Plague Update: Vaccinations And Premature[?] ReOpenings Proceeding

“Ontario MPP Stephen Lecce said COVID-19 wasn’t spreading in schools. Internal documents show Ontario’s education ministry did not know if this was true.
New Ontario research now indicates school outbreaks, when they occur, are relatively well contained. There is also evidence that in-person learning can drive spread.”
What’s changing? Lots.

Some people are choosing to change where they work, if employers won’t adapt to the new social structure built to adapt to COVID.

“Employees are quitting instead of giving up working from home.
With the coronavirus pandemic receding for every vaccine that reaches an arm, the push by some employers to get people back into offices is clashing with workers who’ve embraced remote work as the new normal.”

One response to “Plague Update: Vaccinations And Premature[?] ReOpenings Proceeding

  1. I live in NS, so things may well be different from Saskatchewan, because until the third wave, we had almost no Covid, about 1700 cases total in a population of a million.

    That figure more than tripled in four weeks from mid-late April to late May from the UK variant brought in from Ontario. We had a lockdown far worse than the first one last year — no travelling outside your community, let alone gallivanting around the Halifax Regional Municipality where I happen to live unless it was for food or a vax, no visiting anyone outside your household, yet we maxxed out the ICU in Halifax and had to fly patients out to other areas of the province. Hell, I still have my winter tires on until next Monday!

    The Halifax area per capita new infection rate briefly approached Calgary’s for a few days, before Manitoba took over the lead from Alberta. Then we went down slowly. Huge testng regimen. Drastic restrictions but they seem to have worked — we have one hell of a no-nonsense straight-shooting Chief Public Officer of Health, Dr Strang. We got the whiners pleading special cases for them to not obey the restrictions (the tattoo industry stands out!), we got not very bright reporters asking silly questions after the almost daily press conferences. Such people seemed to have read about other provinces in Canada and assumed we were the same when we were not. They also seemed far worse informed than someone such as myself who kept up on the US and European situation as well as Canada’s — they seem to lack curiosity and most of all, logic, rather like the federal CPC and their Dolt-in-charge O’Toole.

    No significant Covid transmission at school, period, Dr Strang has said consistently since before last summer’s new school year in September. Same now, and contact tracing only briefly failed here for about five days at the height of the third wave. The kids brought it from home to school, and he can prove it. Schools were closed to prevent infected kids spreading it at school, NOT the other way around.

    So, almost a week before the latest restrictions are due to be lifted June 9, schools are re-opening tomorrow. I’d like to see you argue with Strang! Shot down in one sentence would be your fate. Again, I stress we don’t have a Moe with a grade 9 education running things either, keeping things open too long, applying nonsense logic and re-opening too fast following each wave, but guesses as to whether kids spread Covid in school as a PRIMARY source of infection may seem folklore logical when in fact they are not.

    The kids here are happy to go back to school, teachers less so, having to pivot from online in a trice and formerly expecting no re-opening before academic year-end. People who want to keep working from home instead of going back to work seem to be unlike their kids. I find their attitude strange. Seems to go against human social nature. But then you live in a illogical Conservative dystopia, and we don’t.

    Strang has also criticized New Brunswick and PEI of opening too soon with their announcements the last ten days, so no Atlantic Bubble likely this year. What he thinks of the wackadoodle provinces re-opening plans from Ontario to the Pacific I don’t know, but boy, I’d love to! Probably think they were about four to six weeks too early.

    I follow the U Sask vaccine tracker. NS is behind the norm slightly. But note that we have had fewer shots delivered per capita from the Feds. Thousands of ours got sent to the Territories instead back in the winter because of our low infection rate.

    Right now, the country is only 30% of the way to full vaccination, and as Strang says, one shot isn’t that good against the UK, Brazilian and especially Indian variant, less than 50% to as little as 17%; the latter Indian variant is also hampering the UK re-opening set for June 21, and they have 33% second dose coverage and 60% first. It’s why Strang says other provinces are moving too fast to re-open before a decent amount of second dose coverage has occurred.

    You have been warned, now you just have to be lucky.

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