RoboCop speaks out about RoboCon

Don’t worry everyone, MP RoboCop is on the job!
RoboCon with RoboCop

Fantino, the former Toronto police chief who is Tory MP for Vaughan, said he, too, is trying to get answers after his name turned up in court documents
“From my personal experience over 40 years of law enforcement I think it’s totally unethical, totally inappropriate…”

Yeah! Go find who conspired to prevent opposition party voters from going to polls, using criminal robodialed messages.
Oh, wait. He finished his sentence with, “and it’s more like a smear campaign.” Ouch.

I guess we can’t count on RoboCop to save us from Pierre Poutine, the RoboCon. :-(

Some journalists are not being kind with their pens:

Stephen Lautens ‏ @stephenlautens

Talk about foreshadowing: Sen Finley says any wrongdoing will be isolated incidents by local volunteers

That’s the Senator Finley convicted of Election Act violations within the last year, for the 2006 In and Out fraud. Why, oh why does Coyne say the Conservatives lack credibility when they deny any involvement or responsibility?


And now a word from RoboRadioHost:

John Gormley Live ‏ @JohnGormleyLive

THIS is what a lot of conservatives are feeling down about today:

Oh, I understand. I’d be down too if my governing party, who rode to power on a wave of “sweep out Liberal corruption” was implicated in a more serious corruption scandal. Wait, what’s the link go to?
“Andrew Breitbart dead at 43″
Oh. Well, that’s sad too, I guess.

Breitbart became embroiled in a controversy of his own, though, for his reporting on a web video of Agriculture Department employee Shirley Sherrod. The edited video appeared to show Sherrod making a racist comment, but the full tape later put the remark in context and made clear that Sherrod was actually talking about bridging racial differences. Sherrod was fired after the edited video surfaced, and later filed suit against Breitbart.

Breitbart, though, went on to report on one of the biggest congressional scandals of 2011 — the tweets sent by Weiner to young women he met online. The former New York congressman, who is married, adamantly denied the reports at first, before admitting to them in a tearful press conference and resigning.

One of Breitbart’s most memorable moments came when he commandeered the podium before Weiner’s final New York conference, holding court with reporters and demanding an apology from Weiner — while Weiner waited to attend his own press conference.

Ah. I can see why they are upset. Seems like a great guy. That is Fox News’ perspective, too.


Bonus PD coverage for those who haven’t read enough political scandal for a day:

I WOULD HAVE NEVER IMAGINED THE DAY WHEN CONRAD BLACK OWNED THAT RAG The National Post, in particular, and Postmedia in general has been beating The Globe and Mail like a rented mule when it comes to coverage of the RoboCall scandal. And The Toronto Star has been doing some good work on coverage as well. Guess the Bellmedia empire is wanting to go down with the Cons’ ship.

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