Aurora from a sunspot explosion

Sun with sunspot AR2371


Last night the rating of the solar storm was “severe” according to
Kp 8 is the strongest I’ve seen, unless it was 9 earlier this year for a storm I missed. The northern lights were to the south and east of Regina, which was good because I don’t have a clear view to the north.

Telephone line:
sun with powerline

Sun with sunspot

Without digital zoom, the Sun is this big in my 12X zoom camera:
Sun with sunspot


One response to “Aurora from a sunspot explosion

  1. Near Pearson Airport area Ontario: storm the other night sort of kept the mind occupied for hours with the frightening lightning show, torrents of rain, wind.. (you riding a streetcar in T.O.? another wild ride,..grew up there, and the faithful st the ol’ red rocket.streetcars….), but wow, yeah I follow, or try to, the spaceweather’dot’com, and beautiful aurora photos too, but you always catch nice frames too, I go to the site for the Australian spaceweather too, ips, and wow, I really don’t know what it all means, John, but the other night with the wild magnetic storm they have a map, the ionospheric map? and the world one, it was almost all in what is termed ‘depressed’ area; the world was in the red almost, so first time I had seen it like that. Do not really understand it all, but stuff about HF frequencies and whether they are enhanced or depressed, some cases it seems there are blackouts, too. All a little beyond my brain capabilities to keep track of, but still, stand in awe in the best show outside the back window at times, in the wee hours, the stars persist to dazzle.
    The power of the celestial universe, takes our minds off at least for a bit, the power grabs in the Harper and gov universe. watching for Aurora, always hopeful. best regards from someone who is still trying to learn new stuff even at this late stage.

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