National Post Could Use a Better Headline Writer #cdnpoli #PMO

Andrew Coyne: Stephen Harper’s story — and reputation — still hanging on by a thread

Look, it’s still possible for the MSM to cling to the narrative that the PM didn’t know about the illegal activity going on in his office (that he gave the “go ahead” to, according to Wright in an email). What’s wrong with Coyne and the NatPo giving the PM a fair shake you might ask?

Consider their presentation of the choices:
Knowing about the crime vs. authorizing the crime vs. being so dumb as to not realize there was a crime? “What’s the truth?” we’re asked in a rhetorically suggestive sort of way.

They are all false choices, given the information in the RCMP ITO. There’s a little thing known as Ministerial Responsibility. Let’s let John Baird explain it, as only the best orator in the House can? “One of the essence [sic] of our Parliamentary democracy.”

The Prime Minister is responsible for the alleged illegal actions of Wright. The PM must resign or accept another serious consequence for appointing someone capable of bribery and breach of trust to run his office. If he knew and/or authorized the crime, the RCMP can later charge Harper too. The priority now is to maintain the dignity of the office and position of Prime Minister, by encouraging the current schmuck to vacate the position.

Will the media work toward this mission, or the one indicating the Prime Minister retains credibility after being caught in multiple lies while speaking in the House?

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#Duffy Senate Expense Scandal Explained

Take 15 minutes, and listen to the last 5 years of Canadian politics be summed up off the top of my head.

What’s the PM’s next lie? Pretend he was on Crack, or in a Drunken Stupor when he gave Nigel Wright the go ahead to bribe Duffy?

It’s too late for the Prime Minister to say he’s sincerely, sincerely, sincerely sorry. Resign. Resign today.

Harper Knew of $90,000 #PMO Wright to Duffy “Bribe”

CBC was reporting that RCMP are calling the payment between Wright and Duffy a “bribe” and “breach of trust”. No charges yet. How come there are no charges from the Crown prosecutor?! The justice system shouldn’t wait until there is an angry protest 24/7 outside of the PMO before they enforce the law once they’ve discovered evidence of serious crime.

Listen to a Harper Minister clearly state that Ministers are responsible for the actions of their staff.

Wright bribed Duffy, and Harper is responsible, whether he knew or not. It’s just icing on the cake for his opponents if he knew and lied to Parliament when he clearly claimed he didn’t know.


Since mid-May I’ve been referring to the payoff of Duffy as a “bribe“. Glad to see the RCMP caught up to my understanding of what’s in the news.

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Conservatives Win Friends and Improve Policy…

…Or that might be what the usually compliant and forgiving media would say if they hadn’t been pissed off about being locked out of policy meetings at the Conservative Convention last weekend in Calgary.

the weird, unsettling vibe that hung over the whole event. (We’ve grown used to seeing prime ministers sealed inside an impenetrable bubble, but a whole party?) That reporters were constrained from doing their jobs is perhaps a side issue. But that a democratic political party, at its national convention, would go to such lengths to hide from public view is just a bit creepy.

Election Stockholm Syndrome is alive and well in Canada, especially in Toronto.

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Duffy vs. PMO: The Duffy Documents

Postmedia reports
“Sen. Mike Duffy told a spellbound upper chamber Monday that the prime minister’s former chief of staff, who paid him $90,000 to cover his housing expenses, had also arranged a second cheque to pay his legal bills.” And:

A court document filed by RCMP Cpl. Greg Horton says that Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that the March 26 payment from Wright to Duffy was a CIBC bank draft sent to Duffy’s lawyer, Janice Payne.

The source says that the transfer was handled by Cassels Brock, where Hamilton works.

Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that the party had earlier agreed to pay Duffy’s expense bill when it was believed to be $32,000. When the party learned that the amount required was $90,000, the party balked at paying, and Wright agreed to pay it “believing it was the proper ethical decision that taxpayers not be out $90,000.”

CTV, citing Conservative sources, has reported that the late Sen. Doug Finley had opposed using party funds to make the payment to Duffy

After Duffy’s speech in the Senate today, Akin uploaded the “Duffy Documents“.

Canada’s “Pentagon Papers”? Ready to take a Prime Minister down?

Wright’s lawyers told the RCMP that lawyer Benjamin Perrin had knowledge of the arrangement.

Perrin had earlier disputed a CTV report that he was involved.

“I was not consulted on, and did not participate in, Nigel Wright’s decision to write a personal cheque to reimburse Senator Duffy’s expenses,” Perrin said in a May statement. “I have never communicated with the Prime Minister on this matter.”

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PMO: Where Resigning Means You Were “Dismissed”

Audio of the PM changing his story. AKA lying.


Where Canada Is Going

It’s very important to Canada’s economy that we send a resource (we can’t use without killing the planet) to Communist China so their economy can continue to pollute at record pace as they ship unneeded goods to the United States and Canada so we can bury them in our landfills when we aren’t burning them to create electricity to power our other throw-away devices.


Rogue PM

Rogue PM

I’ve predicted for a year or so that the power brokers in Ottawa will soon sense that Harper isn’t their meal ticket any longer and jump bandwagons to Trudeau because they are not loyal to the toxic CPC brand, they are loyal only to power and those who hold it for the immediate future.

This includes many in the Main Stream Media too, by the way. Watch for increasing reluctance to handle Harper with kid gloves, and a fawning honeymoon for Trudeau that lasts well past the next election. The good news is Sun News won’t be able to convince its viewers that it is now loyal to the Liberals when that power shift comes, so it will take a bigger nose-dive than Harper as his head hid in the sand this past week.

Hat tips to Mark H. and Nadine L. for the image idea.

#PMO-Duffy Scandal Taking Shape #cdnpoli

More claims from the accused in the Prime Minister’s Office vs. Senator Mike Duffy, came to light today.

The PMO claimed the money from Nigel Wright was part of “compassion and friendship” toward Duffy. Duffy said it was part of an extortion deal where he’d take hush money for improperly claiming Senate per-diem money while campaigning for the Conservative Prime Minister. If he talked, he was to lose his seat as a Senator.

In August we got hints that the PMO’s version was a total fabrication, as surprising as it was to learn the bombastic Duffy was not the instigator of his political demise.

Lawyer Donald Bayne on Monday read from emails between Duffy and LeBreton’s office as well as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff Nigel Wright and others, to support his claim that Duffy did not knowingly break Senate rules.

And, when the growing scandal became politically explosive, Duffy was “in effect” told by the PMO not to cooperate with auditors, Bayne said.

Bayne said the PMO told Duffy “the Tory base” was offended by his residency claims and he would have to repay money for all four years of secondary housing claims for his Ottawa home. Duffy’s objections to repaying money he did not believe he owed, said Bayne, were greeted by “threats and pressure from the PMO.”
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Kevin Page at Journalism School and #UofR

Former Parliamentary Budget Officer Kevin Page, now a professor at the UofO, was a guest at the UofR’s J-School, then CCPA sponsored lecture on Thursday night. I live-tweeted the events, hashtag #PBOPage. Here are recordings of his evening talk.

Kevin Page and Saskboy

ConCalls: About Effing Time; Del Mastro Charged #RoboCon #cdnpoli

The Prime Minister’s former point man for the Robocalls scandal (known as RoboCon around my blog and other fine reading establishments), has finally been charged for submitting false documents to Elections Canada along with his campaign buddy Richard McCarthy:

Commissioner of Canada Elections Announces
the Laying of Canada Elections Act Charges
Ottawa, September 26, 2013

Pursuant to a decision by the Director of Public Prosecutions, the Commissioner of Canada Elections, Mr. Yves Côté, has announced his office has laid four charges under the Canada Elections Act, a federal statute.
The charges were filed on September 26, 2013 in the Ontario Court of Justice in Peterborough.
Dean Del Mastro and Richard McCarthy are charged with:
incurring election expenses in an amount more than the election expenses limit, contrary to subsection 443(1) of the Act, thereby committing an offence contrary to subsections 497(3)(p) and 500(5) of the Act;
providing the Chief Electoral Officer an electoral campaign return that omitted to report a contribution of $21,000.00, omitted to report an election expense of $21,000.00 and instead reported an election expense of $1,575.00, and in so doing provided a document referred to in subsection 451(1) of the Act that each knew or ought reasonably to have known contained a material statement that was false or misleading, contrary to paragraph 463(1)(a) of the Act, thereby committing an offence contrary to subsections 497(3)(v) and 500(5) of the Act;
providing to the Chief Electoral Officer an electoral campaign return that omitted to report a contribution of $21,000.00, omitted to report an election expense of $21,000.00 and instead reported an election expense of $1,575.00, and in so doing knowingly provided a document referred to in subsection 451(1) of the Act that did not substantially set out the information required by subsection 451(2), contrary to paragraph 463(1)(b) of the Act, thereby committing an offence contrary to subsections 497(3)(v) and 500(5) of the Act.
Dean Del Mastro is also charged with:
wilfully exceeding the contribution limit for a candidate in his own election campaign, thereby committing an offence contrary to subsections 497(3)(f.13) and 500(5) of the Act.
The Commissioner of Canada Elections is responsible for ensuring that the Canada Elections Act and Referendum Act are complied with and enforced. The Chief Electoral Officer appoints the Commissioner under the Canada Elections Act.
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