What The F-35?

A lawsuit, jets, lies, no accountability?

[Canadians] “feel completely manipulated, completely lied to and they are pissed off; they want a corporation like Air Canada to be accountable for misleading them.”

Oh, nope, sorry that’s Air Canada, not the F-35 story, my mistake.

“In my view, no clear evidence has been presented beyond this, and thus the chair has no choice but to conclude that it cannot find that ministers knew or believed that what they were telling the House was not true or that it was intended to be misleading,” Scheer said. “In other words, the criteria of demonstrating that ministers knew their statements to the House were incorrect, and that they intended to mislead the House, has not been met.”

[Link added by me to story that’s titled “Cabinet aware of full F-35 costs, MacKay says”]

Instead, Ministers can lie to us? Scary. That means 0 accountability.

Scheer is a Harper patsy, because he’s missed the point about Ministerial accountability and failed to act where the Prime Minister didn’t. If Ministers can lie to Parliament, then they can cheat and steal too. Their Constitutional right to lie, cheat, and steal might have more than a few duped Canadians contemplating class actions (too bad they don’t just vote better in the first place, or at all).

3 responses to “What The F-35?

  1. From what I understand, Scheer was poised to replace Harper if yet another minority government was the result from the 2011 election.

    I see Brian-Michel LaRue is visible on his initial UnF site and active. If his current news is verifiable and jumps today, to mainstream media, it likely won’t matter if such information was obtained legally. Finley going down screeching & in flames, among others.. puts a fraudulent government and party out of power or into a walking dead zombie status that no other Canadian government has attained, as far as I recall. If this is the ‘Black Swan’ event that is needed to sweep Canada clean .. Amen

  2. I just read his latest posts as well, he’s been tweeting and sounding like he’s actually going through files. I hope he’s still in the states if he reveals this, the government would go at him as a spy like nothing we’ve seen up here before.

    • Yeah, just saw all that, it’s outlandish. I don’t know what to say/think.
      For example:

      “So since I’ve cracked and exploited Communications Security Establishment’s encryption keys vis-a-vis the equivalent American agencies, I wonder how much that kind of information could go for on the open market?

      Right now I’m reading “encrypted” embassy traffic and emails within the Government of Canada/Conservative Party of Canada discussing bribery in the PMO, Privy Council, and Cabinet. It’s pretty fascinating material. Oh, and entirely illegal on the government’s part. It makes every Liberal Party scandal in the history of everything ever, combined, look weak.

      Ooooooo Vic Toews is gonna be sooooo pissed at me!

      ::emoticon for jerking off::

      He seems like a man with nothing to lose. They detained Assange without charge for more than 500 days for publishing docs with revelations less explosive. Until I see at least one legit document as proof in the media or elsewhere, I simply can’t accept this; it’s world changing.

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