Concalls: Duffy Trial Revelations

The Duffy Trial has been a bit of an expose on how the Harper Cons’ PMO operated. It’s not pretty.

The comments made about Sona and Finely are nothing to sneeze at either.

With Sona destined to sit in jail, and Finely in a grave, it all seems a little bit of an academic discussion now, except the Con’s supporters are now clamouring for a referendum to salvage (savage?) our electoral system.

7 responses to “Concalls: Duffy Trial Revelations

  1. Academic for some, I suppose.

    As for those fine Con-Op folks banished to the bunker for the duration… I reckon they are cursing the darkness and the fact that they didn’t robo-up and suppress-down enough.


  2. The only reason the Cons are calling for a referendum, John, is because they know that most Canadians have no clue as to the details of the various options and with a big media blitz (which lets face it the are VERY good at) they can spin it into a call for NO change…..
    I am firmly convinced that this issue is going to be VERY decisive if not handled correctly, but am unsure of exactly how to do that!

  3. we will be fools
    if we leave democracy up to the politicians
    i’m for Jamahiriya and citizen congresses
    but that would be way too democratic for the elected meatsacks
    because they would be gone
    it would however fill
    “the canada for canadians ” chant

  4. .. those 240 + election ridings hit by Live/Robo calls plus ‘vote moving’ and mysterious unidentified translators & scrutineers.. all masterminded by a dupe named Sona.. or a guy now living in Kuwait after his Guelph, Ontario sojourn?

    Did Stephen Lecce get subpoena’d ? Or Jenni Byrne? Fantino’s campaign manager? Hell, we’re still waiting for Del Mastro’s cousin’s trial re manipulating donations.. 2011 ? It must be silly season at Election Canada after being gutted by the most senior public servant at the time.. Stephen Harper?

    Its become obvious that Politics is a game.. the RCMP play, the PMO plays, Senate plays & Parliament holds its nose, winks winks… because it has immunity and privilege from prosecution or testimony..

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