Plague Update: BoJo’s Contempt For Parliament

Two years ago the UK PM Boris Johnson almost died from COVID-19.

About 3 months after that, he broke his own government’s COVID-19 public safety measures and had a birthday party for which he was recently fined for attending. He became the first British PM to be found to have broken the law while in office. Rather than resigning in disgrace as Pie argues for in his satirical video here, BoJo stayed on and is expected to avoid sanction in Parliament because of his party’s corruption and support in a majority government situation.

BoJo is among the worst human beings, and the British have him as Prime Minister, of course.

2 responses to “Plague Update: BoJo’s Contempt For Parliament

  1. Always amused me that the guy most responsible for leading the Brexit gongshow on a wave of English nationalism and mass contempt for Continentals and decadent elites, is himself a cosmopolitan Eton/Oxford schmuck named Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson.

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