Plague Update: Logic Fails

There’s a cartoon showing how many people still think that COVID-19 is just like chicken pox, and you aren’t likely to get a symptomatic infection another time while healthy, so they magically think a COVID infection will build herd immunity and eventually end the disease. It’s going to be just like the 1918 pandemic, right? No one will have heard of it in 100 years because it was left in the past generations ago. No.

And I encountered someone who thought COVIDzero was a bad thing.

And China’s COVIDzero strategy is beginning to fall apart, with million of lives at stake. A disruption to global supply chains will inevitably follow, but in what ways? Can’t wait to see (grits teeth).

One response to “Plague Update: Logic Fails

  1. There was a bit of speculation fiction published by Wired 20-30 years ago about a scenario like this one, I think. Not sure if I managed to hold onto my copy of that issue or if I sent it off to the recyclers.

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