Plague 2020: Life On The Inside

The WHO’s warnings to close schools at the end of February were accurate.

Unsurprising to me, the climate crisis Deniers are out in full force trying to deny scientific pandemic response since their beloved oil markets have tanked completely. It’s not enough for them to kill us with air pollution and climate change, now they want people to get infected with a virus that kills between 15% and .5% of those afflicted. I blocked National Post on Twitter for publishing Lawrence Solomon’s despicable Trump-esque call to return to dangerous work.

I haven’t been away from home since Monday, and won’t likely for weeks from now.

#StayHome, and if you go anywhere, don’t touch your face, keep 2m distance from everyone you’re not already living with, and wash your hands upon returning.


#CloseTheSchools, Save Lives

There’s a pandemic, and the USA is slamming shut its air border to Europe, but Canadian schools plan on gathering all the children into spaces where they can’t socially distance themselves from (asymptomatic) sick kids. Is any political leader taking charge in Canada to limit the spread and keep this disease out of Saskatchewan and Regina?

Its fatality rate is about 3 times worse than the minor version of Smallpox, in regions where the health system is overwhelmed. Except there’s no tested vaccine for healthcare workers to protect themselves.

The City of Regina needs to cancel its renewable city conference, close its pools & libraries to the public, and anything else Health Canada can recommend to limit places where respiratory disease can be spread. If we act today, we make it possible our health system won’t be overloaded, and hundreds more Saskatchewanians will survive.

“Washington state has today 22 deaths. With that quick calculation, you get ~16,000 true coronavirus cases today. As many as the official cases in Italy and Iran combined.”


This is a WTF kind of story. How did corruption get this bad in the USA?

Republicans need to own this, instead they have amateur propagandists ranting on FOX News that Democrats are politicizing the plague.


COVID-19 Spreading Unchecked

The latest viral plague sweeping the world has a mortality rate in the range of 1 to 3%, from the numbers I’ve seen. This would put it in the realm of seriousness of minor Smallpox which we wiped out in 1977 thanks to a campaign of vaccination that ended the scourge in Somalia.

We need governments to decide if we’re going to pretend nothing can stop our economies aside from terrorist attacks. The impending doom of runaway climate change isn’t being met, and it would do our world good to realize we can tinker with our economies because something will eventually come along and change them anyway.

Greta and Family Struggled

An amazing journey from a very sick kid, to a world leader:

Warning, Don’t Read This About the USA

It’s a crime against humanity that #BabyJails are not shut down in the USA. The extreme human rights abuses taking place each day are horrifying. Many medical staff are going to need to lose their license and go to jail to come close to delivering justice to the victims.

Hire Organ Donor Transplant Doctors

Saskatchewan has a big problem in our health care system. The last Premier, Wall, promised to do something about this, but nothing got fixed. Premier Moe may be too busy picking a fight with B.C. to ask his Health Minister(s) to hire a small team of doctors to ensure donor organs are collected and given to people waiting on donor lists so they can be healthy and rejoin the workforce and have full lives again.

“SaskAdvantage” is on the sign driving into the Regina Bypass highway tangle east of the capital city. If you’re sick on an organ donor waiting list in Saskatchewan, you’re at a definite SaskDisadvantage because our Health Minister isn’t getting the job done for you.