There are things going on. From absurd numbers of kids home sick from school, to the Grey Cup going on today in Regina.

The most vocal civilian critic of the SaskParty’s support of abusive religious schools (who were teaching dinosaurs were around with Creationist people), had their home vandalized with bible verse graffiti. They fled, and their home was torched, killing some of their pets and destroying their belongings! A fundraiser is attempting to help them. I’d like to see it exceed their goal, to show that the governing party’s thugs can’t chase good people away.


Doug Ford in Ontario kicked an ant hill and almost got bit. He legislated workers back to work with the Notwithstanding Clause in the Charter, overriding their Charter right to collective bargaining. He caved when he saw a general strike was imminent. The fines were so big, the unions had to fight to the mat and beyond to win.


The US election looks like the Democrats will take the Senate and the Republicans the House. Fingers crossed that the GQP doesn’t take a majority in the House, so it won’t be tied up with stupidity for quite as long. The counting and recounting is taking quite some time, and there’s a runoff in Georgia again between Walker and Warnock this time. Walker is a complete idiot, so he’s got a chance.


Russia just launched missiles into Poland the other day, a dangerous escalation of their war against Ukraine. There are Russia supporters claiming this was disinformation, and that Russia didn’t launch an attack, even accidentally, on Poland.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently off a cliff,
Throw the women overboard,
Republicans want a tiff.

The Trump Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which for half a century put an end to most low-quality abortions in the United States. The Handmaid’s Tale gets ever closer to looking like a documentary, instead of a horror novel/movie about the decline of the American empire into a theocratic, dystopia. I feel bad for American women; most don’t deserve the terrible consequences Republicans/Christofascists want for them.

Maybe Democrat supporters will realize their party is too wimpy to do anything useful. It’s too corporate-owned to matter.

Top Story of June 10, 2022? Former President Trump Tried a Coup

There’s no question Trump’s insurrection attempt on January 6th, 2021, was a coup that failed.

W Gaffes Again

The Republican Party didn’t become disgusting when Trump came to power, it’s been terrible for over 20 years. How can you tell? W Bush just confessed to knowing the Iraq War was wrong, during one of his infamous public speaking gaffes. Obama’s Democrats letting him skate away from responsibility for the deaths of over a million people has inspired Biden’s Democrats to do the same for Trump who has also caused the deaths of over a million Americans by mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic so badly. And the GOP is supported by Fox News which is using the xenophobic expression “illegal babies”.

Plague Update: SK Party’s Predictable Conservative Hypocrisy

One of my least favourite Sask Party cabinet ministers (for him closing STC Bus service) is in hot water after going to California during the pandemic. He’s legally required to self-isolate for 14 days upon arrival in Palm Springs.

There are a lot of people this year who’ve been right about very important things, and had too few people listen to them. I know how they feel.

What ended up happening? Long Term Care homes went viral, and killed dozens of people. This was entirely predictable, yet the SK Government didn’t do anything useful to stop it from happening.

Also, billionaires made record gains.

Wall Street minted 56
new billionaires since
the pandemic began
— but many families are left behind.

Australia’s billionaires
became 50% richer
during pandemic.

Pandemic profiteers:
Forbes adds 50 health
care moguls to its list
of global billionaires

And what did I write last night about Conservatives, and the Sask Party, after an Ontario MPP Minister was caught vacationing at St. Barts?

It’s not just SaskParty MLAs behaving horribly though. Republican Rep-elect Luke Letlow passed away recently from an entirely predictable COVID-19 infection, after appearing maskless in public gatherings, and arguing people weren’t working hard enough through the pandemic. Besides the President likely infecting his Secret Service staff, there are other Republicans guilty too of spreading the plague:

And over in BC:

Toxic Deadly Gaming Culture

One of the strangest things about modern tech is that you can easily hear what a dead murderer thought of himself and others. There are hours of video of this Rudy guy boasting about his video game prowess while calling women “pap smear”. Cops were warned about his violent harrassment of women, but he had a gun anyway, and this month he killed an ex girlfriend then himself.

MAGAbomber arrested

An older, white, Republican, Florida man was arrested in connection with failed bombing attacks on Democrats and other critics of Donald Trump and the Republican Party.


Bannon is a Triple Changer Transformer!

Trumpers are terrible people. They support a terrorist political party called The Republicans.

Warning, Don’t Read This About the USA

It’s a crime against humanity that #BabyJails are not shut down in the USA. The extreme human rights abuses taking place each day are horrifying. Many medical staff are going to need to lose their license and go to jail to come close to delivering justice to the victims.

Scheer Shouldn’t Shrug Off Toxic Rebel Association

This was in response to me, and countless others calling for him to denounce the hate site for its involvement in the Charlottesville Nazi attack.

Meanwhile one of the more ‘mainstream’ defenders and purveyors of Islamophobia writes this:

confront the intolerant and authoritarian forces of political Islam.

While the ISIS caliphate in Mosul is falling, a more domesticated form of Islamism is tragically taking root in countries like Turkey, Indonesia and even regions of the Philippines.

When glimmers of this agenda crop up in Europe and North America, politicians and the chattering classes do everything to accommodate its bigotry and little to denounce it.


The phonies and fakers. The scam artists and hustlers. The scumbags and racists.

If there’s a void, they’ll move to fill it.

Listen to him, using a Nazi rally and subsequent attack that killed and injured people, as an opportunity to make people more scared of Muslims. I guess he knows a thing or two about filling a void.

Speaking of voids, here’s a website to avoid: