Nuclear War Not Humanity’s Only Option

Aside from the insane invasion of democratic Ukraine by the Russians, there’s another pending catastrophe in store for humanity anywhere between this afternoon and the next 5000 years. Destruction from space rocks slamming into our atmosphere is a near certainty in our solar system, but we have technology that can sometimes detect them in advance, and other technology being tested this year that can divert collisions.

Here’s a really interesting theory about a now well studied destruction of an ancient city that made it into Biblical stories.

This year though, we’ve come closer to nuclear war than any other time I can recall. Take time time to enjoy the 1964 cold war comedy: “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”.

We shouldn’t stop worrying, or love the bomb, but it’s hard to know how much worry, anger, and hope to throw into one’s daily life right now.

Meteor Explodes Over Ocean in 2018

Solar Eclipse from Regina, SK

The eclipse today was visible from Regina, but not the totality available to Americans in many states.

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017
My new Canon SX540 HS did a good job with a pair of solar eclipse filter glasses taped over the lens. The sunspot chain was very sharp and visible at 200X digital zoom, 80ISO.

I made a projector that worked well:

Solar Eclipse August 21, 2017

ADDED: Here’s 2012’s annular eclipse in Regina.

Astrophotography Is The Best

Jupiter is approximately 5.2 AU from our Sun, so almost 20 AU is pretty distant.

To Be Left On The Moon

Some of these items found in Armstrong’s closet, were to be abandoned on the surface of the Moon.

More than four decades after the Apollo 11 moon landing, a cloth bag full of souvenirs brought back by astronaut Neil Armstrong has come to light.

Among the trove: a 16 mm movie camera from inside the lunar module that filmed its descent to the moon and Armstrong’s first steps on the lunar surface in 1969.

That camera “took one of the most significant sets of images in the 20th century,” said Allan Needell, a curator in space history at the National Air and Space Museum.

Aurora from a sunspot explosion

Sun with sunspot AR2371


Last night the rating of the solar storm was “severe” according to
Kp 8 is the strongest I’ve seen, unless it was 9 earlier this year for a storm I missed. The northern lights were to the south and east of Regina, which was good because I don’t have a clear view to the north.

Telephone line:
sun with powerline

Sun with sunspot

Without digital zoom, the Sun is this big in my 12X zoom camera:
Sun with sunspot