum lived to her mid 70s, which is a whole lot better than mid 60s, but of course I’d rather mid 90s like her Mum, my Grandma. Cancer took both my parents, which sucks.

I have memories of a lifetime, and also special ones kept safe online like this one from the National Film Board where she makes an appearance:

Plague Update: Moe’s Killing People

“Minister Merriman, like Premier Moe, seems incapable of either hindsight or foresight.

Our government must understand that a combination of strategies is required, rather than relying on vaccination alone.”

Moe has acted slowing, telling us he’s monitoring the crisis that’s limiting healthcare.

Plague Update: Oh No, Not Again

The election in Canada is on Monday, and the Conservatives are annoyed that HarperCon Kenney is trying to stop his province’s healthcare system from burning down completely by then.

And Saskatchewan’s numbers per capita are worse while Moe and Merriman and Duncan do nothing to Flatten the Curve or try to get us to #CovidZero.

Cost Of A Child’s Coffin In Canada

Then, there are the bodies that will never be found, like the infant tossed into the furnace[!] as described by Irene Favel, a survivor.

We have the names, why don’t we have convictions?

Hundreds of Kids Found Dead In Unmarked Graves

Canada is a normal settler-colonial country with a dark history of genocide against Indigenous peoples

The Minister doesn’t seem aware, or in charge since this is his tweet upon the discovery of the graves:

Maybe stop fighting survivors of these Residential Schools in court, Liberals?

Plague Update: Moe Says We Can Do This

Scott Moe says he thinks Saskatchewan can do this. What is this? It’s BS. He thinks we’ll buy his BS. And he’s probably right that at least half of the people will.

Look at his consistent catch phrase:

The only time Saskatchewan flattened the curve was with a lockdown and school closures in March 2020. Since May the economy has been open, and schools opened in September and the curve hasn’t been flat since.

There have been no completely effective reduction measures taken since April, and hundreds have died as a result. Yet Moe says this time, we can do this, we can avoid more infectious COVID-19 from spreading, by continuing the policies that FAILED the last year, while avoiding the policies that worked. He’s an idiot, or is a monster hoping his supporters are willing to forgive him as he tries the stupidest policies that have failed the world over. Hundreds more will die if political leaders don’t correct his maladjusted course.