CIA Tortured For Bad Info

Canada is implicated.


Ottawa Attacked

A sad day of note in Canadian political history, as Parliament Hill was under gunfire today. A soldier was also shot at the nearby War Memorial.

Putting the day’s events into perspective though, are Canadians less safe today because of our political leader’s choice to take us to war in Iraq against ISIS? Possibly. That threat shouldn’t mean a single change to our daily lives though, since we don’t alter our behaviour to avoid the much more deadly threat of being killed by a home-grown drunk driver.

I’m collecting reports as this unfolds, because it will be interesting to see who got what wrong.
“Credible sources tell @SunNewsNetwork there may be as many as five active shooters in #Ottawa sunnewsnetwork .ca/sunnews/canada/archives/2014/10/20141022-100348.html ”


Hear, hear!

Ottawa 2011

If I was still in Ottawa, I’d be on the Hill tomorrow, inviting others to watch the partial solar eclipse through my camera.



ADDED 1:25pm SK time (MDT)

A body is seen 2 minutes later:


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Wrong Side Of History

I found it ironic today that there are people viewing staying out of Iraq as being on the “wrong side of history”. I couldn’t think of a more perfect example of a battle fought in folly, than Canadian troops going to fight ISIS in Iraq with bombers.

Eleven years ago I was in an evening classroom learning about computer graphics when Bush and Cheney started the second Iraq War with “shock and awe” bombings. The ensuing destruction of that country left the Americans floundering for money at home, and Iraq awash in political instability and weapons. With the Americans weary of a decade long war, they pulled out of Iraq, leaving a power vacuum that was entirely predictable, but didn’t have a more workable solution.

Now Canada is graced with a war-hungry neo-con Prime Minister who’s not about to pass up a chance to bomb a Muslim country. I grew up when there were still WWI veterans at Remembrance Day ceremonies, and kids drew posters proclaiming, “Never Again”. Now, those veterans are all dead, and with them the idea of avoiding war to solve geopolitical struggles.

Powerful Canadian politicians instead sound like texting-teenagers looking for a cyber-fight.

Despite credible, and entirely reasonable warnings that air strikes are not a terror-suppression tactic, Canada will paint itself as some sort of bold defender of the Kurds, and charge into Iraq behind the Americans.

A 3rd Iraq War, with Canada more involved than the last time, is a mistake. Yes, ISIS is a terrible despotic government, but Canada doesn’t go around bombing every despotic government. There are specific reasons the Americans are focused on Iraq, and Canada doesn’t have to get wrapped up in them because a lunatic Prime Minister wants his legacy to be a war conducted in folly.

Good Ol’ American Sex Scandal

The American media is very primitive, which is why it avoids complex and important issues, and instead resorts to tabloid topics like sex scandals. While their country is embroiled in an unprovoked war in Iraq, occupies Afghanistan (along with Canada), and itches to bomb Iran for oil, they’re worried more about where the wiener Petraeus has been.

It pretty much doesn’t matter, and it’s par for the course, yet it’s popular to talk about because it involves powerful people being shamed. It’s not exactly Wikileaks’ level of interesting, yet it will lead to many old stories being looked at in a slightly new, sexy light.

So far it only offers scant hope to Republicans that they can somehow embarrass Obama or impeach him over an unrelated event in Benghazi, Libya, and a shirtless FBI male agent whose photo was published today with shot-up dummies. No photo bombing, or anything remotely interesting. Expect this scandal to blow over in a month if no new tie-ins are made.

It’s not directly related, but Greenwald had an interesting email exchange with a US Army Colonel years ago.

WikiLeaks: State Did It For Lulz

The State Department is one of those organizations that deems a hyperlink as “publication” of the material it links to. Publicity, almost certainly, but it’s impossible to knowingly and forever publicize what is being linked to, because websites are dynamic and links get broken due to their targets’ changes. And the State is eager to cover its connection with crimes, so it makes a big deal out of Denial of Service attacks, and lets murderers go free with coverups as serious as fake air-strikes.

Never mind the State Department has been a sieve, the enemy is supposedly a disgruntled soldier named Bradley Manning, who would possibly be free right now if he hadn’t blabbed to an untrustworthy hacker named Lamo. He’d also be free if the Rule of Law were respected and he was released for cruel and unusual punishment, and excessive detention without trial (months of phoney suicide watch treatment, being stripped naked and woken frequently to sleep deprive him).

And there’s sad news in other hacking circles, as some LulzSec hackers are busted by the FBI and face 15 years for DDoS, when they were only doing it for the Lulz (supposedly). Activist hackers are a thorn in the sides of corrupt governments who repress protests on the street, so while I’d rather businesses not have their online services disrupted, I’m not surprised when protests that cannot take place in the Real World, end up online. There is no legal online picket line, which is a major problem for activists in the future.

Ask yourself what is more traumatic: rape or DDoS? It’s quite possible that these hackers will get more jail time than rapists, yet all they’ve done is temporarily disrupt peoples’ non-life-threatening access to entertainment.