“Isn’t Who We Are”

Why are there Canadians willing to deny the Residential School system was a genocide perpetrated against Indigenous people of Canada? Maybe the top politicians saying this Isn’t Who We Are, and the paid radio ads have an impact on the Denialist psyche?

5 responses to ““Isn’t Who We Are”

  1. removal from culture for “education” 100% wrong
    survival rate over 120 years in schools
    ….by the commissions own numbers 96 to 98 %

    considering the susceptibility to disease by this ethnicity
    measles , small pox, spanish flu, etc. etc .
    not bad numbers
    and if it was by disease … shipping them home would have been an absolute disaster

      • They didn’t tell the families what happened to their children. Shipping diseased corpses home not an option? What about writing an effing letter?

  2. I’ve noticed that every time someone says “This isn’t who we are” . . . it pretty much is.

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