Conservatives Exceeding Election Spending Expectations

What’s that mean? You’ve heard the Con Premiers like Ford and Moe and Kenney are all threatening Trudeau, saying if he doesn’t do impossible things for the oil industry (because it’s rightfully dying), he’s threatening national unity because the Con Premiers will try to break away from Canada to have their own Petrostate?

It’s all part of the Conservative Party of Canada’s effort to exceed election spending limits. Kenney in Alberta is throwing $30,000,000 away on an “energy war” room to target environmentalists and other sane people who care about our planet. Basically it’s a way to funnel more money to crackpot media like Rebel, and climate change denial media like POStmedia. Their theory seems to be that if they can spend provincially, as a government, their ads indirectly supporting Scheer will translate into votes for him without running up the finite election spending limit federal parties face.

2 responses to “Conservatives Exceeding Election Spending Expectations

  1. Everyone should read Sunshiny’s Twitter feed. She is a Métis activist in Alberta who has been documenting this American-style (and American-funded) Kudatah revenge operation for years, shouting into the wilderness because the media is bought and paid for by the same interests and won’t bother giving her the time of day. As if the Corporate Backed Channel (CBC) wasn’t bad enough, the Cons even have free advertising on Fox News, where Tucker Carlson has a seriously deranged hatecrush on Trudeau. Want to talk about foreign infiltration? Let’s talk about the de facto Kremlin colony that is the USA!

    The common tie here is the fossil fuel industry enmeshed with Christian fundamentalists. Wendy Mesley on CBC had a great interview with Michael Coren in January before the whole Justin’s Emails brouhaha happened. Their target isn’t just the oil sands. Coren correctly pointed out that the SoCons have a “visceral hatred of Justin Trudeau… more than any other Liberal leader.” They don’t just want to exploit the resource wealth (and hand it over to their white-guy billionaire backers instead of allowing FN bands to control the resources, pipeline or no pipeline). They despise Justin as a person because of his vocal support for women’s rights and, especially, LGBTQ+ people.

    Recall all the whispers about Harper’s “gay mafia” and the incensed reactions over the commemorative loonie marking 50 years since Pierre’s famous “there is no place for the state in matters of the bedroom” decision. Trudeau the younger, with C-16 (that kickstarted Jordan Peterson’s undeserved public career as Canada’s resident transphobic cult leader) extended that to “there is no place for the state in matters of the bathroom.” I honestly think Kenney (who, let’s be honest, is the real “shadow PM in waiting,” not weak Andy the robo-puppet or Doug the Thug) sincerely believes, like the worst of Internet trolls who call him Justine and Fruity Trudy etc., that Justin is gay and therefore evil, and must be destroyed by any means necessary along with the Liberal Party itself.

    There is an ongoing social media smear campaign going on right now, aimed at accusing Justin of involvement with NXVIM (the “Smallville sex cult”) through his family’s friendship with the Bronfman family (and, bizarrely, Justin’s own fondness for Superman comics and his father’s relationship with Margot Kidder). This is Pizzagate North, which Scheer has subtly given a wink and nod to and which numerous yellow vesters subscribe to. The pizza fanatics have already started a whisper campaign aiming to seed false allegations about nefarious behaviour at West Point Grey Academy. Warren Kinsella was behind the Gropergate bullshit and I wouldn’t put it past him to get involved with that either, as his derangement syndrome has now extended to him being a de facto advisor to the Cons.

    The media is now reporting on a story (dug up by some demented Trudeau hater who “broke” the Aga Khan “scandal” and has written a self-published “exposé” about the Trudeau’s alleged ties to “radical Islam”) about CSIS destroying a dossier on Pierre because it wasn’t deemed worthy of inclusion in the historical archives. They also destroyed ones about Pearson and Diefenbaker, and it happened in 1989 when Mulroney was PM and Justin was still in high school, but they’re counting on people not reading past the headlines — and they’re right, because there’s an explosion of social media traffic accusing Justin of burying “the truth” about his dad. The conspiracy theorists have even brought JWR into it to suggest that this is the “truth” that Justin doesn’t want her to “speak.” The damage that attention-seeking narcissist did with her public tantrum is incalculable. If Canada had real journalists, they’d have looked into who she is, who she’s surrounded by, and what her endgame really was, rather than taking her breathless filibustering at face value and weaponizing it to ruin Trudeau. But that’s beside the point.

    The Cons and their enablers and useful idiots don’t just want to defeat Trudeau and elect Scheer. They want to ruin Trudeau as a person, and have him go down in humiliation and disgrace. Which is why I hope he immediately embarks on a project to clear his name and rebuild said reputation if they do succeed in October. This all sickens me, because I hate to see good people — and I do believe Trudeau is a good person, but that because he *is* a good person, he picked the wrong line of work, in the wrong place at the wrong time — having their names dragged through the mud and their careers ruined over lies and coordinated smear campaigns. The RepubliCons, aka the Deform Party, are the party of incels, homophobes, and QAnon cultists. They have a disturbed perspective on sex. They hate women. They see LGBTQ+ identity as something shameful to be blackmailed and punished over. They think everything is a satanic conspiracy from the U.N. and George Soros and “God” knows who else. And Justin Trudeau is an avatar for everything that they hate.

    TL;DR. It’s not just the fossil fuel backers, but the religious nutcases (which in many cases happen to be one and the same, just like Saudi Arabia) underwriting their party — and unlimited taxpayer dollars. This is unprecedented, but it’s also a Dominionist methodology known as “starving the beast.” As long as taxpayer monies are being used to support the “cause,” they don’t mind siphoning it off. The logic is that at least it’s not being used to support “sin”: public assistance, education, healthcare (especially women’s reproductive services), etc. But public funding for the exploitation of the earth and the public crucifixion of godless Liberals — to the tune of (at least) $30 million dollars — is just getting right with God.

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