Harper Knew of $90,000 #PMO Wright to Duffy “Bribe”

CBC was reporting that RCMP are calling the payment between Wright and Duffy a “bribe” and “breach of trust”. No charges yet. How come there are no charges from the Crown prosecutor?! The justice system shouldn’t wait until there is an angry protest 24/7 outside of the PMO before they enforce the law once they’ve discovered evidence of serious crime.

Listen to a Harper Minister clearly state that Ministers are responsible for the actions of their staff.

Wright bribed Duffy, and Harper is responsible, whether he knew or not. It’s just icing on the cake for his opponents if he knew and lied to Parliament when he clearly claimed he didn’t know.


Since mid-May I’ve been referring to the payoff of Duffy as a “bribe“. Glad to see the RCMP caught up to my understanding of what’s in the news.


RoboCon wins and unscientific poll of at least partially informed people:


6 responses to “Harper Knew of $90,000 #PMO Wright to Duffy “Bribe”

  1. Once again, it will be the coverup that sinks the good ship Conservative. Mulcair did a bang up job nailing down the PM’s story for the record. Now he will reap the rewards as the facts appear to contradict the PM’s statements. Just wait until we see the robocalls (Sona) case come to trial, by that time Harpers credibility will have taken a beating, and a great many people will conclude that the Conservatives done it, not Sona.

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