How Bad Is WordPress’s Block Editor? Bad.

I have over 2 decades experience editing websites. 18 years of writing blogs, from Angelfire, to CMS systems like WordPress. And the latest update to the editor is mystifying. Who wants it?

I wrote a blog post just a few minutes ago. I tried to find where to tag it, I couldn’t. I pushed Publish in defeat, and then it gave me the option to tag it.

I tried to find where to write my next blog post. I couldn’t. I went back a few pages, and pressed a button to write a new blog post. I pasted in a tweet. It failed to embed it and gave an error. I re-opened the tab, I tried again, again it failed. I finally found where to edit the code for the block, but at that point I opened this blog post in a different browser and started writing this instead. Now I see why experienced blogger Elan Morgan was remarking about how much the block editor sucked in WordPress.

I went back to try to edit the failing blog post and got this instead:

“The editor has encountered an unexpected error. Attempt Recovery | Copy |Post TextCopy Error”

Then I tried to move it up a line so there isn’t extra space, and a text formatting box popped up into the spot where I was clicking in between lines, so I turned bold on, and when I tried to turn it off, it didn’t lose its highlight so I couldn’t tell if it was really off or not yet. Some of this is just normal interface frustration, from using a new interface, and some of it is bad UX design by WordPress.

I haven’t blogged very much in the last year or two, but if it’s this hard now, I’ll probably stay with writing mostly on Twitter.

I just had to dismiss a button at the bottom saying the site uses cookies. Well duh!

3 responses to “How Bad Is WordPress’s Block Editor? Bad.

  1. Years ago when I stopped designing for WordPress altogether, no one believed I was making a smart decision, but I’ve never regretted it. Most of my work when I did do anything with WordPress sites amounted to troubleshooting problems for frustrated clients. Who wants that?

    Of course, WordPress is a good choice for a lot of people, but I wanted creative, constructive work, not figuring out broken stuff for upset people.

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