Duck Donald, He’s a Fascist

Trump is a terribly despicable person. One might say deplorable. And he surrounds himself with terrible people, and is supported by terrible people. While embarrassing his country with a disgraceful debate appearance, he refused to condemn a racist hate organization, instead telling them to stand by and go to the polls to “watch” people. What he’s doing is an election crime, something his supporters know and are acting on well before election day:

Trump has had his Postmaster General order the destruction of actual mail sorting equipment, in a year when mail-in votes are expected to be mainstream due to the pandemic. The pandemic that got out of hand because the President downplayed how serious it was despite knowing it was very serious. Why can’t conspiracy cranks latch onto that coincidence, instead of blaming the Sun?

And this was all written before we knew he’s COVID positive, and was gallivanting around the country without even a mask on. He exposed Biden and Wallace to the plague. A lot of his close advisors and staff are testing positive for the plague tonight even, like Conway, and his campaign manager. No, not the one who got tackled by police a few days ago for weapons charges.

There is a public health disaster if Trump survives. Let me explain. He’s spent months telling people that the virus is no problem if one takes an ineffective drug intended for Lupus. If he pulls through, and odds are he will, then his mindless supporters will think they’re even more invincible. He’ll likely get a patriotism sympathy bump in the polls, which could put him over the top in November.

One shouldn’t make the mistake of feeling sorry for the big, fascist baby. As Naomi Klein put it, his illness is a crime scene, not an accident. His negligence has killed hundreds of thousands of Americans. Previously only automakers could claim that sort of death toll on Americans, now the President is an honourary automaker, from his hospital [death?] bed.

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