Timeraiser for Fundraiser

Here’s a clever idea to promote volunteerism.


Here’s a little summary of RoboCon, by the links.


Wow. I hadn’t heard about the transfer to MacKay, which is of course how ‘they’ prefer it. Used to have a commissioner to keep things honest; I wonder if that position is still staffed?

ADDED: This La Presse link fell into my lap too.

2 responses to “Timeraiser for Fundraiser

  1. About the Mckay thing, as long as people can keep buying the latest crap from some multi national like Apple they really don’t care.

    I think if you kidnapped their mom and placed a cardboard cut out of the latest winner of the latest televised talent contest they still wouldn’t care.

    Pathetic humans.

    Its the cows living in India, they know where its at.

  2. As far as I am aware, the CSE commissioner (who was a former Mulroney appointee to the federal appeals court) survived the latest round of cuts. Maybe he’s on the block for next year? Who knows.

    With respect to the transfer, in a sense MacKay had control all along, since he is the ultimately responsible minister. But this maneuver moved CSE out of the DND chain of command so that it is now directly answering to the minister’s office. I can only assume this maneuver was done so that the minister and CSE would have greater freedom to pursue certain targets.

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