Saskboy is a Regina based blogger, IT professional, car share organizer, salvager of many abandoned things, hobby photographer, storm watcher, environmentalist, municipal politician, and avid (Internet) reader and creator.

He wrote this in the third person because it makes this sentence a little funny. He’s also sold hundreds of items online, including foil hats designed for pets (Pet Foil Hat Technology), half eaten sandwiches, Martian Automobile Association memberships, and even Saskatchewan dirt.

If you need to contact Saskboy, who is not anonymous, but has a cool screen name regardless, email him at hotmail.com@saskboy (switch the order around), or Tweet him @saskboy, or find him on Facebook as Jon Saskboy Klein.


This has not always been my main blog. My main blog software stopped working correctly in Nov. 2009, since then I’ve been blogging here on wordpress.com. The archives are now restored to “saskboy1”. AbandonedStuff.com is where I intended to host my blog for all time.

You can see saskboy.blogspot.com for archives prior to when I blogged exclusively on my own WordPress.org installation. Also, some are on Angelfire.com.