RoboCon: Pierre Poutine Jones Recording, Production Order Warrant for RackNine, CPC Payments – UPDATED

– @TheGorryDetails: I agree with Stephen [Taylor], where is the hard evidence? audio tapes, billing info?
– kady o’malley ‏ @kady: Requires production orders.

I hope you can use this post as a reference in the future, for source documents (and more) listed in the title.

Sixth Estate’s Theory of how it all fits together. Read a Conservative Sandy Crux explain how they were called, and not realize why they were called, because they didn’t read Sixth Estate.

To extend Sixth Estate’s theory, Harper was in the same room as Sona during parts of the campaign and Sona looked to the PM for direction. Sona was later pinned, by the CPC, as a person of interest in the calls. The CPC claim there was no official campaign staff involvement in Poutine’s scheme. What about the unofficial campaign staff? Did the CPC TSMU, who is headed by call centre experts, have anything to do with Poutine? Did RMG?
Sona near candidate and Harper

Sona resigned from his job with Toronto-area Conservative MP Eve Adams hours after Sun Media alleged he was linked to the scandal. In a statement issued a few days later, Sona wrote he quit because it was “impossible” to do his job “with the media continually repeating these rumours.”

In that same statement, Sona wrote he “had no involvement in the fraudulent phone calls, which also targeted our supporters” and said he had remained silent on the issue to that point “with the hope that the real guilty party would be apprehended.”

There is no publicly available evidence connecting Sona to the calls.

I’m sure Pat Martin is waiting anxiously to find out who Poutine and their chums were. He’s got $5M riding on it. I find it strange that the lawsuit showed up early in public at Stephen Taylor’s Blogging Tory blog. Was it anywhere else first? Why would a “non-partisan” company send their lawyer’s letter to the Conservatives’ master blogger for publicity? The NDP and Martin almost certainly didn’t do that.

RoboCop’s former staffer, Tracey Kent, has been quite vocal about problems she perceived there to be in the Vaughn CPC. Allegations of a second campaign bank account.

Jack FM has Pierre Putin recorded. It’s funny.

UPDATE: March 9, 2012 – Pierre Poutine is known as Pierre Jones to Matt Meier of RackNine. Jones used a Rogers IP address that traces back to Guelph. Jones claimed to be going to the UofOttawa.

UPDATE: April 7, 2012 – Brian-Michel LaRue has accused Andrew Prescott as being Pierre Poutine.

ADDED: The information for the production order (which contains many names, including Prescott’s)

UPDATE: November 19, 2012 – Elections Canada emails from prior to May 2, 2011 show they were aware of illegal phone calls redirecting voters up to an hour and a half away from the correct poll. They contacted Conservative Lawyer Arthur Hamilton. They called the phone calls a “scam”. They tried to warn voters through the media of the illegal calls.

Some voters had recorded a phone number so they could try to trace the call.

“When these numbers are called, the voice message is recorded by the same person even though the numbers are different,” Anita Hawdur, the election official in charge of the voting process wrote in an email to one of Election Canada’s lawyers.

In another email, Hawdur said the polling stations “given out by the Conservative Party … are all wrong. Most of them are quite far away from the elector’s home and from the initial polling place that showed on their [voter identification card].”

In another email, McNeil told Hawdur that she’d tried two of the numbers.

One “sounds legitimately like the Conservative Party of Canada. The other message is more generic; it could be anyone’s voicemail message… It’s also not in English and French.”

UPDATE December 1, 2012 – Council of Canadians letters to Elections Canada to convince them to present evidence they’ve gathered in their investigation across Canada.

UPDATE Dec. 7, 2012 – Interesting details about RMG making phonecalls in 2010 for the Conservatives or “on behalf of the Prime Minister”.

UPDATE March 28, 2013 – Michael Sona is charged, which is a start, but if he’s partially behind RoboCon, he can’t be the only one since he lacked access to CIMS.

UPDATE May 24, 2013 – Federal Court has returned a ruling that finds CIMS was used for widespread election fraud, but evidence was not presented which identified individual Conservatives, or the Conservative Party (I disagree with that second point) were involved.

41 responses to “RoboCon: Pierre Poutine Jones Recording, Production Order Warrant for RackNine, CPC Payments – UPDATED

    • Thanks Leftdog, I spent a lot of time backing my claims with links to sources. There’s so much info, it takes quite a while per post I’m finding.

  1. Ah … does Elections Canada have those receipts?

    Wow, Saskboy, it certainly seems that our last election was tainted, unless the Conservatives prove otherwise!

    I’d like to say they’re innocent until proven guilty, but with such egregious political behaviour, I’m not sure I can.

    Thanks for showing your concern and commitment by investigating the issue.//mm

  2. It seems like Canada is a cesspool of corruption. Election fraud, is very degrading, and angering to Canadian citizens. Harper was also campaigning on a Calgary radio station, on election day. I thought that was against Elections Canada regulations and laws?

    Harper also had a convicted American felon working for him. Felon Bruce Carson and his ex prostitute girlfriend were guests in Harper’s home. When Harper was caught with this felon…Carson made a dash back to the U.S.. When I heard there were robocalls out of the U.S….My mind instantly flew towards, the American felon Bruce Carson, and went Hmmmm.

    I was told to read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations, Sept 25/2007. Then I really went Hmmmmm.

    This country needs a damned good purge, of corrupt politicians. This has to start with Harper, down to every nook and cranny in this entire country. It’s time to tax the wealthy corporations, even to back tax them. Harper takes from the people to, give to the wealthiest corporations in the world. He can stop giving them huge tax reductions too. Politicians make enough to pay their pensions, out of their own pockets. BC politicians for certain, need a roll back in their outrageous salary’s.

    I don’t think Harper is the choirboy he says he is.

  3. Eve Adams’ new husband is, guess who? Dimitri Soudas. She is labelled as an up and coming Conservative and to me this is a very bad sign.

    So I’ll say simply I doubt Sona obtained lists of Liberal voters all across the country all by himself… he got a “little help from his friends”. He is a graduate of a famous right-wing institute that trains “future leaders”. Emily Dee has its name.

    Guess who works for Adams? “Mrs. Toews”.

    The lawsuit against Martin is quite similar to a SLAPP.

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  6. ““I would love to have a list where if I have 1,000 identified Conservative supporters and 50 different voting lists, that the thousand are all actually Conservative supporters, because they won’t be,” Mr. Wudrick said. “It will be 80 eight per cent correct, but there will be a couple, 10 or 20 per cent that aren’t.””

    And that fact cuts both ways, helping to explain why some Conservatives were called by mistake.

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