Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently off a cliff,
Throw the women overboard,
Republicans want a tiff.

The Trump Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, which for half a century put an end to most low-quality abortions in the United States. The Handmaid’s Tale gets ever closer to looking like a documentary, instead of a horror novel/movie about the decline of the American empire into a theocratic, dystopia. I feel bad for American women; most don’t deserve the terrible consequences Republicans/Christofascists want for them.

Maybe Democrat supporters will realize their party is too wimpy to do anything useful. It’s too corporate-owned to matter.

Plague Update: PM Trudeau Has COVID-19 Again

The PM got COVID by going to the Americas summit in the USA recently.

Gee, what could he have done better to protect himself? Maybe not speak moistly into the faces of world leaders 3 days ago and all last week?

Plague Update: What Does COVID Do Anyway?

COVID-19 a thrombotic disease that can be caught again, and again, and again if the first bouts are survived, and isn’t confined to a “season” because it’s so much more contagious than influenza. It has multiple waves that sweep through a community each year. Governments are using ‘magical words’ to convince people there’s a “mild”, “new normal” that is acceptable and survivable so the people will willingly return to economic activity compatible with consumptive capitalism. That locust-style capitalism also happens to be ending our habitat’s economic viability and then our survivability sometime this decade or the next.


“The coronavirus has become more adept at reinfecting people as Omicron and its many descendants seem to have evolved to partially dodge immunity. Waves of infections two, maybe three times a year may be the future of Covid-19, some scientists now fear.”

Plague Update: Drugs and Tests

Are the Rapid A Tests much good for making social plans? Not definitively. Cases are going undetected by tests in many cases, giving false negatives that result in infectious people feeling confident to mingle with uninfected people.

The leading anti-viral drug, Paxlovid, is being tested for use to fight symptoms of longcovid.

It remains difficult in Canadian provinces and elsewhere in the world to obtain Paxlovid by prescription.

Weeks ago there were rising COVID cases in Saskatchewan while China was extending severe lockdowns to try to wipe out the virus there. The Saskatchewan Government continues to limit information given to the public, and intends to slash it 4 times further, to monthly updates at best. This leaves people in the dark about the true danger, encouraging them to let down their guard. This will likely generate new variants, and non-stop exposure risk, given the previous waves of the pandemic.

Plague Update: Masks

Some ill-considered American judge has opened the door for COVID-19 even further by allowing maskless people on American planes.

Plague Update: Shahab Predicts COVID Will Wane by March 2022

The depravity of Shahab and Moe is really laid bare, as Canada enters the 2nd Omicron wave in no small part to the removal of public health measures. They shamefully led the way with reducing public health.

2 months later, the reality that Omicron isn’t going away soon is sinking in.

A month back:

Meanwhile the Speaker has COVID and spread it around at a SUMA dinner with urban municipal lawmakers from all over Saskatchewan:

Plague Update: Sweden Killed People

Really shocking news out of Sweden. Eugenicists have been setting policy, and children were being used as bio-weapons.

Remember all the right wingers online touting Sweden as an example for the world in (not) responding to the COVID-19 threat?

A Great Day For Canada

About fricken time the Liberals and NDP came to an agreement to stop the never-ending short election cycle. This should have happened last year. Now let’s get some movement on electoral reform, the #ClimateCrisis, and reconciliation, among many other files the parties can agree on. The Greens are also likely to support many bills.

Moe has already responded with petulant ignorance and mischaracterization of what’s happening.

And it’s not that Conservatives don’t understand, many do. It’s that they just don’t care, and have calculated they’ll get more mileage from misinforming voters.

My eyes would like a word with the Liberals and NDP who don’t think they should include sight as an aspect of covered public health.

Vaccine Mandates a Threat To Freedom? Let’s Look At America’s Experience

(I didn’t finish this blog post Sept 23, 2021, but it’s become even more relevant in today’s political climate.)

Vaccination history in America isn’t what you’d expect. Medical people from the 1700s were backwards and didn’t even know about germs until microscopes and hand washing came into existence generations after the Revolutionary War against the British, right? So, what would they know about vaccination? They did know a little thing about freedom though, they wrote the Constitution. So what did they do when it came to plagues?

Keep reading and you’ll find “$100”.

That’s where the draft ended, I forget what I meant, perhaps it’s in the tweet thread.

Plague Update: Worst Among Us

I practically couldn’t believe this, except I know BoJo is not a fine bloke.

Man too stupid to realize he brainstormed how to commit suicide on live TV, with the intention to instead calm the public down, has additional ideas regarding how to handle a more contagious virus:

And on the subject of brain-dead idiots in charge of governments, Premier Moe went on the radio with Saskatchewan’s Shock Joke, err Jock, to wax poetic about the days when restaurants didn’t have screening for irresponsible plague rats like himself.

Every other time Moe reopened Saskatchewan it was an unqualified success, so why wouldn’t the next time be as awesome?

Oh, right, the thousands* of dead people.


*Mortality during the pandemic has been about 4000 people more than the standard death rate.

What does it take for newspaper columnists, who don’t write for the Prairie Dog Mag, to speak frankly about the Sask Government deciding to let more people die? We don’t find out, in the next link: