With Millions To Spare, Here’s How to Save Thousands of Lives

This rich couple is doing good with their money.

Regina caught sight of a jacket in the water during the cruise, and when she asked about it, she was told it might belong to a dead migrant who was trying to find safety in Europe.

While some Europeans criticize the rescue operation, saying it draws more migrants to the sea, Xuereb says that’s just not true. People are desperate, undertaking the journey to find a better life. They deserve to live, he says.

Last year, about 218,000 people made this journey — a record. Some 3,500 people drowned. And the numbers are growing.

2 responses to “With Millions To Spare, Here’s How to Save Thousands of Lives

  1. Typical. A rich-kid investor from Lake Charles, Louisiana thinks he can save the world by ferrying migrants from Africa to Europe. Check out his web page, any one of them will do. The guy seems to be a one-man stroke job.

    The simple fact is, John, that Europe can’t take Africa’s displaced. There are too many and their migration doesn’t end on Europe’s southern shores. They head for Germany and Britain. If he’s determined to rescue them, why won’t he just return them, safe and sound, to the African ports from whence they left?

    Maybe Mr. Catrambone can buy an even bigger boat and ferry them to Lake Charles. I’m not sure he’d be keen on that idea.

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