Difficult To Talk About, Important To Try

This is a difficult subject to talk about, because highlighting it could easily be viewed as hypocritical. In my defense, I’m not defending Trudeau because I want him elected, and I’m not attacking the Conservatives over this because I think they’re unfit to govern. I just think that using propaganda videos created by ISIS is not something Canadian political parties should ever do.

I regret even posting a link to this remarkably bad Conservative video

www. facebook.com/ cpcpcc/videos/10153435917054204/
“Conservative Party of Canada – Parti conservateur du Canada:

On the same day that ISIS releases yet another barbaric video, Justin Trudeau promises to stop bombing ISIS. He’s clearly just not ready for the serious job of Prime Minister.”

If the Conservatives really feel that Trudeau shouldn’t make such a promise, fine. It just seems hypocritical to use the concocted and cruel video of an enemy army, to attack your domestic political foe. It’s like saying, “Thanks ISIS for this great video we can use to show Trudeau isn’t fit to lead our country in battle against you.”


11 responses to “Difficult To Talk About, Important To Try

  1. I get your point, John and applaud you for trying to highlight it and for taking the risk. But, just for the record, neither Trudeau nor any other MP who voted in favour of Bill C-51 (and C-24 for that matter) is fit to govern. Slightly off topic, I grant you, but some things must be verbalized.

      • Point taken, Mike. It’s just that I find them so nearly equally vile that they are lumped together in my mind. But their action on C-51 alone is enough to get the job done. Aside from what voting for C-51 demonstrates in terms of freedoms, etc. such a colossal tactical blunder convinces me completely that Mr. Trudeau hasn’t the smarts to rule. One positive thing that can be said for Mr. Harper is that while he is horrifying he ain’t stupid.

    • “But the issue with this ad, and those like it, this isn’t one of hypocrisy; it’s of losing sight of humanity. What makes this ad so utterly revolting is imagining what those men might have been thinking as they were lowered into that pool. More to that point: imagine, just as a thought experiment, what they might have thought had they known footage of their deaths would be soon be used as campaign material by people they had never heard of, in a place they could only dream of. What would they have said if someone told them, as they drowned, that their executions would be used to help win an election?

      “I’ll never see my family again, but at least the Conservatives might get another term.””

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