This is a WTF kind of story. How did corruption get this bad in the USA?

Republicans need to own this, instead they have amateur propagandists ranting on FOX News that Democrats are politicizing the plague.


Wikileaks: Assange Arrested in London

Assange has been a political prisoner for most of a decade and he still is one today, not a criminal hacker.

Testimony In USA and Canada

An amazing bit of questioning in the USA by AOC of Trump’s former lawyer, Cohen.

And burying the (local) Canadian story…

North of the border, JWR spoke some truth about the PMO. Sorry about the TLAs (Three Letter Acronyms).

Clinton Lied But No Consequence. It’s Like It’s the 1990s Still

“Here, for the record, is Clinton saying, on March 10, 2015, “I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email.””

I’m particularly offended by this oligarchy-outcome because Clinton is guilty of doing what she persecutes American hero Ed Snowden for doing – “mishandling classified information”. Yet he lives in exile in Russia, and she’ll run the whole darn United States of America. Snowden tried to do the right thing and tell Americans of secret crimes against them, and Clinton tried to do the wrong thing (hide her emails from public scrutiny while she was supposed to be a transparent public servant). She’s rich and powerful, and he was with no influence; The Rule of Law is not well in the USA.

By ignoring the damning information uncovered by the FBI — that Clinton’s elaborate system for avoiding the requirement that public servants should make their official correspondence available in public archives had exposed dozens of messages containing secret information to potential interception — the candidate clearly hoped to put the matter behind her.

While that satisfied many of her supporters — and predictably angered most of her detractors — treating the FBI director’s conclusion of “not criminal” as a seal of approval seemed to leave many Americans feeling queasy, and others wondering if the laws on mishandling classified information just do not apply to those in power.

Clinton = #FBImWithHer
Does that mean Trump is better? Heck no. I don’t envy American voters who can’t fight their corrupt media/government/justice systems. They are desperate, with good reason, to stop Trump. Sanders so far hasn’t made a big deal of Clinton’s email scandal, he dismissed it during a debate, in an apparent effort to prevent it from becoming a sideshow that could hurt the Democrats he at that time hoped still to lead.

Assange Illegally Detained by UK Police

The London police force has wasted millions of pounds on detaining Assange inside the Ecuadorian embassy for years.

UN Under Attack

I’ve avoided making many blog posts on Middle East politics because they tend to descend into dogmatic shouting matches on the Internet. I also don’t know every historic, geographic, religious, and political detail so don’t count myself among the experts. One doesn’t have to be an expert to comment on the ghastly situation right now. It’s plain as day.

One of the more outrageous points of Israel and Hamas shooting at each other has been Israel’s shelling of UN sites housing thousands of civilians.

If this crap happened in Africa, future Canadian senators would be struggling to get sufficient peacekeeping forces in place to deter the aggressors blowing apart children and families.

Many journalists who are murdered get featured prominently on Canadian news.

There are people who are willing to overlook Israel’s war crimes because they don’t want to give an inch to the obviously violent Hamas.

You see Timmy, Israel must bomb children in UN shelters because #Gaza supports a terrorist group called Hamas who tries to avenge those kids’ deaths.

WikiLeaks: Stratfor’s Suggested Strategy to Indict Assange

There has been no information to this point that has confirmed any US Government sources were physically harmed due to their participation in ratting to US Diplomats, and in turn having their words revealed by WikiLeaks through the Afghan leak, or subsequent The Guardian leak when they published the password to leaks, exposing previously redacted source names.

On 12/7/10 7:38 AM, Fred Burton wrote:
… I would pursue Conspiracy and Political Terrorism charges [against Assange] and declassify the death of a source someone which I could link to Wiki. […]

Burton’s speculation is that there is such a person, but news of their death, and link to WikiLeaks, is classified. I’m unconvinced there are any such people harmed.

WikiLeaks: Assange Indicted, but for What?

The Stratfor intelligence company emails, leaked this week by WikiLeaks, have revealed that a private security agency has obtained classified information from the US Government (by the admission of Stratfor employees in emails they expected to remain confidential). It’s also revealed that Assange has a “secret” indictment against him, which is obviously not a democratic action by the USA.


After all our questions to the AU/US/UK/SW governments about US plans to prosecute #Assange, we have to find out in a #wikileaks release…

ADDED: Their press release condemning the US justice officials responsible for this travesty.

– Fairfax, a media agency that was working with 24 others, broke their agreement to release leaks in a coordinated fashion. So all Assange/Wikileaks emails pertaining to the Stratfor leak should be available soon.

Osama Bin Laden was in contact with Pakistani intelligence, prior to his death last year. How could Stratfor know this, and not inform the US Government, who would then inform Americans?

For more breaking scandals revealed by this release, see one summary of a few.

If I thought I could switch this dickhead off without getting done I don’t think I’d have too much of a problem.

BTW, close family friend in Sweden who knows the girl that is pressing charges tells me that there is absolutely nothing behind it other than prosecutors that are looking to make a name for themselves.

(Link to Anna Ardin added, assuming that’s “the girl” they are talking about)