Plague Update: Worst Among Us

I practically couldn’t believe this, except I know BoJo is not a fine bloke.

Man too stupid to realize he brainstormed how to commit suicide on live TV, with the intention to instead calm the public down, has additional ideas regarding how to handle a more contagious virus:

And on the subject of brain-dead idiots in charge of governments, Premier Moe went on the radio with Saskatchewan’s Shock Joke, err Jock, to wax poetic about the days when restaurants didn’t have screening for irresponsible plague rats like himself.

Every other time Moe reopened Saskatchewan it was an unqualified success, so why wouldn’t the next time be as awesome?

Oh, right, the thousands* of dead people.


*Mortality during the pandemic has been about 4000 people more than the standard death rate.

What does it take for newspaper columnists, who don’t write for the Prairie Dog Mag, to speak frankly about the Sask Government deciding to let more people die? We don’t find out, in the next link:

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