SaskParty Replaces Candidate

After a SaskParty candidate was revealed to be an anti-science Q-cult fascist, so Moe removed him to reduce embarrassment to the party. The replacement is a home builder association CEO.

“The rising cost of housing is more important than solving climate change for most canadians (sic).”

Saskatchewan is a world leader in air pollution per capita, and we don’t need yet another MLA who doesn’t want to do a darn thing. She actually resists changes that could help, if they aren’t driven by “the market”.

“Mandating energy efficiency at accelerated rates will only setback innovation while making housing more expensive. I see the word “mandate” far too often in this report.”

Doesn’t seem like she’s yet a total Sask Party drone though. She has even praised Trudeau in the past.

And has spoken up about anti-women Conservatives too:

The Green Party of Sask is running Jan Norris, and the NDP is running Matt Love.

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