Switch to Wind, Water, Solar, and Save Billions

$2B saved since Ukraine war

Wind and solar power plants generated 46.3 terawatt-hours of electricity between May 1, 2021 and April 30, 2022, the data [in Turkey] showed.

“Without these power plants, underutilized gas-fired plants or coal power plants relying on imports would have had to run in order to compensate for them,” the report added.

“Assuming that all 46.3 TWh power was generated by gas-fired plants, this would mean wind and solar power replaced $7 billion extra gas imports during that 12-month period.””

W Gaffes Again

The Republican Party didn’t become disgusting when Trump came to power, it’s been terrible for over 20 years. How can you tell? W Bush just confessed to knowing the Iraq War was wrong, during one of his infamous public speaking gaffes. Obama’s Democrats letting him skate away from responsibility for the deaths of over a million people has inspired Biden’s Democrats to do the same for Trump who has also caused the deaths of over a million Americans by mishandling the COVID-19 pandemic so badly. And the GOP is supported by Fox News which is using the xenophobic expression “illegal babies”.

Nuclear War Not Humanity’s Only Option

Aside from the insane invasion of democratic Ukraine by the Russians, there’s another pending catastrophe in store for humanity anywhere between this afternoon and the next 5000 years. Destruction from space rocks slamming into our atmosphere is a near certainty in our solar system, but we have technology that can sometimes detect them in advance, and other technology being tested this year that can divert collisions.

Here’s a really interesting theory about a now well studied destruction of an ancient city that made it into Biblical stories.

This year though, we’ve come closer to nuclear war than any other time I can recall. Take time time to enjoy the 1964 cold war comedy: “Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb”.

We shouldn’t stop worrying, or love the bomb, but it’s hard to know how much worry, anger, and hope to throw into one’s daily life right now.

Cut What?

Why does Bernie need to compromise, and not the warmongers who blew billions on a failed war in Afghanistan?

Speaking of Afghanistan though, why did America fail? It was never intended to win.

Friendly Fire

Or war crime?

The Biggest Political News of the Day

Congrats to Jagmeet Singh and his wife.

Oh, and there’s an expected election call for Sept. 20th.

And on the other side of the planet in Afghanistan, echoing the end of the Vietnam War:

American Riots Continue

The United States has been led by a war criminal, and by a now open fascist since I’ve been 20.

Dr. Cornell West is right, America is a failed social experiment.

Wikileaks: Assange Arrested in London

Assange has been a political prisoner for most of a decade and he still is one today, not a criminal hacker.