Speaking The Truth

CBC and other media need to recognize the following as true if we’re going to advance as a society. It’s likely to make them, and you, uncomfortable. Growth isn’t automatic and easy.

– Canada has committed genocide against First Nations people.

– Climate change has become a crisis.

– We won’t survive as a civilization this century without significant, yet still possible, changes to our daily lives. That means changes to our economy.

– The American President should not be quoted in headlines because more often than not he’s lying to manipulate people.

– Billionaires have too much power, and far too much money and need to return it to governments for massive investment in social programs like healthcare for Americans without any.
“all these billionaires and this 9 year old has to pay off his schoolmates’ lunch [debt]”

Jun 10
Jeet Heer (Retweeted Waleed Shahid):
“The Koch Brothers understand, and other billionaires do too, that centrist Dems are a crucial line of defense in stopping social democracy.”

– Canadian Conservative politicians have no feasible plan to deal with pollution, and their party leadership opposes real action to reduce pollution on time.

– Conservative Premiers put their federal party’s electoral wishes ahead of national unity and cooperation.

– Regina lacks the transportation infrastructure to meet its 100% renewable by 2050 target.

– The 2050 target is insufficient to meet our objective to survive the climate crisis.

One response to “Speaking The Truth

  1. The Con media went all-in Hillary’s Emails style on the SNC manufactured “scandal” while exercising radio silence on the racism and bigotry in the CPC. The Canadian media is institutionally racist themselves. Andray Domise has an excellent piece on this in the otherwise deplorable MacLean’s. The pundit class also has a disturbing, obsessive, personal hatred of Justin Trudeau. No surprise that Postmedia is owned by the same company that runs the National Enquirer. Their coverage is celebrity stalking. The media knew what they were up to because they saw it work in 2016 in the US.

    One of the most damaging angles they went with was to discredit him on Indigenous issues for no other reason than “he fired a strong Indigenous woman”. A blabbing, egotistical malcontent with her own agenda. This whole mess was never about SNC or “the rule of law” any more than Hillary’s Emails was about Hillary’s Emails. The “Stupid Nothingburger Controversy” was a red herring to paint him as “Crooked Justin” while riling up anti-Quebec sentiment at the same time. The nonstop propaganda campaign was about setting up Trudeau to fail, so that MMIWG and the Indigenous framework could be thrown out, and the media’s fascist Con friends could shove it all in the paper shredder. The Cons are the Bloc Albertois who will stop at nothing to wrest total control of the tar sands for their billionaire backers. The Indigenous framework poses a threat to that — whether by halting pipelines or giving control over them/the resources to FN bands.

    JWR’s husband is the son of a prominent individual at Fraser Institute. There’s no shortage of self-interested sellouts who happen to be of minority/female status — Clarence Thomas and Susan Collins come to mind — which is why I’ve thought for a long time someone must have bought this supposedly unreproachable truth-teller off. Sold out her own people and the entirety of Canada to the prospectors for 15 minutes of infamy and probably a share of the cut. A pox on her big house.

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