Wall Was/Is Wrong About Coal In China

“China will increase their coal use by 19% over 5 years.”
“Vietnam, India and many others Asian nations are ramping up coal to give more of their people electricity. The U.S. is now signalling a return to coal.”
-Brad Wall 17 November 2016 · 132,442 views
“Canada only accounts for 1.6% of global emissions. Even if a carbon tax reduced that significantly, and it won’t, global emissions would still be largely unaffected.”
Everything he said there is wrong.

“Coal production fell sharply in China in 2016 by around 320 million tonnes or 9% – a fall equal to more than the total production from South Africa, the world’s 5th largest coal exporter. Coal production also fell elsewhere, such as the US and Australia, leading to global output falling by 458 million tonnes.”
“we assume that the Chinese economy is in a structural transformation and that its electricity intensity will decline over time, stopping further growth in coal power generation by 2020.” – IEA

Obama sounds so antiquated now, just like the Liberal Party of Canada’s rhetoric today that echos his words of 10 years ago.

“Statistics From China Say Coal Consumption Continues to Drop” – 2016

China’s coal consumption has peaked” – 2018

China’s coal consumption has steadily decreased by a few percentage points a year since 2013, prompting our pronouncement of a coal consumption peak in an article published in the summer of 2016 in Nature Geoscience.

Wall doesn’t mind being wrong, he just pushes on anyway.

“Macron Calls Climate Change a ‘Red Line’ Issue at G20, Rebuking Trump” – 2019

“America’s coal-burning power plants are shutting down at a rapid pace, forcing electric utilities to face the next big climate question: Embrace natural gas, or shift aggressively to renewable energy?” – NYT yesterday

Predictions That Aren’t Fun

“Asia ramping up coal use. US returning to coal. Lets focus on tech like CCS not tax harming econ w/o real GHG impact” – Premier Wall

The Premier, on down to his Twitter troll army defend Saskatchewan pollution because “China and India” do more pollution.

Well I have news for you, China and India do more of everything. They are the biggest ever in… name the category.
“I can’t get into good shape right now, because China and India”. A SaskParty/Conservative excuse generator would be a funny app.

Skip The Wishes

The Trans Pacific Partnership is a trade agreement intended to remove red tape for international trade, so if someone overseas can provide a product at a better price than a local producer, the market decides instead of national or regional pride, or even Health Canada regulations. Congrats, your milk could soon have banned hormones in it.

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Coyne Skips The Trudeau #cdnpoli Taboo

One of the not-so-solemn duties of the blogosphere is to hold the Main Stream Media in check when they go a little astray. I’m not sure if I should hold Andrew Coyne’s hand as I walk him back to where he was a week ago, or if I should slap it for being caught in the Conservatives’ propaganda cookie jar. Mmmm, raisins.

Here’s where Coyne was last week:

Here he was 3 weeks ago:

Now, on to a new target; starting a new news cycle so we don’t get bored worrying about how a secretive, extortive Prime Minister is running his office or his party:

You know you’ve taken a wrong turn, when Sun News is gloating that you’re trying to do their job as Conservative Propaganda Distributor (CoPD):

COPD is a fatal lung ailment, brought on typically through a sufferer’s own abuse through repeated consumption of harmful material (smoking). CoPD is killing the usefulness of political pundits, who’ve consumed so many Conservative propaganda attack ads, they’ve begun to accept them as fair ways to frame criticism of targets in those ads.

Any message from a political attack ad should be taboo for a political pundit on TV who isn’t paid by a political party. These messages have been crafted, after they’ve been study-grouped to gauge their psychological damage. To later become a distributor of such a message should be the greatest sin of journalism.

Coyne: “the reach of Justin Trudeau’s intellect keeps exceeding its grasp”
Conservative propaganda since last year: #InOverHisHead

Yeah, the attack ad was dumb. It’s also working on even a leading Canadian political commentator who recently was concerned that Trudeau’s opposition is BLACKMAILING A SENATOR.

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Where Canada Is Going

It’s very important to Canada’s economy that we send a resource (we can’t use without killing the planet) to Communist China so their economy can continue to pollute at record pace as they ship unneeded goods to the United States and Canada so we can bury them in our landfills when we aren’t burning them to create electricity to power our other throw-away devices.


Rogue PM

Rogue PM

I’ve predicted for a year or so that the power brokers in Ottawa will soon sense that Harper isn’t their meal ticket any longer and jump bandwagons to Trudeau because they are not loyal to the toxic CPC brand, they are loyal only to power and those who hold it for the immediate future.

This includes many in the Main Stream Media too, by the way. Watch for increasing reluctance to handle Harper with kid gloves, and a fawning honeymoon for Trudeau that lasts well past the next election. The good news is Sun News won’t be able to convince its viewers that it is now loyal to the Liberals when that power shift comes, so it will take a bigger nose-dive than Harper as his head hid in the sand this past week.

Hat tips to Mark H. and Nadine L. for the image idea.

When Is A Private Sale Public?

Conservatives tell us that state ownership of industry is bad… if it’s Canadian state ownership. Their actions tell a different story. “Canada is just barely holding the reins“.


S.E. writes, “You probably don’t need me to tell you that selling a controlling stake in this country’s largest energy resource to a foreign dictatorship is not really a good plan. We don’t even trust our own government with that kind of thing. I honestly thought we had a chance on this one. I guess the Harper regime’s shortsightedness is even greater than I thought possible.”

MoS says, “The Nexen sell-out obviously commits Harper to ramming through the Northern Gateway so those Chinese Tar Sands barons can get their sludge across the Pacific. The gloves are off from here on in.”

Remember that “ethical oil” is owned by the Communist Party of China, who has monks setting themselves on fire to protest it. Fortunately, there don’t seem to be Canadians willing to light themselves on fire to help others realize that we need rid of the Conservatives from government earlier than yesterday.

ConCalls: Week of Hell #RoboCon

The Conservatives have had a (deservedly) rough week, and it’s about to get more rough next week. The Council of Canadians’ court challenge is Monday. The Prime Minister closed out the final news cycle hour this week by actually taking questions from the press, (which has hardly ever happened before). The Conservatives procedurally pushed a public petition calling for a Royal Commission inquiry into Robocalls, to next week. Will they prorogue first?

Coyne absolutely defines the Harper Conservatives, meaning I think to refer to the F-35 contemptuous boondoggle, but can be generalized to nearly any Conservative initiative.

When I say mess, I don’t mean to suggest charming ineptitude, but culpable incompetence, mixed with deliberate misrepresentation. What started with a catastrophic failure of oversight, progressed through many months of dishonesty, secrecy, and stonewalling, culminating in what can only be called electoral fraud — followed by still more dishonesty about everything that had gone before.

[emphasis added]
Yes, he actually pointed out the Conservatives were involved in election fraud following the fall of their government in 2011 due to contemptuously hiding the true F-35 figures from Parliament. Today we further learned that the PBO was correct and was unfairly smeared by the lying, bungling Conservatives.

So, what can we the people do before 2015? Plenty. First, this weekend in Regina is a C-45 protest on Sunday at noon, at the Legislature.
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Evade Censorship of Pirate Bay Block

Worst Part of Censorship is, [Redacted]

Children learn how to use computers and work around restrictions by experimentation and reading. So too must adults when they are confronted with restrictions. It’s a good idea to learn how to evade censorship before the flow of information is shut off, otherwise working around the problem becomes much more difficult because you must work from your own ingenuity rather than from experts’ reports and examples found on the Internet.

Slashdot reports that citizens of the UK are being cut off from The Pirate Bay, an internationally famous Bit Torrent sharing website. Torrents, which point to files of all sorts, including free operating systems, leaked political documents, copyrighted TV, movies, books, programs and music are available at The Pirate Bay. UK courts have ordered Internet Service Providers in the UK to block access to the Swedish/global site. The local UK Pirate Party has provided a proxy site to work around the censorship, but this too will probably be attacked by the ruling government and courts. Sharing is a political, and even a religious act.

It’s very important that people know how to evade censorship, because the skills are as crucial to defending liberty as the Americans’ Second Amendment. The government doesn’t only want to control your guns anymore. In the Information Age, people should have a right to a free Internet without censorship firewalls like the Great Firewall of China, or the UK’s Pirate Bay Browsing Ban. Without evasion techniques and anti-censorship software like Tor, the Egyptian people may not have been able to overthrow Mubarak, or interest/involve the world in their struggle last year.


Originally posted at BackoftheBook.ca

Canada’s Chinese Influence

Canada was built in large part due to the efforts of Chinese immigrants. Canadians were cruel in their treatment of these immigrants, preventing whole Chinese families from immigrating here in some cases, collecting a Head Tax, and segregating Chinese Canadians to deadly or difficult labour roles (from railroad construction through the mountains, to laundry in tunnels under Moose Jaw). It’s with this national poor-karma in mind that I look wryly at recent Canada-China relations. The worm may be turning.

The Chinese government pretends that it wants to be friends, but they’re really doing it with ulterior motives. Our incompetent, or beaten government’s approach to dealing with China, has left our country completely exposed. All of our eggs going into oil and over-expensive fighter jets, while we make no effort to boost our manufacturing or domestic agriculture sectors so we might one day be able to catch up to China if we ever needed to.

Ethical Communist Oil – Libya – Iran (ECOLI)