What A Week

A week ago my Dad passed away from complications due to his cancer treatments. I last saw him in person 3 weeks ago on Labour Day Sunday, and he seemed to be doing about as well as anyone who has been through months of chemotherapy. Earlier in the week my Godmother, Betty Klein, also passed away from cancer. Prior to that, my friend Dawn lost her husband to cancer too.

Then I had to move some furniture around in my condo. All this after a thousand kilometers of driving in the past few days. A couple muted birthday celebrations in the middle of that too. I did enjoy seeing my extended family, although many noted we all wished it was under happier circumstances. We’re getting to the older side of life where more often we all meet during a funeral than a wedding or holiday.

Moose Jaw Reunion

I was in Moose Jaw for a family reunion on Sunday. My Dad was in hospital fighting off another infection, while his immunity is compromised by chemo. The rest of the Kleins who could make it were in Wakamow Valley Park. Some other family had taken over the pavilion we’d booked, but we easily found a nearby suitable site by the iron bridge.

I’d brought my Sondors ebike along, and after some others in my family had a spin, I took it around the southern part of Moose Jaw.
Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Moose Jaw in August

Food Over 3 Decades Old

Yesterday I ate fruit cake my Mum made for her wedding, and it still tasted good. Few people get to eat food older than they are, and can say they enjoyed it.

Fruit cake from '78

One of the greatest things to come out of the 70s was me. Another of those great things was this cake. Both made, in part, by my Mum.

Bengough Water Tower Disaster
I learned more about the 1970s too by looking in a photo album. Here’s Bengough’s water tower accident. Mum said a vehicle was crushed, and the rink got clipped, but no one was hurt.

Birthday Surprise

My Dad’s first cousin, Gil, had his 75th birthday this month. The party was several weeks later, so he wasn’t expecting it when he arrived at his son’s home on Albert St. thinking he was moving furniture, and walked into a pair of rooms packed with people waiting to yell, “SURPRISE!” The Dumelies and my family are close because my grandparents and Gil’s parents were double relations after marriage, making many in our two families “double first cousins”. And living two houses down from each other on main street in small town Saskatchewan helped keep the families tight too.

I met second cousins, and even more distant cousins, and had a great time. The food was fantastic, and the company was too. In attendance were Gil and Terri’s long time friends, among them John and Margy Lynch. Yes, John Lynch, of Roughrider broadcasting fame. I should have expected football to be at the party, Gil’s brother having played in the 1966 Grey Cup win.