Plague Update: Are We Going To Give Up?

WHO wants people to be aware that there’s no assured victory against COVID-19. I still think it’s possible to eradicate it, but it will take a global effort that surpasses what we’ve tried thus far.

We, for one thing, definitely have to figure out what’s going on in cases of apparent reinfection:

Plague Update: ReOpen Rant

You’ve probably got friends on that gosh awful Facebook website who’re clamouring to go back to normal. They want the certainty of a steady paycheque, the regular services, and plentiful entertainment options that Regina offers in a typical year. (You know how the easily bored are always saying there’s so much to do in Regina?)

Every one of them who argues to re-open Saskatchewan on the same day we have our single biggest outbreak increase, is a GD partisan/idiot. They might be bigger idiots than Scott Moe is, because they believe what a GD moron like the Premier is telling them to think.

They want to play Russian Roulette with themselves and their friends and family, and get out there to destroy the benefits of #SocialDistancing that made Saskatchewan ahead of the curve for once. It’s only a 3% chance that someone infected will die, give or take a few percent on factors aside from age that we don’t even know with certainty yet. And there’s only about a 50% chance of getting infected if it sweeps across the province quickly enough. Maybe those odds look good to them, but remember, they’re GD idiots, and they aren’t thinking.

Wait a year, and you get a vaccine. Some gratification is delayed. We may have other options before the vaccine, but right now, you COVIDIOTS are putting my life at risk. There are better options to fix your economic worries.

This is a first draft, so if it sounds harsh, it probably is. This isn’t an attempt to get the idiots to change their minds. They can’t; not without their political string-pullers helping them, anyway.

#StayHome to #StaySafe.

Plague Update: Masks and Memes

I once agreed that masks were probably not of much use outside of hospitals, but have revised my stance to agree with the recent CDC and Health Canada findings. Now that our masks shouldn’t run out in hospitals, it’s best if people in stores and elsewhere they might meet people in public, have a mask on.

Sweden was held up as a positive example of carrying on, by COVIDIOTS only 2 weeks ago
Far right extremists in the US are in charge, and have a lot of media support.
COVID-19 is the top daily killer ahead of cancer and heart disease, and yes, that means ahead of the flu too.

Plague Update: Canada, Ontario, etc.

Ended up stumbling onto The Agenda, and this episode was great for anyone interested in the plague, or in city planning to respond to it.
If you want to be able to speak constructively about when we’ll start going back to work, restart the economy, or get back to normal, however you want to put it, you must listen to the first 10 minutes of this episode:

6 conditions to get back to normal, by the WHO:
-control transmission
-test and treat every case
-outbreak risks are minimized in specific places
-limit in schools businesses etc
-limit international spread
-individual communities are empowered to adapt.

The last question posted to the UofT guest was should there be an inquiry like after SARS. Answer was YES, but first action is to READ the SARS inquiry report so they don’t reinvent the wheel, and this time act on all the points to correct.

Next was Cathy Crowe, a Street Nurse who tried to get Toronto to declare a homelessness state of emergency prior to the COVID-19 plague hitting the big city.

Prior to the plague showing that all city resources could be directed at once to a life-and-death problem, only “lip service” was being paid to the homelessness crisis. “We need to align all the resources of the city to pave the way” -Sean G.

“The biggest problem is actually political” “You effectively can’t build an apartment building in 95% of Toronto” – Alex B.

Cathy notes the city lacks about 4-5000 hotel rooms, and the province or city should purchase hotels or apartment buildings that are not financially viable.

Average cost of a detached house in Toronto is over a million dollars! Not many people living in the city can afford that. Where are kids going to live in Toronto once they grow and move out of their parents’ homes.

Legalize rooming houses, and regulate them to help with affordability. Four-plexes should be the new minimum for new construction. People should be able to convert to duplexes.

BoJo Unwell, Like The Economy And Environment

Boris Johnson is at death’s doorstep. This would otherwise be an unremarkable point, except he’s inexplicably the Prime Minister of the UK.

It turns out to be a bad idea to ignore the best advice by the world’s best epidemiologists and doctors.

We’re all familiar with politicians ignoring the advice of scientists, it’s just rare that we so quickly see the consequences of that haughtiness bite one of them so squarely in the ass.

If someone puts the economy before the survivability of our species and public health systems, they’re unfit to lead. This isn’t new, I’ve felt this way about leaders long before Greta Thunberg got well deserved global press for pointing that very obvious point out so clearly to so many.

#LockDownNow To Spare Lives

This is interesting, and packed with references to explain the assumptions.
Canada is being too soft on the new coronavirus, and we’re paying the price in the long run. For example, it’s not “essential” for post secondary education to continue this semester(, but we probably can with all but a handful of people making trips to the office). It can’t stop entirely everywhere, there may be research underway that’s critical to stopping this pandemic, or the next one.
It’s not essential that grocery stores remain accessible to public shoppers, they could have orders of essentials filled by hand-washed and masked professionals.
We could be sending every adult $2000+ to their bank account this month, so they can pay bills online or on the phone, and not have to leave their home.
Dragging out this half-hearted social distancing instead of preparing Canadians to lock down for a couple weeks in April, is probably a mistake we’ll come to regret.

Plague 2020: Life On The Inside

The WHO’s warnings to close schools at the end of February were accurate.

Unsurprising to me, the climate crisis Deniers are out in full force trying to deny scientific pandemic response since their beloved oil markets have tanked completely. It’s not enough for them to kill us with air pollution and climate change, now they want people to get infected with a virus that kills between 15% and .5% of those afflicted. I blocked National Post on Twitter for publishing Lawrence Solomon’s despicable Trump-esque call to return to dangerous work.

I haven’t been away from home since Monday, and won’t likely for weeks from now.

#StayHome, and if you go anywhere, don’t touch your face, keep 2m distance from everyone you’re not already living with, and wash your hands upon returning.


#CloseTheSchools, Save Lives

There’s a pandemic, and the USA is slamming shut its air border to Europe, but Canadian schools plan on gathering all the children into spaces where they can’t socially distance themselves from (asymptomatic) sick kids. Is any political leader taking charge in Canada to limit the spread and keep this disease out of Saskatchewan and Regina?

Its fatality rate is about 3 times worse than the minor version of Smallpox, in regions where the health system is overwhelmed. Except there’s no tested vaccine for healthcare workers to protect themselves.

The City of Regina needs to cancel its renewable city conference, close its pools & libraries to the public, and anything else Health Canada can recommend to limit places where respiratory disease can be spread. If we act today, we make it possible our health system won’t be overloaded, and hundreds more Saskatchewanians will survive.

“Washington state has today 22 deaths. With that quick calculation, you get ~16,000 true coronavirus cases today. As many as the official cases in Italy and Iran combined.”