ConCalls: Pierre Poutine Revealed #RoboCon Prescott

Christian (Canadian) Conservative, Andrew Prescott, has been accused of being the flesh and blood of the aliases Pierre Poutine, Pierre Jones, by journalist and researcher Brian-Michel LaRue. LaRue gives his reasoning in the first of a series of posts started Saturday, and promises the evidence he’s gathered to back the accusation will be coming out soon.

#cdnpoli ‏@cdnpoIi:

It’s making its way to some important people this week, then we’ll see if Parliament wants it. Then the public. It’s scary what I dug up.

LaRue might be the Easter Bunny, because he’s either laid an egg, or brought us an Easter treat. If Poutine’s identity is out in the open now, we can move the media onto focusing on the wider election fraud scandal that impacted 200 ridings.

PM with PP
– Prime Minister Stephen Harper shaking hands with the man accused of triggering thousands of illegal calls aimed at Guelph Liberal and NDP voters.

It’s important to note that these are only allegations of election fraud (“voter suppression” as Prescott described the calls), and Prescott has not been charged or convicted. (If he were Julian Assange, he could face 500 days of detainment without charge, had he been awaiting extradition to Sweden for questioning.) There’s been no recent comment, for months, at Prescott’s blog to confirm or deny this accusation. LaRue has told me that Prescott’s CPC lawyer responded with a weak confirmation.

Sixth Estate intelligently notes the same reason I’m reporting this news:

By way of background, readers should be aware than before this specific allegation was made, Mr. Prescott denied knowing who was behind the Pierre Poutine calls. Larue claims to have received “weak confirmation” from [Prescott]’s lawyer; but then again, Larue could be a crank. Again, as I say, I’m reporting the remarks because they’re newsworthy, not because I believe they’re proven.


@cdnpoIi: My final report with source documents and raw data makes the AG’s F-35 report look tame. So many dirty, ugly #CPC secrets.‏
[…] Plus I have all the technical data and my information was verified by a CPC lawyer. Over a month ago.

@ChristianConsrv is Prescott Poutine’s Twitter handle, while it lasts…

A few side notes, while I was researching suspects like Prescott (who forgot to file Racknine election expenses with Elections Canada, according to the riding’s accountant), I noticed that I’d at least one time commented on Prescott’s blog. His blog is a member of the Blogging Tories. The founders of that site must be so proud (sarcasm). (I know one who emailed me is not proud to be mentioned in the same breath as Poutine whose actions he’s condemned. So I’ve removed his name since he asked nicely, and he really doesn’t have anything other than a blog aggregator between him and Prescott.)

My friend Scott Tribe, admin, got comments from Prescott on his blog sometimes.

Here’s Prescott defending the F-35 scandal, early on. More amusing are his links, one to the Glop and Pail, who says this:

To argue that Canada should turn its back on this process now ignores all the due diligence performed to date.

HAHAHA! Do the Globe and Mail editors feel worse about being tricked, or for helping to convince an unwitting Canadian public that the Conservatives understood the meaning of “due diligence” and “performed” it by 2010?

Meanwhile, campaign finances in Vaughn get a sideways glance.

Other bloggers who you’ll want to follow for the developing RoboCon story include Sixth Estate, Ross K at The Gazetteer, Dave at Galloping Beaver, Alison at Creekside, several other and most likely a few I’m missing right now as I write this. (like Brandon)

41 responses to “ConCalls: Pierre Poutine Revealed #RoboCon Prescott

    • I suppose we’ll see. If LaRue has, he evidence he claims, their lawsuit would be nothing more than SLAPP to introduce doubt instead of taking responsibility.

    • Hi Baron! It’s not like some folk like, hmmmmm say Peter Gleik, are above neferious actions to justify their ’cause’.

  1. Amazing! That the posts author would defend baseless accusations against a political ‘foe’ while defending criminal actions perpetrated by a ideological ‘friend’. Partisan politics at its best.

    • LaRue claims they are not baseless, and his claim is newsworthy because no one else has come forward with this sort of accusation so far. When his evidence comes out, will you come back to admit you were wrong? I must agree though, at this point it’s simply LaRue’s word against Prescott (and his lawyer’s) (and now yours???), and I know who I believe at this point. You’re entitled to your opinion too, for the moment.

      • Just to repeat your OWN words… “these are only allegations”, “Prescott has been accused” and “(LaRue) promises the evidence he’s gathered to back the accusation will be coming out soon.”. The biggie “I must agree though, at this point it’s simply LaRue’s word against Prescott”

        No evidence=baseless. No matter how you spin it.

  2. Awesome work! I look forward to seeing your research, and would very much like to know how you managed to uncover this!

  3. It’s worse than we thought!!!! “A new complaint about misleading calls to voters in the Ontario riding of Guelph has been lodged with the country’s elections watchdog. The complaint, from a key member of the local Conservative team, says Tory supporters were erroneously told their polling stations had changed in last year’s federal campaign.”

    I look forward to the same level of bulldog, pugnacious, investigative journalism in the name and defence of democracy as I’ve seen week after week, post after post, until the nefarious criminals are brought to justice for usurping our democratic rights!

    Or not. Oh my I have a cough…. hack, hack.

      • I take it that’s cryptic Dipp for “No I’m gonna completely ignore this affront to democracy because it’s inconvenient”.

        By the way, how’s your rebuttal to my defense of the poor coming along? You’ve had over a week to disprove my “propaganda”. Or, as I suspect, have you come to the inexorable conclusion I’ve been right all along!!??!!

        I wait with bated breath ;)~

    • redjeff,

      What you harpercon scum are doing is the equivalent of a child caught hitting their sibling shouting out “He hit me too!”

      But you knew that all along.

      Now, run along.

      • Another brilliant and insightfull analysis Thwap. How do you come up with such wonderous witticisms?

        And the defense of democracy of course.

      • redjeff,

        Didn’t you read Saskboy shit-head? Will the harpercons call for a real investigation into these crimes now? Supposedly our elections are out of control with more than one party engaging in criminal behaviour.

        Do you want to encourage these scoff-laws?

      • Thwap, are you so naive that you don’t know dirty tricks are played EVERY election, at EVERY level? You’re a bit too obvious pretending that ‘respect for democracy’ isn’t about scoring political brownie points.

        Lets see if the Boy writes about this second allegation a twentieth as much as he has the first.

        Don’t hold your breath, it’s not politically expedient.


      • redjeff,

        Sniffing too much airplane glue are we?

        So when was the last election where there were 31,000 complaints in 200 ridings?

        I don’t recall press conferences by Elections Canada officials like Marc Maynard occurring after other previous elections? I think you must be hallucinating.

        “The former University of Guelph president was the last Tory to win the swing riding (then called Guelph-Wellington) in 1988. He became a political free agent after the Progressive Conservatives and Canadian Alliance merged nearly a decade ago, supporting whoever he thought was the best candidate. In 2011, he picked Tory Michael Chong in Wellington-Halton Hills and Mr. Valeriote in Guelph.

        Mr. Winegard didn’t know what to make of the deceptive robo-calls. This was a new phenomenon for Canadian elections and he was outraged.”

        Any other sniggering apologies for criminal behaviour that you’d like to make?

      • Don’t you mean 31,000 on line petition signatories of which, obviously, 98% are just being cry-babies who can’t accept when they don’t get their way?

        Waaaaa waaaa waaaa!

      • redjeff,

        Care to answer the question about the previous elections where an Elections Canada official gave a press conference like the one Marc Maynard just gave?

        Don’t be a gutless coward, caught out in a lie. Show us all how past elections were just as dirty as the 2011 one. Show us where we can look to see evidence of as much CRIMINAL behaviour as that which took place in 2011.

      • Ha ha Thwap!!! Priceless!!! Show me how ALL the previous elections weren’t as dirty!!! Ha ha!!! Sorry thwap, but you don’t comprehend the difference between an on-line petition and an actual complaint. How will you comprehend anything that would require more intelligence?

        Seriously, you seem more like a liberal arts mathematician… perhaps you’re part of the 98% ha ha!!!

      • Dirty politics is one thing, calling and pretending to be Elections Canada and trying to suppress the vote are CRIMINAL! Dirty politics might be punushed by a fine from Elections Canada (at worst) the other is punishable by time served in prison

      • Pssst Zorro… dirty tricks are illegal. You don’t get to decide the law based on your wants. You also don’t get to excuse ‘some people’ just because their your friends.

      • RedJeff, if you want to make yourself useful, look up the possible sentences the Liberals could face for their illegal, unidentified phone calls, and then look up the charges possible for those other people responsible for thousands of misleading, fraudulent phone calls wrongly claiming to be from Elections Canada.

      • redjeff,

        Anytime you want to stop spinning and tell me the last election since there’s been an Elections Canada that a Chief Electoral Officer like Marc Maynard gave a press conference talking about election fraud in 200 ridings will be fine.

        Actually, I already know you never will. Because you can’t. The Conservative Party of Canada under stephen harper is the embodiment of criminal sleaze and their assaults on democracy are unprecedented.

        You can keep typing “ha ha!” and “liberal arts math” all you want. You only prove to everyone that you’re a partisan hack who doesn’t respect democracy in the slightest.

    • redjefff, you seemed to have missed a very important point in this report about the CPC complaint, the phone number that is connected to the phone calls in question is directly linked to Responsive Marketing Group. So it looks like the CPC are complain about their contractors that they hired to telemarketing/phone spammin/voter identifaction

      • Sorry Zorro, I don’t understand what you are saying… can you rewrite it properly?

        Thank you.

      • So you’re saying the CPC have nothing to do with this? At least you now agree with the CBC!!!

      • redjeff,

        Sounds to me like you’re cracking under the strain. That’s not what Zorro said at all!

        Read his last statement again, furrow your lil’ forehead and THINK THINK THINK!

        It’ll come to you.

        (Or not. You’re really fucking stupid.)

  4. of course you’d wait with bated breath, redjeff because you clearly believe that the CPC can do no wrong and every other party (not the CPC) does all kinds of wrong.

    • Actually the ‘waiting with bated breath’ has nothing to do with politics.

      Now go occupy a library… you might learn something.

  5. Love the photo. So Mr. Burns and Homer Simpson standing in front of a melting down reactor in Springfield. Come to think of it, if Canada had a Simpsons surely the lead male character would be named Pierre Poutine.

  6. Harper is of his, Northern Foundation Party from 1989. When I read that and, the skinheads organized his party. Dots connected all over the place. Kiss Canada good-bye people.

    I was also told to read: Harper gives a speech in New York, at the Council of Foreign Relations, this was Sept 25/2007. More dots connect. The border talks with the U.S. Mexico and Canada. Hmmmmm

  7. Pingback: ConCalls: Coverup Emerges in #RoboCon | Saskboy's Abandoned Stuff

  8. Why does anyone here even bother to reply to redjeff? He and his ilk are really not worth the effort. If I was as stupid and ignorant as ‘jeff’ I’d be blushing ‘red’ too. Alas, he’s too ignorant to know that he should be embarrassed.

    • Hi Vicky! Is there anything in particular you’ve found that I’m in error of? Or are you simply making a carte blanche generalization?

      As an aside, most don’t respond… they either censor or change the subject!! :)

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