ConCalls: Coverup Emerges in #RoboCon

As I’d suspected MORE THAN A MONTH AGO, we’re looking at a coverup at the Conservative Party headquarters. March 6th was five days after I’d already explained to some political parties how Elections Canada investigators could quickly get to the bottom of the RoboCon election fraud by reviewing audit logs in CIMS. Instead, I had to figuratively tear my hair out while I read stories of Conservative-friendly call centres “reviewing” tapes of calls to assist investigators, and statements by the CPC that EC had not yet asked for backup tapes for CIMS circa May 2, 2011.

Conservative Hide by The Wingnutterer

I’ve sent a message to the Liberals, and Greens to bring this up with Elections Canada, and apparently it hasn’t been done or Elections Canada’s thoughts are elsewhere, other than on key evidence:

So a detailed inventory of who was using the CIMS database in the ridings allegedly hit by robocalls should narrow down the search for the culprit considerably. A spokesman for the Conservative Party said the Elections Commissioner, who is investigating the issue, has not yet asked for this information.

OMG! I could rip my hair out. That’s SO dumb!
It’s not enough that Poutine has had a whole year to cover their tracks, they now get days more than they should.

ADDED: March 14, 8 days later, EC is rumoured to be doing what it should have done months ago, or at least in February.

And a month later the public learns of the coverup attempt, thanks to the Ottawa Citizen. Fortunately, RackNine’s Meier has fingered a man at a Rogers IP address, potentially because of a cookie associated with both Poutine/Jones’ account, and a legitimate account. This man is allegedly (according to Brian LaRue) Andrew Prescott, who had a legit account at RackNine. So while the coverup at CPC headquarters may momentarily save the conspirator(s) located there, it cannot save Pierre Poutine, because the suspect list is very narrow. There are not many people at the CPC Guelph campaign who can be blamed for not submitting ANY RackNine expense claims, and it’s down to Prescott’s word against the campaign manager and accountant’s words about why the legit RackNine expenses did not get submitted to EC. Also on the hook in Ottawa will be system administrators who could have modified the CIMS database records.

I think this portion of today’s article is most enlightening, and maybe Stephen Lautens would agree?:

[Chris] Rougier was a key member of the target seat team, working directly under campaign manager Jenni Byrne, acting as a liaison with vendors providing telephone services to the campaign.
[…]The call from Rougier’s phone to RackNine is the only one the party has failed to explain in detail to reporters, in spite of repeated requests.

“He called to set up legitimate dials,” DeLorey said last week. “As I said in the past, we used RackNine for legitimate calls during the campaign.”

The fact that Elections Canada is making inquiries about activities in the Conservative war room appears to conflict with the conclusion of an internal probe, led by Conservative party lawyer Arthur Hamilton, who was asked by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to get to the bottom of the matter.

Hamilton, a veteran who handled the party’s legal business in the In and Out elections-spending affair and the Helena Guergis scandal, is said to have concluded that no party workers outside of Guelph are implicated, a point that party representatives repeatedly emphasize.

Now, where have I heard of Targeted Ridings before? RossK thought the same thing apparently.

In other RoboCon news, or rather gossip, Brian LaRue has not been heard from online, in days. Personally, I’m worried he’s having serious health complications from his illness and recent surgery. I’m hoping he’s resting and recovering, but I’m starting to fear it’s something worse.

ADDED: Brandon has more questions for Elections Canada and the media to uncover answers to.

Yes, you read that right – the tightly controlled CIMS logs have blank spaces in their records.

I think that gets to go down firmly in the ‘WTF’ category.

But, more importantly, it begs the question: “Who had the clearance necessary to delete information from secure CIMS logs?”

Certainly not some low-level grunt, that’s for sure.

Yes, we’re looking for a top hot dog to go with a side of Poutine. Would you like election fraud with that order?

ADDED: You can’t fool Dr. Dawg. He said the same things I’d been saying for days, before even he said them.

My prescription is a Royal Commission.

11 responses to “ConCalls: Coverup Emerges in #RoboCon

  1. deleting items from a database isn;t actually that hard with some basic programming skills… and if the database dosnt use paramaters its even easyer to crack… All the sacurity in the world couldnt stop a single geek with a little know how

  2. I was concerned about Brian-Michel , too, but he says he’s okay–just needed extra rest for his health and took some time off.

    Aside from that, you’re by no means alone in wondering why the CPC was given so much time to delete entries from server logs. It seems to me some computer forensics at HQ are in order…but I’m not holding my breath.

    I’d better stop now before the obscenities make their way to my fingers, and hope Mr. Mayrand and his investigators are pursuing this.

    • I’ll send another email to Brian-Michel today.. After being completely inactive online or tweeting since April 8th or so, i feel quite concerned about him. I’m surprised that only SaskBoy and Judyth are inquiring. LaRue is (or was) probably the most contentious blogger – journalist – activist – researcher tracking the 2011 Electoral Fraud and the ‘electoral grooming’ that preceded it.

      Maintaining a focus on the Vaughn, Ontario by-election and subsequent general election pitted Brian-Michel against not just MP Fantino, his local campaign team and his donors, but the Prime Minister’s Office and Stephen Lecce.. plus key executives of American live call and robocall agencies that serviced the campaign as well as the Alberta robocall agency utilized in Guelph, Ontario.

      If The Galloping Beaver, or SaskBoy or Laila Yuile or any other concerned Canadian, suddenly became inactive, I’d certainly be curious and inquire regarding them.

  3. Glad to hear positive word of Mr Un F Withable Brian-Michel LaRue via Judyth. Those on the front lines are just special and precious Canadians ..
    I could not bear to lose a single brave one..
    We all know who’s been looking after Canada, Sask .. & seeking Truth

    We know also, who’s carelessly trashing Canada, Canadians
    and the great fair land.. from sea to shining sea
    I see the unsavory Mr Joe Oliver from Stephen Harper’s home base of Leaside in Toronto is braying from a script re impending new restrictions to stifle Canadian’s potential objection to Petro Bitu Uber Alles .. or the killing of the wolves

    He’s not a fisherman or he’d know what fish use habitat for. And by the bye .. does anyone know where our Minister of Oceans and Fisheries is.. ?
    Perhaps he’s looking for the missing reports & buried analysis re salmon bought in the stores and analyzed that certified marine biologists thoughtfully sent him.. (confirming they had either anemia, sea lice or cancer..) along with the actual salmon samples. Perhaps he’s at a lobster dinner or fish fry on the east coast and will reappear soon to visit/dine on the west coast.
    I thought better of the man.. it seems I was dead wrong.

    Stephen Lecce, one of the few who could identify the large man with a goatee working the data mining in Vaughn remains curiously out of sight and mind.. Perhaps he’s on holiday.. or seconded to a needy Minister.. Defense perhaps.. or Environment, or Resources, or Dept of Religious Freedom. Regardless, he is one of the few bright young men privy & witness to Vaughn banking procedures and PMO ‘war room’ strategies and activities.. among many, or all other intriguing ‘war gaming’ strategies to assist & steer aged or uncertain voters. With his exceptional skill in ‘communications’ I’m sure he will prove an incredibly useful source of information to investigators.

    The large man with the goatee, Mr Lecce shared a Fantino election office with.. he would also know of the wondrous American pro life Volunteers who graciously came up here to support & advise Canadian democracy and religion and assist our voters.. and to tweet of their victories to their fellow Americans about their knock knock knockin on Canadian voter’s doors. I’d guess his cel phone records and GPS from any car rentals would help verify who he is and exactly where he was at the time.. and the color of his goatee. What he thought of Yankees up here helpin us’all or meddling up here at election time really interests me.. and I’d love if he’d speak up on that matter.. clarify y’know.

    I also see & hear that we now have lawyers stepping up bravely and speaking cryptically yet confidently, instead of the likes of Mr Del Mastro.. or Prime Minister in Sly Waiting Poliviere… or heavy hitters like Mr Baird – the Man From Many Portfolios & Ministries .. or lightweight oily ‘Ethical’ comedians/puppets/parrots

    I generously hold lawyers speaking for this government to very low ethical standards & understand their dilemma. They must review an ever growing ‘on the record’ file of denial, bluster, reversals, accounting errors, hypocrisy, climate mythology, contradictions and odd ideology churned into a breathless froth mixed with military technology, family values, pipelines, and impending hockey history .. all the while without support from evidence based science.. which their clients muzzled. In short, they are defending those who have not yet been charged with an actual crime.. but as officers of the courts of justice can see the dark angry incriminating clouds and evidence based evidence descending in a biblical hellfire cloud of fire and brimstone.. (OK .. perhaps that’s over the top.. sorry..)

    Ah, but the Path of Way Overly Righteousness can be tricky y’know..

    Welcome to Canada Eh ?

    • Hi Diamond! Speaking of sea lice, what do you think about the brochure “Why You Shouldn’t Eat Farmed Salmon” and the 20 odd press releases that were disappeared from the Suzuki Foundation web site on Feb 16th 2011 once the science was found to be faulty and inaccurate, not to mention misleading.

      I agree with you about lawyers, they are mind you a neccissary evil. Again, what do you think about Forest Ethics splitting into 2 parts in order to keep partial charity status? From ForestEthicsdotorg one part ForestEthics Solutions will continue as a charity, while the other, ForestEthics Advocacy will be helped run by lawyer Clayton Ruby and “Notice to our Canadian donors:
      ForestEthics is now operating as two different non-profit societies in Canada. ForestEthics Advocacy Association will continue to perform our hard-hitting advocacy work 100% of the time without government interference, but we cannot issues tax receipts ”

      Looks like Canadian ‘charities’ have been acting rather questionably.

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