Blog Navel Gazing

Here’s some stuff that will probably not interest you, but I make available anyway for some laughs and potential humility/humour.

I saw some very interesting search terms recently finding my blog. The most funny was
“biggest cock in america”
Which someone found because I wrote about the Biggest Cock-up Ever, I assume anyway. I’m not in America, for one thing, and my penis isn’t either.

Another more interesting search was someone musing if Stats Canada is going to be made redundant by a Big Brother database like the Conservative’s CIMS. You see, if a winning political party has already gathered and data mined everything about every voter in Canada, there’s not much more counting to do. Just have the government pay RMG a few more million, fire Stats Can. staff, and the government will know everything (while everyone without access to CIMS is kept in the dark).

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