In 2014, I Died. Now I’m Back To Improve The Healthcare System

Sent Nov 23rd.

Dear Minister Duncan:

In 2014, I died; my heart suddenly stopped, and stayed stopped through prompt CPR provided by police, until EMS arrived by bicycle and mostly revived me with an AED. After recovering from my mild case of sudden cardiac death, I was advised by my doctors to obtain a genetic test to learn who else in my family is at risk. The wait for such an appointment in Saskatchewan, I learned, is over 2 years. I’m presently on a wait-list to be put on a list of people waiting for their appointment time. My siblings and others wait for their own tests, because mine must be completed first. It’s just a matter of life and death, no hurry, right?

I made an appointment with my family doctor again, to have him make another referral to a cardiologist in Winnipeg whom my uncle there said would be able to get the testing done more quickly. I tried phoning the cardiologist’s office in Winnipeg during the Summer, but they said they couldn’t speak with me without a referral from my family doctor. When I had the referral I tried asking if the doctor could order the genetic test, and they said they couldn’t say until I saw the doctor. I recently went to that appointment after waiting months. It’s a 6 hour drive, one way. He couldn’t directly order the testing, so referred me to another Winnipeg doctor who can mail me an appointment time to drive back to Winnipeg to interview me and draw blood at a lab. They will then likely send some of my genetic data to the Mayo Clinic in the United States where my medical information will be obtained and stored under the Patriot Act there.

How could this process be improved?

Early in 2014 I saw my family doctor for a check-up, and he advised me I should be seeing my cardiologist once a year. I’d never been advised to do that before, not since my heart defect was discovered in my mid-20s. I first learned of my heart condition in 2006, but there was probably no testing for the genes that cause it, back then. My cardiologist at that time said not to worry about the condition, and try to remain stress-free about it. That approach resulted in my (temporary) death.

In the Summer I asked my family doctor to refer me to a different cardiologist in Regina. I’ve yet to hear from that Regina cardiologist’s office for an appointment I was supposed to have by July.

Clearly improvements could be made to our health system so that I could get better care?
Things like Tele-health offered to connect me with doctors in far away cities. Another geneticist hired in Saskatchewan to reduce the ridiculous 2 year+ wait time. I hope you use my case to design a better system and implement it.

John Klein
Regina, SK

P.S. I’ve HCM, like the writer of this article about kids dying in sports.

Brad Wall’s Beef With A&W is 100% Bull Something

“TPP would allow milk from cows receiving hormones into Canada
U.S. allows bovine growth hormone currently banned in Canada”
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It’s a Gas

CCS, what is it good for? Absolutely money. Not for you and I, no, it’s good for oil companies.

We’re talking about this because the only “clean coal” plant isn’t working properly yet, and it opened over a year ago (late). The delay is costing SaskPower customers tens of millions of dollars in penalties to pay to the oil company Cenovus.

SaskWind explains:

350,000 tonnes will be permanently sequestered in Aquistore
Aquistore’s own web site describes itself as a “storage site for the world’s first commercial post-combustion CO2 capture, transportation, utilization, and storage project from a coal-fired electrical generating station”. However SaskPower, in its ‘Case for Carbon Capture and Storage’ confirms that Aquistore will permanently sequester only 350,000 tonnes, or 1.2%, of the of 30-million tonnes which will be captured at BD3. This small amount confirms that BD3 was only ever about providing CO2 for Enhanced Oil Recovery. In other words: the tiny percentage that is permanently sequestered at Aquistore is simply a fig leaf to disguise the true nature of BD3 – the production, at public expense, of CO2 for the oil industry.

-emphasis added

I’ve been writing about the true purpose of CCS for years and years. Others have realized it too.

We’ve roughly months left in the world to stop building coal fired electricty infrastructure, without certainly stranding those assets when we have to dismantle them in coming years before the plants recoup their investments.

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I Think Pat Martin Is Swell

You heard about the woman hospitalized for wearing so called “skinny jeans”?
Global didn’t seem to understand Pat Martin was joking.

From Kady’s old 2008 report comes this line:

Pat Martin, meanwhile, is playing Goldilocks. After unsuccessfully hopping up and down on his chair, he swaps it for another one – just right, apparently.

“I left to go and have a chat with the Speaker, and Mr. Galipeau overreacted heavily by saying I should forfeit my vote for having the temerity to ask the Speaker a question during the vote,” he told host Evan Solomon.

“The actual fact is I say it was a cheeky answer to what I thought was a cheeky question.”

Where Abstinence Sex-Ed Goes Wrong

This hilariously depressing account of an American sex-ed classroom is a sight to behold.

Set Walmart and Target Afloat, Please

Monty Python was onto something with their sailing financial pirates, I think.
“Over 260,000 tons of plastic waste in oceans, study shows
Why buying dollar store crap will come back to haunt you and your grandchildren:

The scientists have stressed their estimates are “highly conservative, and may be considered minimum.” They only took into account the floating plastic garbage, disregarding the waste found on shores and on the seabed.

Another unaccounted for type of plastic is one that can only be found “within organisms.” Researchers believe that large portions of “microplastics,” less than 5mm in size, could disappear in fish bellies, thus entering the human food chain.