ConCalls: Fantino RoboCop Faces More #elxnfraud Scrutiny

Liddy thinks that a note she sent to Elections Canada may have lit a fire. In that note, she told investigators that she had also alerted the RCMP to a Fantino tele-conference hosted by embattled Senator Mike Duffy back in 2010 that she can’t find expensed in the candidate’s public filings.

The Duffy/Fantino tele-townhall is a bit of a mystery.

Crimes are often mysterious until they are solved. Criminals don’t want their crimes figured out.

“During the meeting of January 18, 2011, Mr. Sam Ciccolini made the Vaughan Electoral District Conservative Board of Directors aware of a second bank account that he reported had hundreds of thousands of dollars in it,” Mr. Lorello wrote in his affidavit.

Mr. Lorello claims that he and other directors “expressed serious concerns” about the second bank account and requested a copy of the financial statements to disclose details about the funds before accepting them.

Mr. Lorello also said in his affidavit that the minutes of the January 18 meeting did not contain any reference to the discussions about the alleged second bank account, suggesting the official record had been sanitized.

Tracey Kent was also at the January 18 meeting and corroborated Richard Lorello’s account of how the Vaughan EDA learned of the existence of another bank account. Kent had been a member of the Vaughan Conservative EDA for four years, including a stint as Chief Financial Agent. One of her problems with the alleged second account, was that it had never been under the control of Julian Fantino’s Chief Financial Agent.


With election fraud not leaving the long term news cycle, Harper is turtling like during an election campaign.

What’s the difference between the Rhinos and the Conservatives? The Rhinos should be allowed to run in the 2015 general election as a registered party.


2 responses to “ConCalls: Fantino RoboCop Faces More #elxnfraud Scrutiny

  1. By the by, here’s some happy news: a quick investigation of the registered parties list at confirms – at least as of this writing – that the Rhinos are indeed registered.

    So if your heart leans in that direction and you don’t see a local riding association for your federal election district, you might want to get in touch with them!

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