Beach Washed Away in 1984, Returns

This is an interesting development for an Irish coastal town. Their beach was washed out to sea during storms in 1984, and this year without warning, it came back.


Improve Your Mood

Biking to work improves your mood. It also gives you a better perspective on life, and helps you get enough daily exercise to avoid some of life’s more terrible ailments. You could also skateboard to work, since the mood improving properties are directly attributable to physical activity, and travel at a more human pace.

If you wondered why certain radio jockeys are so cranky (about cyclists) all of the time, it’s because they aren’t biking to work and are missing out on the benefits they begrudge their neighbours for taking.

Instead of the Green Party Leader John Gormley who:

…introduced a “Bike Scheme” in January 2009 which promoted cycling to work by offering tax incentives to employees and employers who purchased bicycles and switched to cycling. The scheme is part of a strategy to double the number of journeys made by bike by 2020, and also includes a multi-million euro cycle-path upgrade plan.[14]

We’re subjected to fear and grouchiness:

Biking in the winter. Is this safe? Should bikes be allowed on our roads in the winter?

Is it safe… to let people exercise and be happy while going to work the way they want? The whole effin’ system might collapse if tax payers are allowed to use roads using human powered vehicles!


I’ve cycled in every month so far in 2012. I’ve gone about 15km on 5 round trips to the south end of the city from home. All of the times I was out, it was warmer than 0 degrees C. at least one direction of the trip. Only twice was my destination work (the rest of the time I’ve walked, and left work by bus or car a couple times each).


Rick Hansen at UofR

Rick Hansen, the Man in Motion, was at the University of Regina and I stopped by to see his presentation. Here’s a clip: