Defending Democracy – “Bravely”

Some people like me have been keenly following the RoboCon scandal where an anonymous Pierre Poutine, using a burner cellphone, placed misleading robodialled calls misdirecting voters away from their real polling stations. This is a clear violation of the Election Act, and Poutine knew this, which is why they used a fake name and ways to cover their tracks. This makes me a bit scared that we’ve entered a lawless phase in our nation, where the rich and powerful can commit any serious crime against our democratic traditions (Contempt of Parliament, spend over election limits, harass voters while pretending to be members of another party, impersonate Elections Canada to misdirect voters) and avoid prosecution, and avoid exposure in the media while being investigated for close to a year.

Other people not like me, brave Canadians, are busy defending democracy like former blogger, turned journalist, Adrian McNair:

Adrian MacNair ‏ @unambig

If your mind/vote was changed by a recorded telephone message… maybe you shouldn’t be voting at all. #justsayin…

Thank-you Mr. McNair; a solid case for people not to vote… if they are easily persuaded not to by fraud or intimidation. There are systems like that in the world, we should look into that as an option.

Meanwhile the Globe And Mail Editorial board is bravely ignoring the election fraud story that’s swept the nation:

.@globejunius motto: “The Globe’s take on issues that matter to Cdns.” So does no #robocall editorial mean you don’t think it matters to us?

No. They are just being consistent in their support for the Conservatives.

And other brave defenders of our Right Honourable Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

Steven C. Britton ‏ @scbritton:

“@saskboy who benefited? Certainly not Stephen Harper or the CPC. God you guys must think Canadians are stupid.”

“I’m not being victimized – I’m neither a cpc member nor a volunteer. That isnt the point. This is a socialist-driven witch hunt.”

Yeah, a “strong and stable Conservative majority government” is no benefit at all from election fraud. The question is, will he pay for it at the end, and who exactly masterminded the idea, and carried out the distribution of work to call centres and RackNine for implementation?

This brave sir from Facebook explains how you can be brave too… optimism!

Terry Hunter: Oh I dont know…..Canada has more going for it than other countrys, our debt is being paid down, we can all have jobs. i can forgive what needed to be done!

Spoken like a true gentleman. A blind eye helps the medicine go down.

I’m glad I’m not brave, and Standing Up For Canada right now. Canada as we knew it, is not recognizable.


6 responses to “Defending Democracy – “Bravely”

  1. Problem #1: The debt is *not* being paid off, it is being *increased*.–chart-canada-vs-u-s-on-national-debt

    Problem #2: There are 3 job seekers for every available job, no matter how shitty. So no, we can not all have jobs.

    This isn’t a problem, but the cons are continuing to make it one.

  2. >“@saskboy who benefited? Certainly not Stephen Harper or the CPC. God you >guys must think Canadians are stupid.”

    Some certainly are…like anyone who thinks this kind of blatant denial is an adequate response :-) These sleazy tactics contributed to Harper getting control of the Canadian government which, even now, is a considerable plum.

    The interesting thing about this whole kefuffle is the way the usually hyper-controlled Harper machine is flailing – accusing the Liberals of harassing their own supporters fer chrissakes. Next they’ll be claiming that those calls were caused by a cat walking across a keyboard :-)

    No, given the spectrum of outrage over this (I don’t think you can write the National Post off as part of a ‘socialist witch hunt’ ) I think Harper may finally have discovered the Canadian threshold of irritation. And about time.

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