#Petrostate of the Province

I’ve friends who think Council is going too hard, too quickly. I think they’re not going hard or fast enough. They’re fighting the worst scourge on the face of the Earth short of ignorance and apathy:


Building pipelines to replace tired old pipes is not a sound investment. The old pipes lasted for 50 years. Can you honestly envision people driving gas burning cars in 2070?

Taking oil money to pay for community projects that the government should fund, is a self sustaining problem. People will come to associate oil companies with the source of community infrastructure, instead of the provincially owned resource wealth that actually makes it possible.

Plague Update: Saskatchewan Takes Infection Lead With “Personal Responsibility”

If you hear someone talking about “personal responsibility” to get us out of the COVID-19 pandemic, they’re gaslighting you. There’s no reasonable expectation that individuals acting responsibly can end the plague. The only thing that has worked around the world is national/provincial/state coordination from the top down.

A completely useless opinion from a business leader in Saskatchewan

Some people can’t figure out why Saskatchewan’s leading the worst responses, and instead has praise for the hapless doctor overruled by his political masters of destruction.

2 follower, anonymous troll “Bo Peep”, with a Trudeau-Hitler avatar, writes:

“Bo Peep @BoPeep87785248 · Just one of many examples of Shahab’s and @premierscottmoe health lockdown. 28 covid deaths trumps hundreds of mental health-related deaths in clown world.”

Moe already bet on compliance, and is now doubling down, with our lives in the ante. He’s gambling away some of our lives. Dozens have already died, with dozens more set to perish from political leaders not leading, and offloading their responsibility onto “personal responsibility” they know cannot work. Moe is lying, he said this Spring that a high viral reproductive number would be a major consideration for restrictions, but it has never been the case since.

Meanwhile, this man could have been Premier starting in October:

I’m sure the SK Party media will hold the Premier accountable for his failure. Wait, maybe not.

980 CJME @CJMENews· “COVID-19 dominates, disrupts, in trying year for Premier Scott Moe” [emphasis added by me]

Oh, it was trying, for him? He’s the real victim here? No, he’s the one who ran for reelection and confessed to doing more crimes 25 years ago. He’s now indirectly killed more people in Saskatchewan than any convicted serial killer in Canada. Closing schools in the Spring followed WHO guidelines, and helped save us from a significant first wave. That he’d want to undo even that small win shows just how depraved he is.

Right Wing Media in Australia Gets Slapped

Former PM lays out more truth than Newscorp toadies can handle:

Plague Update: More Infections and Elections

The news around the world has been more awful than usual, with the President of the USA purportedly getting over his COVID-19 infection, while on dexamethasone (a powerful, potentially mind altering steroid) threatening to kiss guys in the crowd of his maskless rally.

The UK is announcing plans, and at the same time saying they won’t work.

And here in Saskatchewan there’s an election underway, both for the provincial and municipal governments. I have some hope that Regina might elect a few new Councillors, but there’s a religious homophobe running who shamed the Public School Board recently, and no clear, strong alternative to the present right wing mayor. Jim Elliott is running, and would make a good mayor for the years ahead, but Regina’s voters are largely too out of touch with our planetary ecological breakdown to realize that.

But the provincial election is a corrupt dumpster fire. The media continues their effort to shut out the Greens and any other party. And no wonder. Look who pays them:

Big media outside of Saskatchewan is required to get great coverage of what’s going wrong here.

8 years, but who’s counting?

Alberta RCMP Protecting Racists

That cop is really disturbing. Look at his smirk at the end of saying racists have a right to be as peaceful as they can manage to be, while shouting violent threats, and throwing elbow. It is worse than a shit-eating-grin. Smiley should be fired or demoted.

WikiLeaks: Show Trial Ending Investigative Journalism

“I’m worried and very sad. This is worse than an Orwellian dystopia, and they call it “western democracy”.” – VecchioJames