Plague Update: Logic Fails

There’s a cartoon showing how many people still think that COVID-19 is just like chicken pox, and you aren’t likely to get a symptomatic infection another time while healthy, so they magically think a COVID infection will build herd immunity and eventually end the disease. It’s going to be just like the 1918 pandemic, right? No one will have heard of it in 100 years because it was left in the past generations ago. No.

And I encountered someone who thought COVIDzero was a bad thing.

And China’s COVIDzero strategy is beginning to fall apart, with million of lives at stake. A disruption to global supply chains will inevitably follow, but in what ways? Can’t wait to see (grits teeth).

Plague Update: Can’t Handle The Truth

One of the best doctors in the country, not only for the health services he provides, but for his outreach regarding the climate crisis, is Dr. Joe Vipond. Here he is explaining the current health crisis and what can be done about it, while many others in his field shirk their responsibility to clearly communicate.

It wasn’t even 3 years ago that everyone made an effort to #FlattenTheCurve as our healthcare workers faced impossible odds to help everyone through a crisis like no other. Now, with Conservative governments sworn to avoid public health measures to satisfy their anti-masker bases, we’re amplifying an already bad situation and children are suffering because of it.

@trudykeil · “I can tell you why leaders aren’t saying the “A” (airborne) word.. capitalism and pressure from the far right. Conspiracy theorists were loud, obnoxious, and threatening and politicians weakly bent to their will. Now here we are in dystopia as kids get sick and few people care.”

@AndersonBooz · “Speaking the uncomfortable truth: politicians and other adults refuse to protect children because it is inconvenient to do so. They say sentimental things like “Kids are our future” but then their actions betray their self-interest.”

It shouldn’t be limited to only people reading my blog, or following the best people on Twitter, to know that science has answers to the current crisis.

@Sitarj · “Safety culture was one of the defining Canadian characteristics that I used to point to in contrast to Mexico and COVID absolutely murdered that. I’m looking at you @WorkSafeBC.”

@ProHealth4MyKid · “You summarized 3 years of complete failure & strategic misinformation in a few minute interview. Well said & well done.I’m so tired of living in this vile society that forces children to be repeatedly infected with viruses when the tools are in front of us.”

We don’t hear Conservative Premiers back down from their ultimatums against public health protections, even when kids’ lives are on the line. They can’t bear the taste of crow, not even to save kids? It’s hard to imagine more ideologically despicable human beings.

If they gave a damn, here’s what would happen:

They’d have a TV suppertime announcement with a public health leader explaining that COVID-19 is airborne, and infected people need to be isolated while the source of their infection is traced. They’d required people wear respirators in public indoor spaces, and start distributing them. They’d issue a cell phone alert advising people to wear respirators, and limit social contacts for a few weeks. They’d admit that COVID-19 is an ongoing pandemic emergency that is not over and pretending it is done has caused harm.

Possibly Close The Schools temporarily. Offer UBI or CERB to parents losing income to care for their children. Extend sick leave benefits.

We’ve done it before, we know it works to delay infections and give the healthcare workers time to catch up.

Plague Update: Not Much Better, Possibly Worse

My blog lately doesn’t have enough good content, and I can’t claim this is either, but it’s how I feel and apparently someone else does too:

“Nobody who is trying to convince you to take off your mask will be there for you when you get sick. When you lose your taste, they will make fun of you for eating so little (happening to someone I know). When you have chronic fatigue, they will call you a hypochondriac.

When you have blood clots, they will say “oh so young” & carry on with their lives. When you file for disability & get denied multiple times, they will simply delete you out of their lives.

They will not go to the numerous doctor appointments with you. When you need financial help for your deteriorating health conditions, they will avoid you like the plague(not an accurate expression now but you know what I mean). They will NOT be there for you. You will suffer alone.

Whoever’s trying to convince you to take off your mask because they did, are doing so to feel less bad about their own decisions. They are telling you to risk your long term health so they wouldn’t have to stare at their own stupidity. They are BAD friends.

The end.” – Guglar9

I would change that only to say that they’re maybe not bad friends, but they aren’t with you on pushing back against the government lunacy that removed every Public Health measure aside from vaccination being available. Canadians with heart conditions, like me, can’t even get a prescription for Paxlovid if we get sick, but there are hundreds of thousands of doses of the drug sitting on shelves saving no one.

Plague Update: Sask Health Suffers Long Term Care Outbreak

COVID in wastewater has never been higher in Regina, and the people have never been less mandated to care about the health of their fellow Saskatchewanians. Even a random person from 2019 would be more likely to put on a mask when told that they could save lives with one simple move.

Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently off a cliff,
Throw the women overboard,
Republicans want a tiff.

The Trump Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which for half a century put an end to most low-quality abortions in the United States. The Handmaid’s Tale gets ever closer to looking like a documentary, instead of a horror novel/movie about the decline of the American empire into a theocratic, dystopia. I feel bad for American women; most don’t deserve the terrible consequences Republicans/Christofascists want for them.

Maybe Democrat supporters will realize their party is too wimpy to do anything useful. It’s too corporate-owned to matter.

Plague Update: PM Trudeau Has COVID-19 Again

The PM got COVID by going to the Americas summit in the USA recently.

Gee, what could he have done better to protect himself? Maybe not speak moistly into the faces of world leaders 3 days ago and all last week?

Plague Update: What Does COVID Do Anyway?

COVID-19 a thrombotic disease that can be caught again, and again, and again if the first bouts are survived, and isn’t confined to a “season” because it’s so much more contagious than influenza. It has multiple waves that sweep through a community each year. Governments are using ‘magical words’ to convince people there’s a “mild”, “new normal” that is acceptable and survivable so the people will willingly return to economic activity compatible with consumptive capitalism. That locust-style capitalism also happens to be ending our habitat’s economic viability and then our survivability sometime this decade or the next.


“The coronavirus has become more adept at reinfecting people as Omicron and its many descendants seem to have evolved to partially dodge immunity. Waves of infections two, maybe three times a year may be the future of Covid-19, some scientists now fear.”

Plague Update: Drugs and Tests

Are the Rapid A Tests much good for making social plans? Not definitively. Cases are going undetected by tests in many cases, giving false negatives that result in infectious people feeling confident to mingle with uninfected people.

The leading anti-viral drug, Paxlovid, is being tested for use to fight symptoms of longcovid.

It remains difficult in Canadian provinces and elsewhere in the world to obtain Paxlovid by prescription.

Weeks ago there were rising COVID cases in Saskatchewan while China was extending severe lockdowns to try to wipe out the virus there. The Saskatchewan Government continues to limit information given to the public, and intends to slash it 4 times further, to monthly updates at best. This leaves people in the dark about the true danger, encouraging them to let down their guard. This will likely generate new variants, and non-stop exposure risk, given the previous waves of the pandemic.

Plague Update: Masks

Some ill-considered American judge has opened the door for COVID-19 even further by allowing maskless people on American planes.

Plague Update: Shahab Predicts COVID Will Wane by March 2022

The depravity of Shahab and Moe is really laid bare, as Canada enters the 2nd Omicron wave in no small part to the removal of public health measures. They shamefully led the way with reducing public health.

2 months later, the reality that Omicron isn’t going away soon is sinking in.

A month back:

Meanwhile the Speaker has COVID and spread it around at a SUMA dinner with urban municipal lawmakers from all over Saskatchewan: