Let’s Tear This Town Aparrrrrt!

This evening I pushed a Co-op cab off an ice median at Kramer and Hillsdale, with the Regina cabbie I was riding with, and another driver who stopped after. The Co-op guy wrecked his front bumper though by failing to negotiate the turn. I tore a piece off it so it wouldn’t rub on his wheel. Yes, I can tear cars limb from limb. Muahahaha!

I got $2 off my cab ride; the driver said he appreciated being able to stop and help and that I wasn’t in a rush like some of his customers.

Government House Levee 2014
Earlier in the day I hung out with the Grey Cup, and rubbed shoulders with Regina’s Levee loving crowd at Government House.

Government House Levee 2014
I took this selfie specifically because it was a fantastically expensive mirror.

Government House Levee 2014
Government House Christmas tree

Government House Levee 2014
Happy 2014 everyone!
A couple nights ago I gave a tour of the city to a guy passing through from Ottawa. The Legislature looked pretty nice lit up in green in the cold fog.
Government Legislature

Harper In Regina

Bonus points for someone who manages to compliment the Prime Minister for the nice scandals he’s wearing.

He’s downtown for the Grey Cup Party, obviously. After the Grey Cup fanfare wears off, it’s going to be a long week for him in Ottawa, as he adjusts to documents last week from the RCMP that show he’s lied in Parliament about the Duffy expense scandal.

Justin Bieber and Chris Brown

Justin Bieber at the Grey Cup wasn’t the only ‘interesting’ pop music story of yesterday.

I’m not a Bieber expert (Belieber), but I did watch his biopic a few months ago, and he’s certainly got some real musical talent. How he is as a human being will probably degrade with his over-worldly fame, but he has a long way to drop before he reaches the level of Chris Brown. Brown got into an argument on Twitter yesterday with wise-cracking Jenny Johnson. Jenny was calling the woman-beating Brown names, and he called her names back (spelled badly) and told her to do graphic things with his male body parts before saying he was going to defecate on her “retina” (the part inside her eyes, so one must think he meant cornea unless he was trying to be impossibly ridiculous).

He then seemed to have quit Twitter (or his agent quit it for him, like Senator Brazeau), because last night during the game while I was trying to click his username, Twitter said the user didn’t exist. If only Rhianna could be so lucky (it was Brown who beat her face to a pulp the other year).

Of course Brown’s rabid fans are no model of civility either, with several of them sending death threats to Johnson. Here’s a sampling of some of the boors that are less violent, but still have questionable idols:



I’ll take these ignorant kids over those “adults” listed above, any day:

https://twitter.com/kianadelury/status/272871730052210688 Continue reading

Bleeding Green

Mitch Alexander writes:

What kind of council does the city of Regina have. You best believe that I won’t be going to that stadium. I think everyone should just boycott the new stadium indefinitely. It won’t be able to last if nobody goes…

That’s not the best strategy Mitch. If the Riders don’t sell out, taxpayers are on the hook for the shortfall. Cheer harder for the Riders, because if they suck and no one goes, Regina taxpayers will hurt most of all. This is what they meant by “bleed green”. You either have Roughriders football in your veins, or your wallet will have to bleed some more green to pay for their facility.

Regina City Council – Stadiumapalooza #YQRcc

Check out my presentation here, or on Access 7 replay later on. CTV, Global, and LP mentioned me, but the CBC reporter they sent wasn’t interested in a quote even though she sought one from Conrad who is running against me in the upcoming election. She probably liked his cool glasses more than my naked face, even though my quote would have been blogtastic.

My thoughts are scrolling by on Twitter, so grab them while you can.

The media is buzzing, as were the 150+ in the Gallery at City Council last night. And my last name was spelled right 1/2 times in the newspaper article too!

Don’t Be Hard On Rich

Leave Larry Smith Alone! He’s been on the job for just a few days, and he’s getting a lot of unfair heat over his admission that he made a lot more money at his job before becoming a Canadian senator entrusted with implementing Stephen Harper’s agenda. How many people would take a 50% catastrophic pay cut? Admit to yourself that you wouldn’t, even if you lived within your $250,000/year means.

It’s not easy being a Michael Fortier clone, in a hopeless political battle for the forces of darkness. And you do have to give Smith credit for proclaiming that he turned down any cabinet role until he’s become a Member of Parliament and fulfilled his duty as an eligible back-bencher.

My point is that we’re all entitled to our entitlements, especially if we’re bilingual, Conservative, white, and wealthy.

An especially amusing comment on a news website, was that Smith, who makes as a Senator more than twice what a mortal Canadian makes in a year, cannot represent the common man. There’s actually a house in Parliament called the House of COMMONS that is supposed to represent the commoner. The Senate is for sober second though (which brings up the question why I know of an alcoholic senator), and is supposed to be a place for the rich to overrule the unwashed masses.

If you watch the videos of Smith being introduced, he pledges to work very hard to embed his team in the community that they have so little to do with, because they’re so rich and the community is not. He’s not afraid of reading a lot, or working hard for a few months until the next election.

“Despite the fine work of many individual Senators, the Upper House remains a dumping ground for the favoured cronies of the Prime Minister.”

– (Stephen Harper Leadership Website, January 15, 2004)