ConCalls: #RoboCon RoboContinues

There’ve been a few days of no new news reported in the robocalls criminal investigation. What has been said today in CBC, while factual, does make one claim that is disputable.

With the public paper trail cold for almost two months, there’s still little that’s certain in the Elections Canada investigation[…]

Alison’s preemptive retort says it best:

The trail is not so much ‘cold’ as overwhelming.

No, the main story is :
Why did someone in the Guelph Con campaign – who would normally call RackNine to set up legit campaign robocalls directly via their Rogers IP- feel the need to use a proxy server to hide their ID at all?

There are the facts CBC presents, and there are the obvious deductions to make from them. Those deductions should have led to charges being laid, and/or a Royal Commission to be called into how Elections Canada could bungle and delay this investigation so badly that a random Canadian in Regina with an IT background could stay ahead of their progress to a certain extent. How well do you think the perpetrators feel knowing they’ve had a year to cover their tracks, and let evidence like the Shoppers Drug Mart tapes be destroyed?

CBC also left off this big fact (as reported in newspapers, and previously on CBC notes Payton):

Why is one of the three CIMS reports downloaded by Andrew Prescott – phone numbers identifying supporters and non-supporters – now missing from CIMS?

That fact points to a cover-up, because the CPC haven’t claimed their system security was violated, and that sort of log doesn’t just go missing. The person at a local campaign who downloaded the phone numbers would not have had the system permissions to remove the log for what they did at CPC HQ’s database. A co-conspirator is at large, (more likely, many of them, in many ridings too) and the media isn’t talking about them because Elections Canada hasn’t revealed any details (or the media hasn’t uncovered them in courts) yet. Since it’s taking EC’s Mathews more than a year to gather evidence for fraud in one riding, if we assume little overlap in the people conducting crimes in 200 ridings, it should only take 100 years to finish investigating so we can get on with trials. (EC added a second investigator, Lamothe, sometime in the last couple months.)

Justice Delayed, is Justice Denied. You’re being denied justice.

For more facts, including recordings and documents revealed so far in the investigation, check out my list. If you know of documents related to this election fraud not yet listed, please leave a comment with a link.

26 responses to “ConCalls: #RoboCon RoboContinues

  1. Looks like the Greenlibdipps have been barking up the wrong scandal tree. Not to worry tho’, I’m sure another manufactured ‘affront to democracy’ can be manufactured soon enough!!

    Hey! I’ve got an idea… why doesn’t the Quebec Democratic Party (QDP) just start alienating the west? I’m sure some western useful idiots are chomping at the bit to sell out their own provinces in favour of La Belle Province!!! “New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair dismissed on Tuesday criticism of him from the premiers of B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan, saying they’re simply acting as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s “messengers” in the NDP’s fight with Harper over the impact of the oil sands industry on the Canadian economy.” (citation provided upon request)

    Oh, and while Mulcair rags on the ethical oil sands he can conveniently ignore the $20 billion being invested in Quebec iron ore mines by China, India and Europe… “Huge mining giants from Europe, China and India are pumping billions of dollars into virgin territories in far northern Quebec in a race to satisfy a growing global appetite for iron ore… requiring an estimated investment of $11-13 billion, financed 88 percent by the Chinese.”

    I’m sure Tommyboys handlers are writing the anti-iron speech as we speak!!!! Har har, yeah right.

  2. I’m amazed that people like you, redjeff, will back fraud. We know that fraud was committed and we know that the conservatives are the only ones being investigated, we just don’t know how far up it went. But you don’t seem to mind that the last election may have been one through fraud, or that it may seriously damage our notion of democracy. Nope, you’re just on the old partisan attack mode, like most of the cons.
    Did you have an account at racknine, too?

    • Hi G. What amazes me is the caterwauling of those who cannot and will not accept the fact that Canadians voted for who they chose. Conservatives. The faux-scandals that are ‘an affront to democracy’ (your very meme) are nothing but a sad and tired joke. The only ones who have suffered “seriously damage (to) our notion of democracy” are those who had a damaged view in the first place. It’s obvious that the Greenlibdipp’s attempt to display their love for the democratic process is nothing more than an attempt to sate their thirst for power. Greenlibdipps want to restrict peoples choices by colluding to NOT run candidates that will ‘split the anti-conservative’ vote… this is democracy? Furthermore, the Greenlibdipps SIGNED an agreement to share power PRIOR to the election. If I vote for a party it means just that, a vote for that party, not a vote for a partnership. The affront to democracy was that in the last election a vote for Lib-Iggy was in reality a back door old-boys agreement vote for Dipp-Jack. Imagine that, your national vote would have been for the Quebec caucus! Seriously? A national government with a SINGLE seat west of the Manitoba border? That, in your mind, represents the voice of Canadians? Only a fool would believe that.

      Claiming that the legally elected government is ‘illegitimate’ because it got less than 50% of the popular vote (considering the last 2 that DID get 50% were Diefenbaker and Mulroney) is beyond rediculous. Were the Trudeau and Chretien governments illegitimate? By current standards they were! At the time, not so much!

      Greenlibdipps are also more than willing to toss our democratic history under a bus if it helps them achieve power. Advocacy of proportional representation is nothing more than adding more pigs to the feeding trough. How’s prop-rep working in Greece, or anywhere in the EU, these days? Prop-rep in fact led them down the economic path to ruin. Perhaps this reality isn’t to your suiting. Listen to the words of Angel Gurria, secretary-general of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development then “Count your blessings Canada, you just got a majority government… Many other countries are trying to cope with the fallout from the global economic crisis with governments that change frequently or that are caretaker or minority governments, he said.”

      My advice? Keep crying wolf… it’ll keep your party in irrelevance for many years to come. Hopefully.

  3. What’s that Harper quote I want to print on a t-shirt and send to every ‘greenlibdipp’, oh yeah.
    When a government starts trying to cancel dissent or avoid dissent is frankly when it’s rapidly losing its moral authority to govern.

    That’s easy enough to apply to all the omnibus bills, and pretty much your whole statement, fraudjeff.

    Personally, I think any party found guilty of fraud should be in jail, not power, don’t you?

    • Hi G! No need to respond to the facts I’ve written, after all they are just facts. By dissent do you mean transparency? If that’s the case, once again, the facts may be of interest to you… which government do you think held the most committee meetings behind closed doors? Bet you guess the Harper government, right? Wrong. “According to figures compiled by the Library of Parliament, committees spent close to 215 hours meeting behind closed doors, an average of almost two hours a day over the 111 days of Martin’s short parliamentary session.” Harper didn’t even make number 2!!!! “The final tally of daily closed-door meeting minutes per prime minister, as compiled by the Library of Parliament? Paul Martin, 116 minutes. Jean Chretien, 72. Stephen Harper, 57.”

      Or do you mean paid lobbyists fronting as ‘charities’? Examples such as Suzuki and Forest Ethics? If they want to lobby go right ahead, no one is going to restrict them… they aren’t allowed, however, to commit tax fraud in doing so.

      Lastly, if “any party found guilty of fraud should be in jail, not power” was the case we wouldn’t have any parties or politicians left!!! Except for Stanley Knowles of course! ;)

      • RedJeff, Sixth Estate has refuted the CP story about meetings in secret. Senate, not just House committees were counted for some reason too, in the CP comparisons. I know you won’t be interested in this fact, or that the CP got something wrong (or worse).

        Your notion that all parties and politicians have committed fraud, electoral or otherwise, is repugnant.

      • Redjefff, are you paid by the cons to put out this crap?
        I’m always suspicious of people who parrot the talking points of the day, on the day. We know Harper sends this stuff out to his minions, and that he’s pushing this junk through the PMO, and only a seriously out of whack hack would try to argue that all politicians are crooks so therefore these crooks are absolved.

        We worked really hard to get rid of those who accept envelopes of cash in this country, anyone who are argues that its ok, is arguing that we don’t need laws and whoever rules this country should be free to do as they please, damn us all.

        Is that what you really want?
        You want people like Harper to be given the ok to commit fraud, send gazebo money to his friends, collect kickbacks from construction companies and who knows what else? Because someone who has no problem committing fraud to win could be doing anything else now they are in power.

      • Actually Sask 6th estate has only calculated out Martin’s time in office… he totalled 70 minutes a day in camera, well above Harper’s 57 (tho he hasn’t tallied those numbers). Some refutation!!!!! Har har har!!!!

        Keep the faith bro!

        Also Your notion that all parties and politicians are committed to peace, love, justice, mom and apple pie is asinine.

      • G, keep building your strawmen and knocking them down. When you feel up to responding to what I’ve written perhaps your arguements will make sense. Untill then stick with your ad hominems!

        Hey, I see the Suzuki Foundation is now a registered lobby group! Even they’ve admitted it! So much for dissent!!! Grassroots an’ all!!!

      • “Next, the total given by the CP report actually includes both Senate and House of Commons committees. This is why my own numbers were so dramatically different from theirs, prompting my dissenting report on Monday. 52 of the 182 hours of in camera meetings took place in the Senate. Once these are subtracted, we fall back to about 70 minutes per day of actual in camera discussion inside the House of Commons. That’s about 22.5% of all Parliamentary committee time.”

        Censor the quote if you want… it’s the only way you can make it appear dishonest.

    • The dishonesty is also in defending a government that conducts business in secret, against the wishes of the opposition.

      Here’s a comparison to accept.

      “The result:

      37th Parliament, 3rd [and final] session:

      February 10th – May 13th 2004

      Number of meetings: 49
      Total hours: 132
      Hours spent in camera: 19

      Secrecy Score: 14.39 percent

      41st Parliament, 1st [and current] session:

      Number of meetings: 44
      Total hours: 74
      Hours spent in camera: 35

      Secrecy Score: 47.29 percent”

      • Beyond brilliant!!!!!! Har har har!!! First off, Katie can’t even get the dates right!!! Seriously, even a 10 year old could get THAT right!!! The correct dates are Feb 2nd 2004- May 23rd 2004. NOT as she ‘reports’ “February 10th – May 13th 2004”. And you take this clown seriously??? She is correct in reporting the sitting days tho’.

        Secondly, why does Katie compare only “a particular committee — Public Accounts, let’s say”. Is it because it fits the predesired outcome?

        You must forgive her tho’, by her own admission her excuse “– blame it on my hummingbird-like tendency”… now what was that question of brain size you asked? :)

        PS. As for not counting Senate in camera time, you have to ask yourself ‘which parties had Senate control’? Again, is it because it fits the predesired outcome?

      • Well, as Katie sez herself, its a bit harder to show the relevance of the numbers when comparing apples to oranges! I hope that in future you will realize the hacksmanship of accusing any single governmant of acting the MOST secretive and controlling!!

  4. Worse news, yesterday we learned there is no known production order served to the Conservatives, so they’re compelled to provide a complete version of CIMS from last May!

  5. tho I do admire the spunk n fireworks/broadsides.. and freedom of speech and the redjeff shots across his gracious host Sask’s bow … I’m not clear what it all achieves (knowing neither & me being in Ontario & distinctly non-partisan or trusting is a clear n damning fact) SaskBoy .. go look closer at the research of Emily Dee … and her deep background work as she was ‘Pushed To The Left’ and redjeff .. why don’t you have a look there too … Hey.. be thorough, dude .. dig deep and think ….

    Let me know if you buy into the tantric meme of Ezra, Hamish, Kenney, Fantino’s mantras.. or the village of the environmentally damned that’s ruled & populated by overworked n bizzare Joe Oliver and Stephen Harper.. the stunned Peter Kent.. the Minister of whatever Joe Oliver forgot to mention about trashing our environment and how we should to scalp the ethical oil sands and sell it to China ? or the missing in action Keith Hadfield.. while he fires about 400 to 800 Canadians that live and breath ‘Environment’ and our ‘Coastal Waters’

    … Let me know if you support the views of our Wonderful Heritage Minister Cooper re sex edu (as if he would know)… or Kenney’s braying from a government limousine about how the UN should keep their opinions to themselves.. about our poor or undernourished or Canadians without safe drinking water …

    You’re irking me dude .. I’m getting that feeling ….

    Well listen dude.. if you are one with Kenney, Levant, Harper et al
    and you think its cool that American Electoral ‘savants’,
    technogeeks or service bureaus.. or consultants.. or evangelists
    should be up here helping us Canadians decide how to vote

    Best you just get that clarified and stated up front.. so we all know
    that it aint about Canada .. its about religion…
    not about ‘politics’ but about ‘power’ .. ‘control’ and all that stuff

    Are you … deeply religious.. if so.. that’s OK with me
    best you say so…. tho … ……….


    • Ann, lay off the puff before writing your comments ;) I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. You did mention about “Joe Oliver forgot to mention about trashing our environment and how we should to scalp the ethical oil sands and sell it to China” but you neglected to comment on my above point about “Mulcair rags on the ethical oil sands he can conveniently ignore the $20 billion being invested in Quebec iron ore mines by China, India and Europe… “Huge mining giants from Europe, China and India are pumping billions of dollars into virgin territories in far northern Quebec in a race to satisfy a growing global appetite for iron ore… requiring an estimated investment of $11-13 billion, financed 88 percent by the Chinese.” I guess thats ok tho’.

      Then again, why would the Quebec Democratic Party alienate their only resource base when they can alienate western Canada in its’ entirety?

      PS do you have an Emily Dee link? I don’t know what you want me to look at.

      • Emily has gone silent .. I don’t know why. Here’s a start. .. This is also her..
        She has other blogs.. I find them incredibly challenging. I’d need a week to read and absorb it all.. Whether you agree with her research/writing or not.. she is a Canadian treasure and a Canadian grandmother.. I will look into the Quebec iron ore mines, thanks. BTW I did look very closely at Ms Krause & her efforts. I don’t worry about Mulcair right now.. should I ? I worry about Joe Oliver instead .. I should …

      • Redjefff, can you answer the question:
        Are you on the conservative payroll in any manner?

      • I think elsewhere he’s previously indicated that he’s not employed by the tarsands, but look forward to his response to this question. It’s sad that we can’t easily accept that someone could be so willfully partisan (politically correct way of saying “stupid”) without direct monetary encouragement to turn their brain off and mouth/fingers on.

      • Ahhhh G… strawmen and now ad hominem. Still no response to the data?

        And Sask!!! Are you back-door admitting that you are a paid propagandist for the Greenlibdipp Axis??? After all “we can’t easily accept that someone could be so willfully partisan (politically correct way of saying “stupid”) without direct monetary encouragement…”.

        Oh my!

    • Hi Ann, I read some of your cites… it seems the subjects were about applying change from ‘within’. This is no different than movements of the 60’s and 70’s. To affect change by using the mechanisms of the system. This is counter to the ‘occupy’ and Quebec students approach of confrontation. In the long run, working within the systems, like the Tea Party, has yielded true change in political and policy direction. The occupy movement, however, was little more than a shout-out from the entitlement generation… and has lasted equally as long.

  6. Redjefff, I must take it you are a paid propagandist, since you refuse to answer the question, and really, only someone paid would take the time to troll these threads.

    That said, you, as is your boss, are quite wrong about the OWS movement. Its alive and adapting. Quebec is just one example.

    • Ha ha! I love leftist logic! Start with a convenient premise, using no evidence whatsoever, confirm the thought and then run with it. Ha ha! Brilliant!

      Still no response to the data?

      As for ‘occupy’, even Obama has abandoned the pod people! I see the weather is warming, are the fair weather slactivists coming out of hibernation? Only in Quebec it seems.

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