ConCalls: Poutine Delayed is Justice Denied

There’ve been murmurs about renaming the RoboGate/RoboCon/RoboCalls/RoboScam scandal into something else, or dropping a cutesy name altogether. The fact is there were live calls made as well as robodialed calls, where the voice pretended to be representing Elections Canada, and Constitutionally illegal fake information was given to the phone call recipients. Since most parties used robodialers during the last elections, and I’m focusing on the illegal calls made by the Conservative-supporting Pierre Poutine Conspiracy, “ConCalls” summarizes all of those calls (including the harassing ones targeting Liberals).

What I don’t understand from this story, is if Poutine actually came forward to Elections Canada on Monday, why he wasn’t arrested by RCMP under Elections Act charges? In that case, the media would be able to reveal the identity of a person associated with a conspiracy that undermined the legitimacy of Canada’s last general election (which cost us $350,000,000 to run). If the person who came forward is not Poutine, and there’s no evidence tying him to the crime, why isn’t there a large $5M reward posted for his capture, by the RCMP?

I don’t use the accusation of a conspiracy lightly. There is ample evidence to demonstrate more than one person is involved, and Poutine had to have exploited the resources of a national political party, and/or a phone calling/polling centre. The waiting game is rigged in the favour of those who carried this out, and they already have had since last May to cover their tracks.

5 responses to “ConCalls: Poutine Delayed is Justice Denied

  1. The Conservatives are the government in power, so there are myriad ways that they can squirm to obstruct and delay the investigation.

    No doubt they will use their powers to accomplish this, and attempt to delay any knowledge of their subterfuge beyond the next election. The only way we will know the truth is if a journalist makes some revelations known, or we take to the streets to demand answers.

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  5. More and more it seems as if Elections Canada is part of the problem. I ask them very specific questions about why things are taking so long and why they fucked-up Etobicoke-Centre so badly and why Dean Del Mastro’s 2008 allegations are STILL under investigation, and all I receive in reply is standard boiler-plate.

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