Cost Of A Child’s Coffin In Canada

Then, there are the bodies that will never be found, like the infant tossed into the furnace[!] as described by Irene Favel, a survivor.

We have the names, why don’t we have convictions?

3 responses to “Cost Of A Child’s Coffin In Canada

  1. On July 1st, instead of waving our flags and drinking beer, why not each Canadian read at least one of the horrific accounts of the survivors and pay respects to those who didn’t survive. The story of the baby in the furnace is just so horrific, to. not call that genocide is wrong in so many ways. The Prime Minister should tell that story to all Canadians

  2. The Current on CBC Radio this morning featured both Murray Sinclair and a woman whose name I didn’t catch. Her recitation about the continuing refusal of the Catholic Church in particular since they ran 70% of these concentration camps, but the others as well, to release the information they have on IRS attendees was appalling to listen to. When after years of enquiry the Churches refuse to release information and photographs, what possible conclusion can anyone come to but that they are covering up crimes? Of the worst possible kind.

    And all Trudeau has done is to tapdance for five days while doing bugger all but emit crocodile tears. The various diocesan churches where these records are stored should be raided at once by RCMP and the evidence seized. How hard is that? I’d like to see priests scurry in fear for once, serve ’em right, and get their minds off choirboy pederasty for once. I’d like to see them in Oh Shit! mode. Plus all grounds of former IR Schools need to be scanned by ground-penetrating radar like NOW. It’s not hard to do, as is being shown in Nova Scotia at the Shubenacadie IRS site.

    Yet all we get is equivocation. From everyone in power. The political will behind and therefore the responsibility behind the IRS system lands squarely at the feet of the Tory and Liberal Parties. Elite curs. Only they have governed Canada since its inception, no one else. Contracting out the running of these schools to churches to turn the children into white people was cultural genocide.The churches then betrayed humanity in their actual treatment of the children and perpetrated beatings and real perversion plus allowing malnutrition and execrable physical conditions. And that was in addition to brainwashing! There is no upside, none whatsoever. kenney in particular can go to hell and fry for his defence of the system and Sir John, Eh yesterday. The personification of the white overlords.

    Of course the total fuckers of organized religion want to keep their records hidden. They’re guilty as sin. And the government is no better for not forcing the issue of records release. Organized Christian religion and proselytizing for same — can anyone tell me where they have ever done any good whatsoever anywhere in the world? While assuming a superior air of whiteness, no less, and colonially helping to rule the “savages” as they so condescendingly put it. And which attitude was rammed into my mind as a white kid growing up in the 1950s with the “history” curriculum.

    A real time of reckoning has come in Canada with the discovery of these 215 buried bodies. Now watch the elites squirm for a week or two and then do nothing which has been their modus operandi for 150 years and more. One can almost hear all the phone calls etc between the responsible people burning up the wires and internet as they build up a conspiracy to deny everything, and to tamp down real indignation on the part of Canadians to do something NOW. Then we’ll all see that we, not one of us, mean anything to the people in perpetual power. As disposable as First Nations have obviously been to the elite, we’ll realize the majority settler population fooled ourselves into believing otherwise about ourselves in our own racist way. Wrong. We’re all just serfs who have to bow down to power and organized religion. Or else.

    I’ve had quite enough of it, and hope everyone else has too. The time for politeness and moderation is over. I feel totally immoderate myself, and I hope you do as well.

  3. What leverage do those 5,300+ people have over multiple political parties, federal and provincial, across decades, to keep their identities undisclosed?

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