RoboCon – The Waiting Game Is Rigged To Lose

The full exchange is on my Black Knight post.
D.I.D. writes:

If we revert to mob mentality and, like the French Jacobins, call for the King’s head, then we are no better than Harper and his political mafia.

I think we have to start shaking some trees already, to see what nuts fall out.
So I explain why and when, because we can’t be afraid to talk about this scandal and speculate as to what it means and will come from it:

I understand completely what you are saying [about waiting for a court judgement on guilt], I just think we’ve twiddled our thumbs a little too much waiting for justice to be done. Meanwhile, our Prime Minister heads a party convicted of Election Act crime, has cabinet ministers guilty of election crimes, a Senator guilty, and another minister under investigation right now for allegedly using a second set of books for a campaign to overspend.

This PM has appointed Senators, Supreme Court Judges, Cabinet, and even the Governor General (recommended him to the Queen; And she’s said in a letter to a Canadian subject that she’s staying out of calling an election if Harper gets out of line, as he’s been already). He was kicked out of Parliament for holding it in Contempt, and subsequently there were thousands of people tricked (by Poutine, who had access to Conservative-like phone lists) into going to the wrong place to vote, so that Harper’s supporters in key ridings beat the other voters by only about 6000 votes across the nation, to give him a “strong and stable” majority.

With that power, he sought to limit Elections Canada’s investigatory power. Hey, doesn’t he appoint the RCMP commissioner too?

So with his “allegedly” stolen majority, he can limit the resources of the investigators so it takes them an election cycle or two to prove guilt. There likely exists no paper proof, or Cadscam-tape-like-recording that he ordered Poutine’s team to do what they did. If it works up to the SCoC, his appointees decide if he was naughty. And the RCMP’s top boss, who would help steer emphasis on areas of enforcement, could be replaced by the PM. No conflict of interest problems there!

Assuming everyone listed above is doing their job honestly and to the letter of the law, is not practical in a situation like this. We know they haven’t, because the investigation into RoboCalls didn’t pick up until 2 journalists started digging and blabbed the UNPROVEN-IN-COURT evidence so we could form theories. Canadians have been hoodwinked out of our democracy. The Conservative threats of a “coalition coup”, were oddly prophetic, since an unexpected, and undemocratic takeover took place with only 1 in 4 voters’ uninformed consent.

We can wait days for more answers, maybe weeks, but I draw the line at us waiting months before Poutine, and answers are found. Who was involved in the conspiracy to illegally take over our democracy? Are we no better than Haiti where we spend millions of dollars to prevent electoral corruption? We’ve been killing people in Afghanistan because they’re blocking people from getting to polls. As a country we’ve said voters have a right to vote, without physical impediments imposed by corrupt forces. What gives us the right to enforce that now?


12 responses to “RoboCon – The Waiting Game Is Rigged To Lose

  1. Dude, all I can say is I’m glad my mind doesn’t take me down the irrational paths your mind takes yours down. If you cannot see, or refuse to see, that this whole thing has been manufactured by left wing (and in some cases foreign) organizations to smear a legally elected government, I don’t hold out much hope for anyone giving your blog much credence going forward. I’m not a huge fan of the CPC, but you have truly drank the koolaid. Get the tinfoil hat off and open your eyes. Has it not even remotely occurred to you that the reason none of our institutions has taken us where you want them to take us, is because there is nothing there to warrant such action. I’m truly starting to feel sorry for you. It’s a shame, because I really enjoyed your blog before you went apeshit crazy on us.

  2. “…. manufactured by left wing (and in some cases foreign) organizations to smear a legally elected government ….

    “I’m not a huge fan of the CPC ….”


  3. Good post. I notice that there’s not a shred of actual argument in the shit-head “Bopsie’s” indictment of you. Just sentence after sentence of empty insults.

    Wingnut welfare doesn’t buy the talent it used to I suppose.

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  5. The in-out scheme took 5 YEARS- resulting in a plea bargain, a wrist slap fine, the perps still in the Senate and the Cons declaring victory. Crime pays because we let them get away with it.

  6. “Crime pays because we let them get away with it.”

    Sometimes it would seem the only hope is a shooting war…………

    Cadman, in and out, Bruce Carson, Jaffer, Sannich-Gulf Islands in 2008……are there enough fingers to type the required indictments?

    And then there is the BC liaR Party or more accurately “criminal organization” that makes a hobby of stealing, lying and driving drunk. Christy Clark is another sitting potentate that stole her throne!

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